Friday, May 21, 2010


I don’t really have any songs that instantly make me think of summer when I hear them (except for Summersong by The Decemberists or Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles for obvious reasons), so my list is going to be what I intend on listening to this summer.
Vitamin C- Graduation (Friends Forever)
- I’m just kidding. But I am graduating, so I think I’ll be listening to The Wall and Alice Cooper a lot for the first few days of summer.
LCD Soundsystem- the entire This Is Happening album
- This was the album I was waiting for all year and it did not disappoint. If you want one specific track to listen to, I recommend “All I Want.” It’s very David Bowie. If you’re like Lady Meow and her avid followers, I recommend “Drunk Girls.”
Deftones- Rocket Skates
- I’m an unapologetic Deftones fan. They could fart on a snare drum and put some sort of chamber effect on it and release a full length album with just that and I’d probably still get it. Their new album Diamond Eyes is a bit different since the effects are stripped down (since there wasn’t Pro Tools on the album) but they can still bring it. Rocket Skates is a very simple and somewhat repetitive song, but I still really like it. Either you’ll enjoy the song or you won’t, probably no in-between on it, but I can’t stop listening to it.
Circa Survive- Get Out
- The group of kids I hang out with when I go back home love Anthony Green. Anything he does. I am not criticizing them for that; he’s pretty awesome. As a brief aside, if you never checked out his solo record Avalon, do it. Even people who hate Circa Survive or the Sound of Animals Fighting like his solo work. The song “Get Out” is the stand out track to me, but a lot of Circa fans are saying that this album (Blue Sky Noise) is their best work to date.
Crystal Castles- Celestica, Doe Deer, Lovers Who Uncover (Remix)
- My friend has a huge crush on Alice Glass, the classic “I don’t give a fuck about you or anyone else for that matter,” female singer. The song Doe Deer is one of the most intense sounding electronic songs I have ever heard and the only lyric in the song is the word “deathray.” She’s just screaming it, and it is bad ass. Compare that to the first single off the album, Celestica; a really pretty lo-fi/experimental track. Their remix of Lovers Who Uncover which is originally by The Little Ones, just may be the best song you’ll hear all summer. Crystal Castles could be the Portishead of the 2010s, but Portishead is still around, so that title belongs to Portishead…but Crystal Castles is super sexyfun.
Titus Andronicus- A More Perfect Union
- When MUSO announced that Titus Andronicus was coming, I had a conniption. These guys (and gal) are so fucking bad ass and they are singing about Jersey (fairly common punk theme) and the Civil War (yeah, the Civil War). This is my favorite track on the album and it’s the first one so you could stop there…but don’t. The entire record (titled The Monitor) is worth giving a listen to.
Lightning round! Listen to these albums if you have yet to
Gorillaz- Plastic Beach (They never disappoint, do they?)
Caribou- Swim (If you get into Caribou, you’ll never get out…)
Fang Island-self-titled (They describe their music as “everyone high-fiving everyone.” So fun.)
The White Stripes- Under Great White Northern Lights (Did you know they released a live album? Now you do.)
I think you have plenty of music to fill your iPads with now. Wait, you don’t own an iPad? That’s cool. No one else does either.


  1. Some really good picks! I need to expand my playlist - been consumed with Kings of Leon....for months.

  2. Even though their music is really good, I hate Crystal Castles as people. All the news they make is just them being complete assholes, which is why I didn't pay for their albums.

  3. You know. It's totally legit you say that. They seem like real dicks. Are you referring to that incident at the concert? They also did something else, but it escapes me. Whatever, I won't mess with them...especially Alice. ESPECIALLY Alice.

    Their music is so damn good, though...damn it.

  4. This is the best I could find of an actual description of some of the shit they pulled, but it's actually because I'm too lazy to keep looking. This article is good enough though.