Monday, May 31, 2010

In Sum: College (and some advice)

This could be the last entry I ever write for UNHBlog. I say "could" because it is feasible that UNH will do something so nonsensical that it somehow impacts my life ("Corey, you now have to pay off your student loans with either blood or applesauce!!!"), or there "could" be some news that impacts all Universities in one way or another, and I won't be able to keep my keyboardy mouth shut. I don't want to fully rule out that I am done with this corner of the internet, but I have to rule out that I am never attending UNH ever again.

A week ago, I officially completed my studies in Durham. Graduation was very bittersweet for me, and most of my classmates probably felt the same way. During parts of the ceremony, I was either staring into space, looking at the awesome hats and robes the professors were wearing, or just silently contemplating whether or not I had the full college experience. I've heard people say that it is pointless to ruminate over the past and we all should just stay in the now and plan for the future. I have no idea how to live in the now, and I just barely can organize my future. I mostly just think about the past. I could probably stop this habit through intense training and meditation, and I just may, but at the same time...I'm a writer. I think about the past. That's part of my job.

It eventually dawned on me that my college experience was atypical. I invested most of my time into extracurricular activities, and not drinking or doing the required readings for actual classes. I didn't really like getting drunk every single weekend either (although, I somehow developed a reputation that I did), but the entire campus body did. I often felt like I was some sort of muggle for not going out all that often, but I did have friends and I was usually invited somewhere every weekend...I just didn't want to go. That's what worked for me. I liked my "me" time.

This leads me into my first bit of advice: find a routine that works for you. A University campus is a pretty awesome thing. Being a freshman in college is truly your first taste of the "real world" yet it isn't real at all (the real world doesn't have free condoms every where you go; it just has them in one or two places and it is super awkward asking for them). You now have to develop your own modus operandi and the best part is that the modus operandi could be made up of literally anything you want it to be! You could show initiative and get up at 6am and go to the gym before your 8am math class that you will never ever miss even though you know all the material, OR you could sleep until 1 in the afternoon, skip class to smoke a blunt, and go out every single night looking for either some people to have relations with or more blunts. The latter routine is risky because you may find yourself uttering the phrase, "I'm shooting for a D-", over and over again. In college, your mom or dad won't wake you up to remind you that you have to get up and go to school. You're kinda sort of on your own, so arrange something that suits you and what you want to get out of college.

Speaking of what you want to get out of college...picking a major. The New Hampshirite posted a blog earlier about determining how to pick one. I'm paraphrasing (and censoring myself a bit), but the gist of that entry was "what do you like to talk about?" I think that's the best way to go about picking a major. Seriously. The money be damned. You can't take money with you and even HAVING a BA in ANYTHING will probably land you a job somewhere. I don't believe there is such thing as a useless degree. The only way a degree is truly useless is if you didn't care about the degree. You may not make much money as a social worker, but you're helping people and that's way more valuable than money, no matter what your Dad or your Econ major friend tells you. I was a communication major because I wanted to have both the English background and the understanding of media theory as well and I like talking about writing and I like talking about how the liberal media is screwing us over and making it impossible for conservatives to get their voice out there since they own absolutely no soapbox for us to stand on.

Being an active part of the University community is huge. I probably sound like a guidance counselor that you're fairly ambivalent towards, but what Mr. or Mrs. Whatever said is true. There is an organization devoted to most things worth devoting yourself to on a college campus, and if the thing you want to be most devoted to doesn't yet exist, you can make it yourself. That's what I did (no, I never got rejected from the improv group on campus, but I heard that I have through the grapevine...I never tried out for it, so take that haters!) and my group has been fairly successful only after a few years. Most things do exist, however and you have no excuse to be bored on a weekday night. Join up with the radio station or the outing club! Show that you care about the environment or Darfur. Join NORML or the group that organizes concerts and comedians (lord knows CAB needs all the help they can get...sorry, I couldn't resist. Don't stalk me on Facebook and everything will be okay, other organizations).

Another piece of advice I have is don't be racist.

Here is a cliche for you to keep in mind about college: "expect the unexpected." College is really an isolated part of society where the only thing that ever seems to go wrong is that it rains on a Friday night. You're going to meet so many interesting people, and you may even stay friends with them for life. You also will hear things about people you probably never thought you would hear about anyone. So, if you're into gossip, college is a blasty-blast (and who ISN'T into gossip, I mean HELLO!). You will also see things you never thought you would see. I thought I'd never see a 20-year old woman walking around in nothing but three, flesh colored band-aids down Main Street (oh, Halloween in college, I'll miss you most of all). I never thought I'd see two cops racing each other on Segways. I never thought I'd see at least three dozen kids eat asphalt on long boards over the course of a week (that bottle of oil was the best purchase I ever made, thanks BP!). I never thought I'd see a star university athlete peeing on the statue of the school mascot. College is a sideshow that you get graded on.

I'm gonna shift gears a bit and make this more like "The Sunscreen Song..."

Don't take any crap from anybody. I don't mean kick someone's ass if they offended you. I mean stand up for yourself, you always have that right.

There are three essential things to have in a dorm room. Ibuprofen, shower shoes, and a hammock. The rest is just details.

Leave your beanie baby collection at home. Those aren't cool anymore.

Keep in mind that cliques still do exist in college, and it can be like high school sometimes. I think that's because our generation is more geared towards a high school mentality about social situations, but I digress.

Seriously, don't be racist. Or homophobic. No one likes that.

Participate in a protest. It doesn't matter what it was. What's important is that you went against authority and exercised your rights as an American. Use your freedom of speech (unless you're being racist, then shut up).

Eat junk food. After college, that's gonna have to stop since our metabolisms will catch up to our consumption habits not long after graduation, so enjoy it while you still can.

Try some drugs. Most anything is okay in moderation. D.A.R.E. doesn't update their facts and marijuana won't kill you. Just don't make a habit of it and, I can't stress this enough...don't do heroin (unless you want to start a really awesome band...just kidding...don't do it, it's not worth it and grunge is dead....just like you will be if you try heroin).

If you're going to travel abroad, don't do it your senior year, especially second semester.

Go to at least one social a semester. Your RA will totally appreciate it. You get bonus points if you don't go drunk.

And finally...this one is crucial: Be yourself!

Now, to sum all of this up, I just wanted to thank The New Hampshirite for doing what he does with this blog and it was a pleasure to call you a co-worker and it's even more of a pleasure to consider you one of my closest friends. I'd like to thank LadyMeow for bringing all the attention she brought to the blog and Rusty for making me laugh hysterically with his last blog title.

As for me, I will be creating my own blog within the next week or two. It'll be pretty random, talking about everything from sports to politics to video comedy sketches. I would appreciate it if even a quarter of the UNHblog readers swing on by my site from time to time. I'll try and update it daily, but that depends on my work schedule and other things of that nature.

Thanks for reading everyone; it's been real. And remember...when it comes to college...

(Just ignore that he says high school. It means the same thing.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest Post: Five College Degrees to Avoid in a Recession

The following is a guest post submitted by Alexis Montgomery. I hope to have a post of my own up by the end of the weekend, if not sooner.

All of us want to believe we are the next Pablo Picasso, Steven Spielberg, or J.K. Rowling. But how many of us can reasonably expect to pick up a paint brush, a camera, or a pen and even come close to making a living (much less reaching the top of our field)? More likely you’ll be that guy on the street corner with dreadlocks, a dog, and a sign that reads, “Will work for food”. Okay, the reality of the situation is not that bad, but with the economy in the toilet, it’s more important than ever to choose a course of study that leads to a lucrative career (or at least allows you to pay for your shoe-box apartment and the Pinto you bought off your grandma). So here are a few college degrees that are best avoided if you want any hope of paying off those student loans.
1. Teaching – I know you’ve been told that the median salary for teachers is upwards of $40,000 per year, but I don’t know how this can be true (unless the numbers factor in private schools and universities). Most teachers barely make a livable wage, and considering how much time they have to spend outside class doing course prep and grading papers, you really won’t get your money’s worth from this degree. Plus, with state and federal budget cuts across the board, even tenured teachers may be seeking alternate employment soon.
2. Social Work – You may want to give something back to the world, but don’t give it up for free! You’re likely to work long hours for very little pay, not to mention the stresses of trying to help low-income families with almost no resources at your disposal. This job is hard on you physically, mentally, and emotionally, so unless you’re a saint, you’re better off going for a degree in nursing (an expanding field) where you might actually get to help someone (and get paid to do it).
3. Horticulture – The science of plants is one that doesn’t pay. For one thing, it’s hard to find jobs, unless you want to work as a florist or in a nursery. You’re more likely to find contract work, and infrequently at that. It begs the question, who on earth chooses this degree in the first place?
4. Performance Arts – Actors and musicians, take note. Unless you are very good or very lucky, you will be hard pressed to earn a living in this field. Sometimes even talent and luck aren’t enough to get you through. So instead of blowing your parents’ hard-earned money (or taking out student loans) for this degree, opt for something behind the scenes that will afford you a chance to actually make a living.
5. Hospitality – Who knew you needed a degree to work in a hotel? Well, you don’t need one to clean the rooms or man the front desk, but if you plan to manage a posh hotel, you’d better have a degree in hospitality. Or not, as the case may be, since this job does not pay very well. In addition, people who don’t have the money to pay their mortgage are certainly not planning to stay at your pricey hotel. Save your tuition and put a down payment on some rental properties instead. With all the home foreclosures, rental units are doing quite well.

Alexis Montgomery is a content writer for Online Schools, where you can browse through various online degree programs to find a college that suits your needs.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I don’t really have any songs that instantly make me think of summer when I hear them (except for Summersong by The Decemberists or Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles for obvious reasons), so my list is going to be what I intend on listening to this summer.
Vitamin C- Graduation (Friends Forever)
- I’m just kidding. But I am graduating, so I think I’ll be listening to The Wall and Alice Cooper a lot for the first few days of summer.
LCD Soundsystem- the entire This Is Happening album
- This was the album I was waiting for all year and it did not disappoint. If you want one specific track to listen to, I recommend “All I Want.” It’s very David Bowie. If you’re like Lady Meow and her avid followers, I recommend “Drunk Girls.”
Deftones- Rocket Skates
- I’m an unapologetic Deftones fan. They could fart on a snare drum and put some sort of chamber effect on it and release a full length album with just that and I’d probably still get it. Their new album Diamond Eyes is a bit different since the effects are stripped down (since there wasn’t Pro Tools on the album) but they can still bring it. Rocket Skates is a very simple and somewhat repetitive song, but I still really like it. Either you’ll enjoy the song or you won’t, probably no in-between on it, but I can’t stop listening to it.
Circa Survive- Get Out
- The group of kids I hang out with when I go back home love Anthony Green. Anything he does. I am not criticizing them for that; he’s pretty awesome. As a brief aside, if you never checked out his solo record Avalon, do it. Even people who hate Circa Survive or the Sound of Animals Fighting like his solo work. The song “Get Out” is the stand out track to me, but a lot of Circa fans are saying that this album (Blue Sky Noise) is their best work to date.
Crystal Castles- Celestica, Doe Deer, Lovers Who Uncover (Remix)
- My friend has a huge crush on Alice Glass, the classic “I don’t give a fuck about you or anyone else for that matter,” female singer. The song Doe Deer is one of the most intense sounding electronic songs I have ever heard and the only lyric in the song is the word “deathray.” She’s just screaming it, and it is bad ass. Compare that to the first single off the album, Celestica; a really pretty lo-fi/experimental track. Their remix of Lovers Who Uncover which is originally by The Little Ones, just may be the best song you’ll hear all summer. Crystal Castles could be the Portishead of the 2010s, but Portishead is still around, so that title belongs to Portishead…but Crystal Castles is super sexyfun.
Titus Andronicus- A More Perfect Union
- When MUSO announced that Titus Andronicus was coming, I had a conniption. These guys (and gal) are so fucking bad ass and they are singing about Jersey (fairly common punk theme) and the Civil War (yeah, the Civil War). This is my favorite track on the album and it’s the first one so you could stop there…but don’t. The entire record (titled The Monitor) is worth giving a listen to.
Lightning round! Listen to these albums if you have yet to
Gorillaz- Plastic Beach (They never disappoint, do they?)
Caribou- Swim (If you get into Caribou, you’ll never get out…)
Fang Island-self-titled (They describe their music as “everyone high-fiving everyone.” So fun.)
The White Stripes- Under Great White Northern Lights (Did you know they released a live album? Now you do.)
I think you have plenty of music to fill your iPads with now. Wait, you don’t own an iPad? That’s cool. No one else does either.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rusty's Fuck Jams

Alright, they're not actually fuck jams, but that's an awesome name for any playlist. They're summer jams. You caught me.

First off, let me say that there will be no country on this list, even though I live in New Hampshire and everyone talks about Yoo-hoo on their dashboard or whatever. That just sounds messy.

Also, if you're a guy and try to play Lady Meow's selections, you'll get a server error because that playlist is too gay to function. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. As a matter of fact, I actually have one of the same songs on my playlist too.

Let's do this dance. Here's my summer playlist:

"Bet I Bust" - B.o.B. ft. Playboy Tre and T.I.
"Straight Outta Compton" - NWA (Most of the stuff on this list is relatively new, besides this, that I rediscovered, and another)
"Alejandro" - Lady Gaga (Have to have at least one Lady Gaga song. ALE ALE JANDRO ALE ALE JANDROOOO)
"Lightweight Jammin" - E-40 ft. Clyde Carson, Husalah
"I Wish" - Skee-Lo (This song just makes me want to put on a heather grey Charlotte Hornets t-shirt and play schoolyard basketball)
"Warm Heart of Africa" - The Very Best ft. Ezra Koenig (A song that Pitchfork loves to masturbate to, but fuck those tweed-wearing assholes)
"Flash Delirium" - MGMT (Yeah say whatever, it's a good song)
"Summer Angel" - Minus The Bear (Yeah that's right I had the new Minus The Bear album a month ago, what whaaat)
"Orphans" - The Gaslight Anthem (And I already have the new Gaslight Anthem what what whaaaaat.... so no link)
"A/B Machines" - Sleigh Bells (They repeat the same two phrases, but the beat is so great)
"Baptism" - Crystal Castles (Shit is so good and I don't really know why)
"Dancing In The Dark" - Bruce Springsteen (I was going to put "Born To Run" but Lady Meow took it. That's alright though, because almost all Bruce is good Bruce)
"Take Me Home Tonight" - Eddie Money (The closer for this amazing playlist that will get stuck in your head for about five months if you listen to it. I heard it in January. TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT I DON'T WANNA LET YOU GO TIL YOU SEE THE LIGHT)

New Hampshirite's Summer Jams

 I saw the summer playlists in the latest Main Street the other day and it inspired me to make my own, but then again who doesn’t have a few favorite summer jams? My list is highly influenced by summer parties and late night sing-a-longs by a campfire. I think Americana-folk-rock or whatever you want to call it is way under appreciated at UNH and it is some of my  personal favroite summer time music. I also threw in some reggae with "Nonsensical" (which was an inspiration in the blog title) and some hip-hop with one of my all-time favorites "The Seed 2.0" by The Roots.

1. Nonsensical – Forro in the Dark
2. Lookin’ Out my Back Door – Credence Clearwater Revival
3. Frankie’s Gun – The Felice Brothers
4. Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
5. The Other Side – Ryan Bingham
6. Burning Down the House – The Talking Heads
7. Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher) – Gogol Bordello
8. Scarlet Begonias– Grateful Dead
9. The Seed 2.0 – The Roots
10. One Big Holiday – My Morning Jacket
11. Leaving Tennessee – Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
12. Up on Cripple Creak – The Band
13. Dirty Old Town – The Pogues
14. Lawyers, Guns and Money –Warren Zevon

I don't have the energy to make a fancy playlist like Lady Meow. I had a final this morning, moved into my new house and was fishing all afternoon. Somebody get me a Jack and Coke because this summer is going to kickass.

Stay classy, not Umassy.

Lady Meow's Summer Playlist

My selections are way different from my blog-mates and probably less pleasing to guys as well. But I would definitely blare these songs either in my car with my Monsoon speakers down East 101 to the beach OR when I'm absolutely wasted (I may or may not have questionably gestured along to "Fever of the Flavor").

Lady Meow's Summer Playlist (in no particular order):

  1. "When the World Ends"-Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds When the world ends we'll be burnin one, when the world ends we'll be sweet makin love...
  2. "Why Don't You Love Me (Jump Smokers Remix)"-Beyonce Got moves in your bedroom, keep you happy with the nasty things I do.
  3. "Captain Jack"-Billy Joel Captain Jack will get you high tonight and take you to your special island Captain Jack will get you by tonight just a little push, and you'll be smilin'.
  4. "Born to Run"-Bruce Springsteen Tramps like us baby we were born to run.
  5. "Fever for the Flavor"- Hot Action Cop Can I get a little yum, yum kitty kitty, justa little sumthin itty bitty, do you wanna get triple x groovy gimme gimme that kind of movie.
  6. "In My Head (Les Boyz Electro Edit)"-Jason Derulo Just leave with me now say the word and we'll go. I'll be your teacher i'll throw you the ropes. You'll see a side of love you've never known.
  7. "The Dynamo of Volition"-Jason Mraz I've got the dynamo of volition the po-pole position automatic transmission with lo-ow emissions, I'm a brand new addition to the old edition with the love unconditional...
  8. "On To the Next One (ft. Swizz Beatz)"-Jay-Z Fuck a throw-back jersey cos we on to tha next one.
  9. "Fire"-Joe Budden There's some hoes in dis house, light that dro in tha house, smoke that dro in tha house.
  10. "Assassin"-John Mayer I'm an assassin and I had a job to do, little did I know that girl was an assassin too.
  11. "Thin Line (ft. Nelly Furtado)"-Jurassic 5 We've been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine love you like you was mine, but please respect the thin line...
  12. "Alejandro"-Lady GaGa Don't wanna kiss don't wanna touch, just smoke my cigarette and hush.
  13. "Retro Physical"-Lady GaGa Off the wall (get your ass) off the wall (work that boy) so sexual, retro physical.
  14. "New in Town"-Little Boots So don't rely on the people you meet cos no one is safe in these streets.
  15. "Daylight"-Matt and Kim We cut the legs off of our pants threw our shoes into the ocean sit back and wave through the daylight.
  16. "Animal"-Neon Trees And I won't be denied by you, the animal inside of you.
  17. "Lisztomania"-Phoenix Think less but see it grow, like a riot, like a riot.
  18. "Dani California"-Red Hot Chili Peppers She's a lover baby and a fighter, shoulda seen it comin when it got a little brighta.
  19. "Te Amo (Smooth Tribal Remix)"-Rihanna Then she said "te amo" then she put my hand around my waist...
  20. "Sweet Honey"-Slightly Stoopid You tell me that your love is true each and every day you tell me you've got that type of lovin here to stay, sweet honey.
  21. "High Together"-Shwayze I'd rather get some herb and kick it with my friends, hit the beach and treat it like a weekend.
  22. "If We Ever Meet Again Ft. Katy Perry (Chew Fu Club Mix)"-Timbaland Baby tell me what's your story, I ain't shy don't you worry. I'm flirtin with my eyes, wanna leave with you tonight.
Wow, guess this summer is about friends, drugs and sex. Fab. I know these songs are certainly not hipster by any means and you may call them mainstream, however there is no right way to love music.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do! If you're really feelin the music, shoot me an e-mail, and I can send the ones you like to you. If there's enough interest, I'll post links to download them.

Also, for you DMB lovers out there and for those of you who didn't know, they are not touring next summer. So all of you going to Mansfield in June, make it the best! I'd love to see them at Fenway again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of the Year Stats

Seeing as tomorrow is the last official day of finals at UNH I thought I would dig deep in our archives, make up a few figures and look at our blog stats for the 2009-2010 school year. I'm a big baseball fan so these are like my version of sabremetrics for the blog. (Plus five points to anyone who knows what sabremetrics are, fuck batting average I'm all about on base percentage. Youkilis for president.)

Stats as of Wednesday May 19th at 5 p.m. (ish)

  • Total blog posts: 350
  • This school year: 264
  • This semester: 155
  • Posts by Corey: 9 (Also contributed to a few under my name)
  • Lady Meow: 9 (Also contributed to a few under my name)
  • Rusty: 4
  • New Hampshirite: 239 (3 guest posts)
  • Total blog hits: 46,111 visits and 92,710 views 
  • This school year: 40,967 visits and 81,056 views (Yeah, it took off this year... especially since late February)
  • Biggest single day: April 20th 779 visits and 1,629 views (You know you go to UNH when... was published the 19th and had 773 and 1,562.)
  • Biggest month: April- 9,933 visits and 21,320 views 
  • Average hits per day: This refreshes every week and I'm not doing the math... right now it is at 235 visits and 417 views but before finals week it was around 300 and 600. April it was 331 and 711.
  • Highest comments on a post: 40 (Original Porn burning post)
  • Estimated trips to DHOP: 20-25.
  • Money spent on alcohol and other things: I don't want to know...  too much.
  • TNH Newspaper columns: 25 (I think I had 13 in the fall and I know I had 12 in the spring.)
  • Times I was reported to the office of conduct due to a TNH column: 1 (pretty sure it was also the only column I didn't directly reference or subliminally hint about drugs or alcohol. Thanks Dining Director!)
  • And for everyone who has ever told me that I am worthless, alcohol and drugs ruin students and that I should spend more time studying and stop blogging my GPA: 3.5 (Should be the same or higher after the spring semester is factored in... bitches.) The funny this is my lowest GPA for a semester was from before I started the blog. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

*Please note there should be at least one post tomorrow although I'll be leaving around noon. I'm going to try to write over the summer, even if it is just once a week or something. For those of you who aren't going to read over the summer (you suck, not really I understand), take care and see you next year. To graduating seniors, especially Corey, my friends, acquaintances and blog readers: congratulations and best of luck in the real world. Make UNH proud. It's been fun.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Goals and Predictions

Ok, the main point of this post it to test out the new features of the blog I added this morning. If you didn't notice you can now "like" and "retweet" each post. Hopefully this will help create more reader feedback and involvement so don't be shy and share the love if you're on facebook or twitter. Now I would like to share some of my summer goals:

  • Make money
  • catch fish (largemouth bass baby!)
  • discover my inner cowboy by frequently getting sloppy drunk on whiskey 
  • investigate t-shirts for next year
  • find stuff to write about so the blog doesn't die.
Speaking of that final bullet point, does anyone have any suggestions for summer postings and to keep the blog active? I would love to be able to, but it is hard to find inspiration when I'm not on campus. I'm sure stuff will come up. One of my brothers recommended a competition, but I don't have any clue what it would be about, how to judge it or what the prize would be. Possibly a free t-shirt when and if I ever make them? For now I would recommend following/friending/liking us on facebook and twitter and when you comment make use a name or ID instead of just 'anonymous.' You don't have to make an account or anything you can enter a name anytime you comment. That will help us track regular commenters and that could come into play if there were ever to be an actual prize (even if it is just a certificate in next years "award ceremony"). 

I also have a few predictions for next year at UNH:
  • UNH football will have another great season. Last year they were the best team in CAA North and it looks like they have only improved on that. I believe they will be a serious contender for the FCS championship. 
  • Men's Basketball will be a top 3 team in America East. They are returning all of their starters from a decent team and I think Ferg Myrick will develop into the best player UNH has seen in a while.
  • Men's hockey will have a better regular season record than this past year. Despite losing Hobey Baker finalist Bobby Butler and goalie Brian Foster I believe the team will be more well balanced. Mike Sislo and Paul Thompson will be ready to lead the offense and Stevie Moses will have the break-out year I expected him to have last year if he can stay healthy. Greg Burke should continue to improve on his freshman campaign, which showed his true potential late in the season. He could be the team's next big playmaker over his final three seasons. Blake Kessel will anchor a defense that was very inexperienced last year and should only improve. They might not be the top seed in Hockey East again, but they will have a better record. 
  • SCOPE will get a rapper. MGMT and Girl Talk were awesome, but they know to switch it up.
Okay, I've been studying (kicking ass in NHL '09) all day and that is all I can think of right now. Share any predictions you have in the comment section below!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Drunken Dreams

Hello, and yes I am still alive! I know it has been a while but I've been back and forth from home, packing, cleaning and studying. I had my two most important finals this morning, but now I am done until a gen-ed on Thursday. Anyways, as I was showering at 7a.m. this morning (8 a.m. finals are probably the worst thing for a college student with my sleep patterns) and my mind began to wander...

I have noticed that when I have a late night drinking and pass out I have the strangest, but weirdly realistic dreams. Now, "strange" and "weirdly realistic" probably seem contradictory, but I am a pretty weird person (if you haven't noticed by now I spend my free time in college writing a blog about free time in college - yeah that is actually kind of weird but at least I acknowledge it). Anyways, these dreams I have are usually pretty bizarre and involve me doing something that wouldn't seem too out of line for a drunk person and they usually result in me waking up and trying to figure out if that was a dream or reality. That can be scary, possibly even scarier than blacking out and not remembering anything the next day... for example the other day I woke up and I had the memory of coating myself in an entire bottle of Axe, not the spray but an actual bottle. You can imagine the smell, it would be the equivalent of a skunk gone wild in the basement of a frat. Anyways, I was very happy to discover that the only bottle of Axe I have was unopened and my room smelled fine. Phew, that could have been bad.

Actually the scariest thing is waking up and thinking something happened, deciding that it didn't happen only to discover later upon further investigation that it did actually happen. Then you are left to figure out what the hell else happened "The Hangover" style. This has also happened to me pretty recently. I woke up one morning and seeing a trash bag on the side of my bed I had the distinct memory of puking. Needless to say I was very pleased when I saw that they bag was empty and clean, but I proclaimed to my roommate "I could have sworn that I puked last night, where did it go? I can't find it... I guess I didn't." Now, there is nothing wrong with puking after a night of drinking, we have all been in that situation where there is a cute girl/guy and you think they are into you so you have another drink to provide more time for an impression to be made. I mean, they already smiled at you and showed an interest, but in reality that smile was really out of entertainment because you already can't finish a sentence... or a thought for that matter. But, hey you're out celebrating because you just aced that Anthropology exam after only attending three classes for the past month and a half, including the review session that lasted 15 minutes because only four out of the 150 students had a question and two of them were about the length and format, which the professor already explained. So why not have a couple more drinks? Are you still following? To make a short story long, I found that puke on the side of my bed a few hours later... can you guess who did laundry that afternoon? This guy.

Wow, that was quite a rant. I guess that is what happens when I don't write a blog with any substance for a few days. I hope to keep writing for the rest of the week, but I'm still unsure about my summer plans for the blog so keep checking back. It all depends if I have some good material and inspiration. Good luck with the rest of your finals and if you're done have a great summer.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Really UNH Evaluation? Just Say It...

By: Lady Meow

I got a couple pictures sent to me and I think they're blog-worthy. They were filling out a TA evaluation for Chemistry. I mean you can just say it UNH...Caucasian is the minority in Parsons/Iddles.

Really? hahahahha I got a kick out of this. I don't know what they're trying to accomplish here. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shameless Plug: Final Sketched Out Show

Hello everybody,
As most of you are aware (and if your name is Geoff Cunningham, you have been constantly reminding me of this fact on a daily basis), I, and my fellow seniors, are graduating in a few short days. It’s been an interesting journey and I can’t believe it’s almost over. I feel like I moved in to Williamson yesterday and now I am packing up all my belongings in cheap, plastic tubs and getting ready to head out into the real world (which I hear is wonderful!)
Now, technically, I am a Communcation major, but in reality my major was Sketched Out. I spent most of my time out of the classroom (and sometimes, even in the classroom) doing things related to the comedy troupe I helped to found when I was youngin’. It is rewarding work and all the headaches were worth it. I made tons of life-long friends because of Sketched Out Comedy Troupe, and I have been laughing all along the way. My college experience has been so great because every day, even when I was at my most reclusive and upset, I was still able to find time to laugh and, as the ol’ adage goes, “a day without laughter is wasted.”
Since I am graduating in the very near future, this last Sketched Out show will be my last ever as a regular cast member, and depending on how my life plays out, last show ever period. It is with a heavy heart that I leave what I, and Kevin helped create. We know that the future will bode bright things and there tons of great kids still in the group that will do more than an outstanding job as torch carriers.
With that being said, I want to take this time to invite and remind all of you of our last show of the season tomorrow. There are going to be some old classics thrown into the mix, an assortment of characters that haven’t appeared in a while, and more hilarity which is what our loyal fans have come to expect of us. From a selfish standpoint, I am glad that this show will be our last since I feel it is one of our strongest to date.
So, my dear friend, if you haven’t found the time to attend one of our shows, this one is as good as any and you’ll finally see what I constantly talk about so often. Finally, if you’re one of those people who has attended shows regularly, or heck, even once, thank you so much for your support. This couldn’t have gone anywhere with you all. I am forever grateful.
Friday. May 14th. Strafford Room. 8pm. Free. As hell. Stop by!


DHOP Music Video

Okay so last week I attended the screening of the DHOP movie. I was waiting to write about it because I was hoping that it would be posted on youtube or something but since it is 22 minutes long I don't think that will happen. I was in the back of the shop and it was pretty loud so I couldn't hear a lot of the interviews. It started out with some quick interviews with shop owner Steve and then the fun began with the drunken students. There were some great lines but I think "Durham without DHOP would be like Gotham without Batman" was the best.

Speaking of DHOP movies I stumbled across this one yesterday. This is either the greatest piece of satire ever, or just a really poorly made rap. Either way I was laughing so hard when I watched it last night.

I think it is safe to say that it doesn't quite live up to "Party at UNH" or "In the MUB," which I finally found on youtube as well:

Have a good finals week UNH.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The UNH Blog Awards

The UNH blog team is proud to announce the 2009-2010 UNH blog awards. If you are selected as a "winner" simply click the award below to enlarge it and print it out. Then fill in your name and the respected category and hang it on your wall. We felt this would be a great way to look back on the year and also thank individuals who make this blog what it is.

Emptiest Mantle Award: Dick Umile

Ashton Kutcher Best Twitter Award: UNH President Mark Huddleston

Golden Binky Award: El Pres

Are You Really Worried About Us Award?: UNH dining ( and for reporting me to the conduct office)

Best Prospect Award: Geoffrey Cunningham (Contributing next year!)

Frequent Commentator Award: DM, DR, Will, Twin XL

Best Reader Emails: Will "Drunk kid from NY" Also for professing his love for Lady Meow.

5th Man Award (Best guest post): Kevin Froleiks

Best Blog Comment: "Just another dumb sorority girl" on the porn burning post.

Most Worthy Opponent Award: Tim King

Least Prolific Blogger Award: Rusty – get the led out Rusty.

Rookie of the Year Award: Corey Nachman

Love Her or Hate Her Award: Lady Meow

Text Message of the Year Award: Banana/Hot Dog assault via UNH emergency alerts.

Biggest Story: Stolen Newspapers

Best Twitter Repliers/News Tippers: Cinemaniac7147, Davincivirus, YouCanCallMeCoz.

Best Response to an Article: CAB (for stalking Corey on facebook)

Best Quote Provider Award: Stephenson Billings (see confessionals on right)

Best Rival School reader: The Maine Guy

Worst Videogamer/Best Roommate Award: William Takefield

Threatening to be a Good Person, But Then Taking the Money in the NFL Award: Scott Sicko

Guy I tell my Friends From Other Schools I had class with Award: Bobby Butler

Best Concert: Girl Talk (SCOPE)

Best Performance: Titus Andronicus (MUSO)

Most Awesome Award: UNH NORML

Best Event: Strike 40th Anniversary

Cause to Care About: Bone Marrow Drive

Most Blog Worthy: SCOPE

Putting up with Corey and The New Hampshirite Award: Cam Kittle (Former TNH executive editor)

Dealing With My Writing Award: TNH Editorial Staff

Not Firing Me Award: Thomas Gounley (new TNH Executive Editor)

Not Disowning Me After Reading My Columns and the Blog Award: The New Hampshirite's Parents

Reader Participation Award: You.

Staying Classy Award: UNH (a lot of shit happened but we’re still not UMass.)

I am sure that there are many more that we left out. Please comment on any we missed and thanks for a great year. And please leave a comment with your acceptance speeches!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Updates

Last night I went to MUSO's final show, Titus Andronicus, in the Granite State Room. Let me say that a lot of people missed out because it was a great show that very few people witnessed. Local bands Kyoty and Luau started things off. I really enjoyed Kyoty, but Luau didn't really do anything for me. Anyways, Titus Andronicus played a really good set and kept the small crowd moving. The band, particularly lead singer Patrick Sickles was very friendly dedicating a song to communication majors who couldn't get all their classes and cracking jokes about the people who stole the newspapers saying "do you think it was that frat with the knife fight" and talking about Scott Sicko's last name between songs. After the show he took the time to chat with a few fans, shaking their hands and thanking them for coming. It was really cool to see a talented band that really appreciates their fans and sees them as equals. I would definitely like to see them again, but they will be leaving this week for a European tour.

I really can't believe today is the last day of classes. This year flew by and I have had a blast writing. I don't really know how much I'll be posting this week because there really isn't much going on this time of the year. We do have one more big post coming up, but I can't give it a specific date so stay tuned.

I also heard today that the men's basketball team is playing at UConn and they were picked for another ESPN bracket-buster game. It is nice to see them playing tougher non-conference opponents.

Good luck with finals.

Stay classy, not Umassy.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girl Talk Review

I would like to start of this post by saying that I have a new found respect for SCOPE. Yesterday afternoon a few SCOPE members stopped by Libby's and left two Girl Talk tickets with a bouncer for El Pres. I don't know if he ever got them, but I just think that is really funny. What a lot of people don't realize, and I mentioned this in a comment before, is that UNH was the only school where he tried to go through a student organization. Every other show was booked by the venue or an off campus bar or club. I really believe that most student organizations would have run into the same problems that happened here at UNH.

That being said, it sounds like people had a lot of fun last night. I haven't heard much of the Stoolapalooza show, but Girl Talk was pretty nuts. From the giant video screen to the confetti to the toilet paper leaf blower gun things. It seemed as if everyone was dancing the entire show dripping in sweat by the time it ended. Of course I can't really give a set list, because he mashes songs up on stage but there were quite a few awesome mix-ups. As a classic rock fan Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," "Teenage Wasteland" by the Who and John Lennon's "Imagine" (which was the final song) were mixed in with hip-hop beats or lyrics were a few of my personal highlights. I really feel like he hit a lot of different genres and everyone came away happy.

 Of course, it's not as fun as seeing the music actually played, but it was a really cool concert that I probably would have never seen had SCOPE not booked him. That is one thing that I've really come to appreciate SCOPE for recently, they bring in acts for low ticket prices that I normally wouldn't see. I mean I have been to Philadelphia (7 hour drive) and NYC twice to see my favorite bands, so I don't really care if they were to come here because I would see them anywhere with in a day's drive. However, acts like MGMT (I might drive an hour to two for them depending on the location/prices etc) and definitely Girt Talk I never would have seen had SCOPE not booked them.

So once again, I am saying job well done to SCOPE. MGMT and Girl Talk might be the best back-to-back shows in a while for any UNH organization. Hopefully MUSO can keep it up with Titus Andronicus on Sunday night, hope to see a good turnout for that show.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Subliminal UNH: We Love Sex

Subliminal UNH
By: Lady Meow & Tim King

Normally we hate these but it must be addressed (again, I always knew I should come with a warning label) Any of the following comments, images, opinions, accusations, etc are completely and utterly made up. None of these are actually true. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

We bet you have a wildcat logo somewhere in your vicinity right now. Ever look at it? We mean, really look at it? Well, clearly you don't have as much time on our hands as we did. We looked at the Wildcat logo, Wildcat pack logo, and the UNH campus map. We found some interesting things that you may have never noticed before until now (you're welcome).

Wildcat Pack Logo

Now, before you scroll down, I wanna know why there is a fang in the way back of the wildcat's mouth? Last time I checked, no cat or dog has a saber tooth penetrating their tongue. I don't think even Darwin would hypothesize that one; puncturing yourself would only make you weaker: thus you would die and would die and not pass on your mutant snaggletooth gene. So all this only begs me to ask the question: Why is it there in the first place? Okay, maybe it's the tongue, you got me. pssh, whatev.

You decide. (click on image to make it larger)
I mean some S-E-X letters were maybe a little forced, but c'mon, level with me here. There are plenty of places where "sex" occurs. I mean no wonder why we love this shirt so much! Props to the person who created this.

Wildcat Logo
Yes, of course I opened this one up in Paint as well and endlessly made "sex" appear, which is partly true, but I think I found something a little better and clearer to see.
Shit, and now that I think of it, I probably could have combined the 'U' and 'I' and made it say, "We 'heart' Sex". Either way, you get the point. This makes me appreciate my UNH attire that much more. Sorry for ruining it for some of you who decided to read further anyways despite the fact when I told you not to. If you really weren't offended, then I think you could share some level of humor in this. PS, I want this made into a lengerie piece (thank you in advance Town&Campus/Hayden's)

Campus Map

Oh Durham, the land we call home. It may take a little bit for some of us to become intimately acquainted with this paradise on the Oyster River, but in what seems like no time at all, we come to know her every sidewalk, learn all the best shrubbery in which we can hide from the cops, and on wintry nights when we just couldn't make it home because we drank too much Mad Dog, we pass out in her inviting, fluffy snowbanks.

The fact remains, however, that we spend most of our time on the ground. We only know places like the Dimond Library or Holloway as glass and brick towers looming above us. But have you ever taken a good, solid look at the campus map your RA photocopied for you Freshman year? Before long, the scaled brown blobs begin to form into easily recognizable shapes, like this one:

It's a girl, formed by Kingsbury, Morse, Parsons, and Babcock and McConnell, and the streets that surround them. Sure, there's some liberty taken, and it more resembles a bathroom sign than a real, curvaceous woman, but let's be honest for a second: when's the last time the "Man in the Moon" ever actually looked like some guy? So I guess we can call this science building biddy "Our Lady of Durham", for lack of a better phrase. Nothing perverted about that, right?

Of course that's when you realize that when using the same shape recognition methods, Christensen, Williamson, and Philbrook are surprisingly dong like. And that's where things tend to get a little...


When you really start phallus hunting, it becomes startlingly clear why feminist groups around here always seem mad. Campus is littered with penises, with the Mills, Stoke, and the original Memorial Union Building getting in on the action. And that's only with a strict definition of what qualifies as "dick shaped".

Thompson Hall isn't helping matters either. The spiritual center of our campus has some pretty gnarly manscaping going on.

Those bushes are new bee-tee-dubs. The sexy doesn't stop there. Architecturally, campus seems like it was mapped out from a page in the Kama Sutra.

The Woodside Apartments form a tender spooning position, while the Upper Quad, once just a pleasant U-shape, is ready for action with the recently built Housing wing acting as the head of our doggy-style-ready-damsel. And if you think that SERC and the Mini-Dorms look a little cocky, as I did at first glance, you'll notice that they're closing in for a tasteless and misogynistic bukakke session, circled in orange.

Obviously this is some elaborate joke just to fuck with us. I found all that with only a few quick glances, and I consider myself to be fairly well adjusted. I can only imagine what you goddamned gutter dwellers are finding.

Hidden Messages

To go along with all this subliminal shit, I decided to do some anagrams and came up with some more interesting things

Philbrook: bro hop kill
"Lets hop to Philly bro and kill some food."

Durham House of Pizza: Hump A Roadies Fuzz Ho
Welp, use that dirty mind!

Wildcatassen: anal disc stew

Durham: had rum

General Chemistry: Treachery Mingles
Yup, you'll definitely mingle in treacherous chapters. Good luck.

Womyns group: grumpy swoon, grumps own yo, guys mow porn (HAHA)

Main Street: terminates, meaner tits, inmate rest, artiest men
I think this could mean that when you're drunk walking back to your home on main street, would consider yourself 'terminated'. You might find some mean (good) tits or mean bitches with tits. Inmate rest just sounded funny. Artiest men? Really aesthetically pleasing men?

Sam Adams UNH: uh madam ass, UNH mamas sad
Having the word madam ass and making UNH mamas sad in your name. No one is going to Libby's now.

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did doing it! We would like to see if you think UNH is sending out any 'messages'. We'll post them if you do! E-mail us: (If you send hate mail that is a novel to read, I will gladly reply: Get over it).

Also, we are QUITE aware of the dick table in Bro-Co. I tried getting pictures, but didn't wanna look like a completely creepass. But, if you send it to us we would love to post it!

I don't know about Tim here (probably trying to find the cure for gingervitis) but, I've got better things to do now, like have multiple orgasms. Have a fab rest of the semester and remember to go support the Bookstore, Town&Campus, and Hayden Sport's to get your logo today!


Another music post

If you're getting sick about music posts, I'm sorry. I'll do concert reviews for Girl Talk and Titus Andronicus and that will be it until next semester.

If this is what Girl Talk can do in about 3 minutes, I am excited to see what he does on stage. I've heard that his live shows are actually pretty entertaining even though he his just using a laptop. When I got my free ticket from SCOPE for Girl Talk I was told that they have a few "special effects" for tonight so I think this could be a great show. Especially considering it was only a $5 student ticket.  While on the topic of music, I heard Eminem's new song "Not Afraid" and I'm not going to lie, I really like it. I like that he admits in the song that Relapse was "ehh" and that he overused the accent.

Sam Adams did finally sell out today (I wonder if El Pres just bought the final 40 tickets?) One final thing on El Pres, I wrote a comment on  Barstool in which I said I was the student who called him a crybaby and I actually wished them success with the show... and he didn't publish it! I wonder how many comments he normally rejects? The only time I have rejected a comment was when it had a name in it. I am so happy this will finally be over after tonight, but I am also very excited to see Dirty Durham at its finest tonight when the two shows get out.

Also, I just got carded.... for buying tylenol allergy relief. I have been served at bars before without being carded. I mean, I pretty much look my age... but really? For tylenol?

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Proposal: Can DJ Girl Talk & Sam Adams Collaborate Friday Night?

By: Lady Meow

Going with the 'end the hate' theme. I have come up with a proposition that may please more people on campus Friday night on the 7th of May 2010:

I want to know if there is anyway SCOPE & Girl Talk could work out something like muy rapido with Stoolapalooza & Sam Adams. I mean our blog ( & go back and forth between bashing GT, Sam Adams, El Pres, SCOPE, MUSO, etc: we're all guilty of it including myself. However, let's cut the shit and lets end this year right with an exclusive show only for us here at UNH. Let's really get our $$$ worth and get the people unable to go to Sam Adams or GT, but wanna see a good fucking show unconditional of who we think is better or worse. Although, since we know GT has made out pretty damn well (look at the numbers) lets give Sam Adams a chance to see what he's got. Is he as good as people say he is? Can he do it successfully?

Therefore, I propose that DJ Girl Talk do a live mix with Sam Adams physically present either free styling or rapping one of his songs (which ever is going to work). I would love to see this take place in public where SoCo isn't involved. If we want this to happen we can't piss off UNH admins with the alcohol policy (whatever that is). I mean I'm sure with the drunken fast creative teamwork we could accumulate on this campus after each show this can certainly work.

I mean maybe I'm being a little far-fetched, (I can't speak for any organization and I don't know the business/contract aspect with SCOPE, Barstool Sports, the artists, etc) but I see it as a win-win. Girl Talk creates another hit, Sam Adams gets more respect (hopefully). This would boost local UNH business (if done near Main Street). So entertainers, let's not be the typical 'sell-outs', if you really love your fans & what you do (or whatever motive) more than your ticket sales & cover charge, I think this is a perfect opportunity to put on an epic show that neither UNH or artists will ever forget.

On a more personal note, which my readers along with my blog-mates will not like, but I love Sam Adam's album and my favorite songs happen to be: "Comin' Up", "Coast 2 Coast", and "Just Love Here". I also have ALL of Girl Talk's albums and always play it from when I bump down Main Street to when I work on my fitness (gotta keep that tight ass son). So seeing this for me would be absolutely be more than remarkable and definitely a headliner above my many highlights here at UNH.

Again, it's just a proposal. Its mostly just a wish that I demand. Ultimately, I honestly don't think it will ever happen. Maybe I can at least get Sammy to sign my tits or GT to create sweet DMB song mixed to a blunt-rollin bumpin beat (holy musicgasm). Oh when you wish upon a star...

For once, this show might be better than having multiple orgasms,


*Update*: I have sent an e-mail to barstool sending him the link to this post. Lets expect the worst, but hope for the best.

*Update 2* The Stool Responds!

scope made out well because it was a free concert and they don't have to make money. It's fake life. Stop comparing the two events. We sold 3,000 30 dollar tickets at Umass and they had to shut it down. We would have kicked girl talk's ass all over the map if this was a +18 event and they didn't pull the venue

What do you think? All I have to say is thank you for proving my point, peace and blesssssiiins.

*Update 3* Sammy Adams tweets to me!!!!

BostonsBoy: Whatup twitter worldddddddd


BostonsBoy: @ladymeowUNH I'm with it haha scope can suck a dick

DHOP: The Movie

Yes this is actually happening. I was notified about this by the filmmaker who claims to be a fan of the blog. It will been screened at DHOP tonight (Thursday the 6th) at 11p.m. My attendance will be a game time decision due to a previous engagement, but I will try my best to make it there. According to the event page on facebook (link above) it was filmed mostly on Halloween weekend of 2009 and one of the few things that I clearly remember from Halloween is that the party I was at got busted just after midnight and most of us ended up at DHOP. So needless to say I, or at least several of my friends, are most likely in this movie. So if your not doing anything at 11 tonight I recommend checking that out because it could be very entertaining.

A few quick reminders people, Mother's Day is coming up so don't forget to call ya ma on Sunday. (You're welcome.) Also on Sunday is MUSO's last show of the year featuring Titus Andronicus, a Indie-Punk-Rock band out of New Jersey. Think about it, you could see a band Rolling Stone recently named them one of the 10 best new bands for FREE. What else are you going to do on a Sunday night before the last day of classes? Their latest album "The Monitor," which was released in March has received great reviews. Any band that uses Abe Lincoln quotes as an intro to a song and sings about the Civil War is awesome in my book. Plus they shred violently and loudly. Plus their lead man, Patrick Sickles, has a fucking awesome beard.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quote of the Semester

"Umm, I have a question. How is Libby’s not sold out yet? We still have 40 tickets left or something like that? Maybe Scope was right after all. UNH doesn’t want us?" - El Presidente of Barstool Sports

Yeah, maybe SCOPE was right after all about getting Girl Talk and not Sam Adams. I know I'll be at the Girl Talk show. I mean SCOPE sold out Girl Talk in just over a day and I've been told they have a few special plans for the show. The other day TK announced on his blog, "Since we're now observing the 40th anniversary of the UNH Student Strike, there's no better time for us to make our statement against douchery and shoddy entertainment." I couldn't say it better myself, which is why I quoted him. I am really hoping those last 40 tickets don't sell. They'll probably go the day of the show, but only 10 tickets have sold since Monday. But what happened to those 2,000+ people requesting Sam Adams to UNH? Oh, that's right they were all freshman who aren't 21 and don't understand how concerts are run... or maybe people saw the videos of his previous shows and realized how terrible he is live. Whatever the reason is, and I really don't care, I am just happy to see that people are pleased with Girl Talk.

Anyways, this was my last four-class-day of the year so I am pretty pumped... plus it is Cinco de Drinko! I just got back from the Red Bull event and it was pretty cool, except the Red Bulls went fast. I took a quick video of BMXer Terry Adams showing off his flat ground skills.

This time of the year is always bittersweet for me. I mean, I love the summer weather and not having to do school work, but I love it here at UNH. It will be nice to see all my old friends from home, but then again I have to get a job. You can't just skip work if you're hungover or just because you feel like it, like you can skip classes. I don't really skip classes too often, but it is nice to have that option.

Alright it is too nice out and this post already took longer than I hoped.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1970 at University of New Hampshire

Edit: I ordered a digital copy of the DVD online and revised this post with better information and quotes.

I just got back from the "Mayflowers" screening at the 40th anniversary of the UNH strike event and it was hands down the best event I have attended during my time at UNH. Great job by everyone at the Peace & Justice League for organizing and putting on this event. I took some notes during the film and event and here is a summary of what happened:

In the spring of 1970 Student body President, Mark Wefers,  requested that three members of the Chicago 8 come to campus to speak on the Vietnam War. The three men were Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and David Dellinger. At the time UNH was not an active campus at all, but increased troops in Vietnam, the invasion of Cambodia and eventually the shootings at Kent State caused the UNH student body and faculty to grow together. 

Despite mass protests about these "criminal racialists" coming to speak at UNH, Wefers and his peers, including then TNH Editor Peter Riviere, continue to push for this event. Then Wefers and Riviere, tip off the ultra conservative Manchester Union Leader because they knew the UL would play it up.

Quick side note on the Union Leader in 1970- Out of every town in New Hampshire, Durham sold the least copies of the Union Leader. For the April Fools issue of TNH, they made their cover to look like the Union Leader and barely any students even picked one up because they didn't realize it was a joke.

The Union Leader begins daily cover stories about how these American-hating-hippies are going to cause riots and take over the UNH campus. Needless to say the three members of the Chicago 8 (later the Chicago 7) agree to come. The UNH board of trustees unsuccessfully tries to cancel the event. In front of a judge they are able to force the event to be moved up to 3:30 instead of 7:30 p.m. because they feared if it was held at night riots would ensue.

May 4th, 1970- The first rally is held on UNH President McConnell's lawn. About 200 students attended as Wefers, Riviere and others speak about the unjust ruling and their freedom of speech was being impeded by moving the event up to 3:30. Later that day the shootings at Kent State took place and that night UNH students crowded downtown for a candle light vigil. Downtown was so packed that in front of Camp Co the street was blocked.

May 5th, 1970- That morning several hundred students pack T-Hall lawn for another rally. Students and faculty members, including one Philosophy professor Paul Brockelman gave speeches. Brockelman supported the movement, but warned students not to take it too far. Wefers announces that the event will be held at 3:30. The campus is packed by state and local police officers and the New Hampshire National Guard.

3:30 p.m. Around 4,000 students pack the Field House, expecting to hear Hoffman, Rubin and Dellinger. Instead Wefers takes the stage and reads a note from the three. It tells everyone to come back at 7:30. The audience leaves.

7:30p.m. This time around 4,500 students pack the Field House... and another 3,000 are outside trying to get in. A little while later the three men take the stage.

Dellinger opens apologizing for being late, not about 3:30, but that they were pulled over by a state police officer right as the entered campus due to a "random safety stop." He also talks about the freedom of speech.

 Rubin continues about freedom of speech and who has the power. He says how students have the power and the trustees didn't shut down the rally because they are afraid of the students. He shouts "school is just an advanced form of toilet training! That's what school is! And taking an examination is just like taking a shit! That's what it's like! You know you gather it all in and gather it all in and you wait for the right moment when your fucking professor tells ya 'this is the moment' and then the moment comes along, you been conditioned and then you let it pour out, you just flush the toilet. All the shit comes out and boom it's over and you feel so good afterwards! It's got nothing to do with education. You haven't learned a thing when it's all over. We ain't gonna take another examination. We ain't gonna go to another class... (continues about professors, administrators and the judge who tried shut the rally down)... when you have tyranny, revolution is the only order!"Then he lights up a fat joint on stage in front of everyone, including the police. He lets a few audience members take a hit (one of whom was at the event tonight.)

Hoffman came on last, informing the audience of 4,500 that there are an additional 3,000 outside. He shouts "New Hampshire, tonight the granite is gonna crack! Tonight the Old Man of the Mountain is going to blow his motherfucking brains out!" He tells a story when he was seven about a family trip to Lake Winnipesaukee when he read a pamphlet about a rental that said "Christian cliental only." He continues, telling students that the dinosaurs who run New Hampshire need to be kicked out of office. The event ends, and although some students want to riot, they decide not to. T-Hall is not burned to the ground like some feared.

However, SBP Mark Wefers is held in contempt of court for allowing the event to be moved. He is put on trial (United States vs Mark Wefers) and 2,000 people sign on as codefendants, but they are not allowed into the courtroom. Wefers is given either a $500 fine or 20 days in jail, but he repeals and wins. Classes on campus never resumed and finals were never taken, despite the university never admitting that. If it wasn't for summer break the strike may have lasted even longer and had a bigger impact around the country. The documentary, which was made by a student at the time and just recently redone with new special features ends with the maker in 2010 walking in front of Thompson Hall saying it was unbelievable "how much ordinary people in an ordinary place can do."

TNH (caption says T-Hall not burned)

TNH, showing support for Wefers.

TNH article announcing original outcome of Wefers initial trial.

Fosters article on UNH President McConnell Denying the strike.

After the film Wefers and Riviere spoke, as well as many audience members. Recalling old stories and other things that were happening on campus around that time. They gave advice to current students, such as to realize that you are only here for four years, so don't limit your actions to the campus. It really was a great event and I learned a lot about our university that I never knew.

Stay classy, not UMassy.