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  1. In response to your tweet:

    it was a drug bust, there were shit-loads of cops, DEA, dogs. They pointed guns at kids, zip tied kids, it was nuts.

  2. There should be a way to publicly warn prospective students and their parents about the drinking policy at this school. Whether it be in state or out of state tuition, UNH is a very expensive school. It as absolutely absurd that someone can get kicked out of housing for having a few beers if they are under age, or get arrested for carrying a backpack of beer. Obviously is someone is being a complete moron police should take action, but give us a break. There should be some form of three strike policy enacted. I know for a fact that if the culture towards drinking is the same when I have children, I'm not going risk wasting tuition money for my child to come up here, make a mistake, and get thrown out. HUMANS LEARN FROM MISTAKES, STOPPING THEM FROM MAKING MISTAKES ONLY MAKES THEM NAIVE AND IGNORANT. Comparing stories of my own to stories alumni tell me are night and day. I almost feel as if I have been robbed of my full college experience. UNH claims it is trying to get rid of the party reputation and gain an upstanding academic reputation. What they don't realize is they can easily achieve both. Look at the University of Florida (Gainseville) for example, number 9 on the top party schools list and also a tremendous academic institution. UNH is heading down the wrong path and it's embarrassing to see