Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quote of the Semester

"Umm, I have a question. How is Libby’s not sold out yet? We still have 40 tickets left or something like that? Maybe Scope was right after all. UNH doesn’t want us?" - El Presidente of Barstool Sports

Yeah, maybe SCOPE was right after all about getting Girl Talk and not Sam Adams. I know I'll be at the Girl Talk show. I mean SCOPE sold out Girl Talk in just over a day and I've been told they have a few special plans for the show. The other day TK announced on his blog, "Since we're now observing the 40th anniversary of the UNH Student Strike, there's no better time for us to make our statement against douchery and shoddy entertainment." I couldn't say it better myself, which is why I quoted him. I am really hoping those last 40 tickets don't sell. They'll probably go the day of the show, but only 10 tickets have sold since Monday. But what happened to those 2,000+ people requesting Sam Adams to UNH? Oh, that's right they were all freshman who aren't 21 and don't understand how concerts are run... or maybe people saw the videos of his previous shows and realized how terrible he is live. Whatever the reason is, and I really don't care, I am just happy to see that people are pleased with Girl Talk.

Anyways, this was my last four-class-day of the year so I am pretty pumped... plus it is Cinco de Drinko! I just got back from the Red Bull event and it was pretty cool, except the Red Bulls went fast. I took a quick video of BMXer Terry Adams showing off his flat ground skills.

This time of the year is always bittersweet for me. I mean, I love the summer weather and not having to do school work, but I love it here at UNH. It will be nice to see all my old friends from home, but then again I have to get a job. You can't just skip work if you're hungover or just because you feel like it, like you can skip classes. I don't really skip classes too often, but it is nice to have that option.

Alright it is too nice out and this post already took longer than I hoped.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Easy on the Barstool Bashing. I read your blog daily, just as I do the stool. I have been a loyal stool reader for 3 years, and have become a fan of your blog this semester. Believe it or not, you and the stool share much of the same target market. You are making it difficult for some of your readers because this feud is causing people to have to choose sides. Also, I understand that you are under 21, which is cool, but keep in mind that some of your readers are older and you should cater to them as well. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I've always understood that the Stool and I share a similar market (college aged, area sports fans, etc). I read Barstool a lot and it was one of the blogs I used when laying out the idea for mine. I like what Barstool does, I just don't like how El Pres keeps ripping on our campus and SCOPE and shit.

    I am not bashing on Barstool, more just on this whole Sam Adams tour. I never felt the need to write about them until this thing blew up.

    I read Barstool a lot, but I think it has gone done hill since it's become a promotional site for this tour. Meanwhile the Celtics and Bruins are in huge playoff series, the Sox just started up and the Pats just had the draft. Yet for every Bruins recap there's an American Idol and Sam Adams post. (It still is Barstool Sports, right?)

    I know that Barstool gets more hits in an hour than I do in a week, but I'm just trying to justify UNH/SCOPE when he bashes on them.

  3. PS: Let's not forget that he dedicated a post on me and I just wanted to justify myself. (Also, when he wrote that 75% of the comments on his blog were telling him that it was stupid or how Barstool was slipping.)

  4. Mr. New Hampshirite -

    I'm a barstool follower and a unhblog follower. I've seen how you've had a love-hate relationship with SCOPE, but am glad you finally came around to the love side. I've got a few friends in SCOPE, and I know they're happy too.

    Couldn't agree more with you about the Sam Adams BS. And TK said it right too. Fucking freshmen.

    Anyways, what I also wanted to mention... I think El Prez is a pussy in the sense that every post he makes about the UNH Stoolapalooza stop, he turns off the comment section. What a wuss

  5. Yeah the BMX was cool, but did anyone see that dance thing when UNH girls made our school look like a bunch of morons filled with stupid girls that can't dance and just want to rub their ass on a man's junk? I was embarrassed to be a UNH student

  6. No need to defend yourself NH, el pres has been even more of a douche since this whole stoolapalooza thing started.

  7. Don't make it sound like Girl Talk is more popular because it sold out and Sam Adams hasn't. I would be wiiling to bet that at least half of those going to girl talk would be going to sam adams if it weren't 21 plus. Also, I have heard of a lot of kids (at least 20) who are 21 that chose to go to our tour spots like UMass and Boston. And el pres really doesnt need this show to sell out to validate this tour, he already sold out the Mullins Center and other big venues.

  8. Alright, I've been reading barstool for about 6 months now and I like some of his posts mainly the Celtics, Bruins, and 'Does this look like a person who...'. But lately, and I agree with everyone else it's gone downhill since he started his gold digger campaign on Sam Adams

    In this post, haha, my favorite thing of that post is how he incorporated a UNH smokeshow (so the comments are automatically always off, which I agree with) and how he said, "Maybe Scope was right after all. UNH doesn’t want us?". So basically no one could comment on how much of a infected left labia he really is. His blog is like getting a yeast infection from his persistent PMS posts and he when leaves his posts untreated, they continually become more dry, foul, and bromidic. Ultimately, making his blog annoying as reoccurring flares of genital warts.

    (I've only heard horror stories of theses conditions. I have never personally experienced any of them.)


    ps, you look like stinky from hey arnold. Yeah, everyone thought he was an attention seeker too.

  9. Last Anon- That's one of the points I was making... most of the Sam Adams fans are under 21. Apparently there aren't 250 Sam Adams fans over 21 who would want to see him.


  11. ...And this is why Lady Meow is my best friend. Thank you for so eloquently stating your thoughts on El Pres. I, too, think he needs to treat himself to some Midol and a good shot of Vagasil. STAT.

  12. NH
    The point I was making was that many kids went to see Sam Adams other places because they didn't think they would get tickets here. Therefore they aren't going to buy tix for this show. I highly doubt there are many 21 year olds going to girl talk.
    And I don't think girl talk would have sold out if Sam Adams was available to everyone.

  13. ^If you see any of these alleged people who were so committed to seeing Sam Adams that they crossed state lines instead of waiting for him to come here, you should probably break their kneecaps with a pipe wrench.

  14. HA HA lady meow.