Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Brother

Screen grab I took of the webcam. I chose to use one without any pedestrians.

Hey UNH alumni association, you are the ultimate creeps. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, the UNH alumni association paid to have a live webcam set up on Main Street in front of the Whit at the intersection of Main Street and College Road. Anyone can access the webcam here, and users can gain control of the camera for one minute. You can read TNH's article about it here. You can debate whether on not this is an invasion of privacy, obviously it is in a public setting, but this isn't a security camera like at your local WalMart. The alumni association said it would provide a way for other alumni to stay connected to campus.

Here are some fake Q and A's and I have created. The italicized lines are being said by imaginary alumni:

Now I can stay better connected with my old college campus!
 You want to know how to stay even better connected? By reading TNH, the athletics website or even this blog! You don't need a friggen live webcam to stay connected to campus.

Oh, but it's fun! You can even access it on your iphone and look at yourself!
Use a fucking mirror!

It's cool to see college students in their own environment!
Please, put some pants on or go on chatroulette.

I was just on it for about 5 minutes. I wanted to see it for  myself before I wrote this. 30 people can access it at one time, and each person can control it for one minute. The three people in front of me (there was about a 3 minute wait until I could control it) all stared the camera at the closest female insight, literally zooming in on her face and or specific body parts. No joke. One even tilted the camera down as a female walked by as though to try and look down her shirt. I am not lying.
As you can see, you can easily zoom in on someone with clear quality.

In conclusion, I see no positive use to this camera.

Have a fun Halloween weekend and be careful out there... especially in front of the camera. Remember, Big Brother any creeper with internet access is watching.

Stay classy, not Alumni Associationey.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I think that if I hear one more negative political ad I am going to snap. Politics is a dirty, corrupt and a shady business, but quite I honestly I don't care what one campaign digs up about another. I would rather they just say what they want to do for our future. There is one ad I hear almost everyday on the bus about John Stephen. It goes something like: "John Stephen's campaign manager stalked a women and said that she deserved to be raped. Wouldn't you fire a stalker? John Stephen refused to." Don't get me wrong, John Stephen has some questionable things about his past, but this ad doesn't even say who the other candidate is. After Tuesday it will all be over and I can watch TV or listen to the radio in peace. I must say, my favorite ad is the one about the Democrat running in West Virginia who shoots the Cap and Trade bill with a sniper rifle... wait? What? Did I seriously just type that?

I think that it was awesome that President Obama went on the Daily Show last night. Now, I supported Obama when he ran and I still do. (Anyone who claims Obama is a socialist, really doesn't understand what socialism is.) I understand that achieving goals takes a long time and anyone who expected instant change was being unrealistic. At the same time, I was also really pleased that Jon Stewart critiqued Obama about the past two years. That takes a lot of balls. I must say it was nice to see Obama answer questions intelligently without stumbling like an idiot. Lets face it, Bush could have never done that. Obama spoke about how getting laws passed isn't black and white and it is really important to realize that just setting the foundations for the future is important. I feel as though everyone is quick to point out everything that the Obama administration hasn't done, but they neglect what they have done. 

Lastly, I think the fortune cookies from HoCo provide some of the best entertainment on campus. I got one that was actually the greatest pickup line ever: "Could I get some directions? (To where?) To you heart." The is fucking poetry. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kicked Some UMASS

By: LadyMeow

This game was exactly like how one blog commenter described it, "Christmas came early this year." This win was great for UNH. However, while Christmas came early for UNH Football, it certainly became Christmas morning for my liver and stomach. We must have had 5 coolers of beer and food for a full three hours of nonstop tailgating. What a perfect day too, minus the windburn.  Clearly UMASS doesn't know how to tailgate cause I rarely saw any UMASS people out in the lot, they probably got their asses kicked or too pussy to show up. Where's that chode Devlin? I kid, I kid. Don't worry UNH has got this. Tailgating is a skill: absolute sheer preparation and execution are key. I will teach you the skills young Skywalkers as well as some important do's don'ts for tailgating at Gillette Stadium so you're set for next year!

1.Fun attire is the best attire. Instead of wearing the classic UNH Wildcats, UNH Football, etc, do something different like wear a shirt saying, "We bust ours to bust yours." or like the guy at the St. Louis Blues game with the shirt "I shaved my balls for this" is absolutely fabulous (via Deadspin). Someone make the girl version, "I shaved my cooter for this". These witty garments show you're a true fan and not so serious and upstight. Also, loved the "BEAT UMASS" t-shirts I saw, someone hook me up with one.

No this is not me, only a great shirt my sister is wearing. Case in point.
2. Form and Function=A lot of food in a short amount of time. This grill is a beast. It folds, it holds, and it molds (hey I try) some great tasting chicken wangs, brats, hotdogs, burgers, etc. Its even on fucking WHEELS! I'm still full from Saturday. Also, a great chef who knows his hardware is also key. Honestly, just let the men takeover. Ladies, whip up that mac salad.
Damn youz a sexiii bitch
3. Have FUN tailgating games. We chose Kan Jam. This game requires skill, not recommended for the drunk. Key is to get the frisbee into the hole and some other rules (go to the website if you care). Otherwise, its a fucking challenge and definitely creates a lot of fun. Ruit was pretty hard considering the wind. Although we managed to do flip cup by blocking the wind with our bodies. Talk about a shitshow, but definitely a lot of fun. Other great games are Ladderball/golf, the Washer Game, or cornhole (fucking hard dammit!)
Fucking KanJam
4. Don't be a fucking moron. Hey if you're under 21, you're drinking, and in a public area...Your chances of getting arrested/caught are high. Keep it real. Don't be dumb. You'll get arrested by attracting attention, cops eat that shit up. They love stumbling biddies, loud ass bros, and puking fatties. You better check yoself before you wreck yoself. PS, bringing alcohol into Gillette underage will also get you arrested, my friend is a fucking dumbass. His loss.
Case in point: Here are 12 biddies getting into a police van after getting caught for 'unlawful possession'. Don't be a fucking moron.
5. Don't be that kid. It never fun feeling sick after some drinking. Know your limits. Drinking to oblivion/sickness/blackoutness is probably a significant sign of alcoholism. I know I was going to be at Gillette all day, I paced myself, because nothing sucks more than the world spinning right before your eyes. I drunkenly controlled myself and only left the stadium with a sunburn (yeah, wtf). So, sorry girl who was vomiting in the bathroom feeling like absolute shit. You're an idiot.
Don't end up on one of these. Embarrassing.
6. Sick seats make the experience that much better. I got my tickets way in advance because I'm an anal ass planner, but it was definitely worth it. I'll never get tickets like these during a Pats game and 5th row is definitely a great place to be.
Oh here we are...kicking ass per usual. 
7. Know your team. Well, know the hot players. My hot player is Dontra Peters. He played a great game with that great ass. Keep it up sport. Sorry guys, um, the cheerleaders look good? Sorry didn't get pics of them, not my type.
do me.
8. Who the fuck in Gnarlz? This person has the best seat in the house. I would love to be him/her (trying not to be sexist mmmkay?) for a day at UNH football or hockey game. Taking pictures with people, getting the crowd amped, and getting the best seat in the house every time. So jealous. I hope you comment.
Fucking Gnarlz, Fucking Wild E. You suck. I want your life that day.

9a.Let's shit on UMASS. Why is there a man in a chicken suit on the UMASS side? As El Pres would *maybe* say, "does wearing a chicken suit on the losing team's fan side get you laid?." the answer is no. GTFO.
Go back to your coop.
9b. UMASS should invest more in its football program than a scholarship funded band. I love the UNH band, they play because they love it. Not because they're motivated to keep their scholarship. They feed of the intensity of the hockey and football games. Honestly Amherst, stop recruiting people who are overweight who blow inanimate objects and fuck within their own social circle. Recruit some real people that can play football against UNH. Embarrassing Amherst, just embarrassing.
I think the tuba section would have a better chance of winning than the 'team' that showed up for UMASS
9c. Stadium fights are hilarious. You look like tool. Sit down, drink you beer and enjoy the game. You're attracting attention by a swarm of fluorescent men. Honestly, you're distracting me because you don't know how to act civil. Let's do the grown up thing and think to ourselves, fuck the guy who is slamming your team for being shitty; maybe you should accept it because its true. Deal with it dude. Lets not act like our balls haven't dropped yet.
Kinda blurry, but you get the point. Just creates negative attention.
10. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.

Cannot wait for next year!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reactions to the Colonial Clash

This past weekend, UNH played the first-ever college football game at the Patriot's Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. UNH defeated the University of Massachusetts 39-13 in front of the largest-ever CAA regular-season crowd, which topped 32,800. It was pretty easy to see that the majority of those fans were UNH fans, but we'll come back to that later. I am not going to talk about the game though, but more of the experience for the fans.

Every single person I have talked to, young and old, had an absolute blast at the game. Although, in all fairness I have not talked to any UMass fans, so I cannot speak on their behalf. I mean, as fun as the tailgating was, most of their fans were long gone before the Minutemen put any points on the scoreboard. I think this was an awesome chance for two relatively small football schools to experience a taste of what big-time college football is all about. Sure, the crowd was about a third or less of that for Penn State, Michigan or Florida games – or any major FBS team for that matter – but it more than doubled any UNH home game in recent memory.

The tailgating was pretty awesome, and it was great to see everybody having fun. I saw many UNH and UMass groups tailgating together in harmony. I'm sure that there may have been a few bad apples out there, but for the most part everyone seemed pretty friendly. Except, of course for the kids we caught trying to steal our grill after the game. Their excuse was perfect, "It was on fire, and I was trying to put it out." Really? Because there weren't any coals in it, and it was cold.

It is safe to say that UNH had the larger crowd and, even when we figure that a few thousand went just to see a cheap game at Gillette, we can estimate that at least 13,000 to 15,000 were UNH fans. I think that if the Colonial Clash proved anything, other than UNH's superiority over UMass in yet another category, it is that UNH can fill a larger home stadium. Cowell Stadium opened on Oct. 10, 1936; it is ancient, ugly and downright embarrassing for a college facility. Despite having a crowd of over 12,000 for this year's Homecoming game versus Richmond, the stadium actually only holds 8,000 spectators. Last year UNH's largest home crowd was over 14,000 when UNH upset Villanova, who would eventually win the FCS Championship.

If these last few seasons have proved anything, it is that UNH football is here to stay, and as a university and a community we need to recognize that and give the team what it deserves. That would be a new or at the very least a renovated stadium and field. President Huddleston has mentioned it in his "UNH in 2020" speeches, and I think he is right on. Very few FCS schools make money off their football programs, and I think that UNH has the potential to be a profitable program. A larger stadium will attract better recruits, better teams attract more fans and that means more profit. It is a simple fact. If you are a recruit split evenly between two schools, which do you pick, the school with 7,000 quiet fans or the school with 15,000 rowdy fans?

Now, we must understand that you need to spend money in order to make money. Every year students have complained about rising tuition costs, but one thing that UNH lacks compared to many other schools is alumni donations from former athletes. According to a Boston Globe article from earlier this year only 1 percent of UNH's former athletes donated money in 2008, compared to 26 percent at Boston College. This shows it is not necessarily a matter of tuition, but also alumni donations. It is not a coincidence that some of the most profitable universities and colleges in the country also have some of the strongest athletic programs.

Of course this is all just wishful thinking and UNH is still years away from achieving those goals, but it is never too early to start promoting new ideas. If you get anything out of this, I hope you get excited for the final home football games of the season. UNH hosts top-five-ranked William and Mary on Nov. 6 before closing out the season with Towson on Nov. 20 for Senior Day. I hope to see you out there cheering for our ‘Cats.

Stay classy, not UMassy

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shenanigans in NYC

So I was going to write a big long post detailing all my shenanigans in New York City from Thursday and Friday, but to tell you the truth I don't remember much... Just kidding I remember it all, but I know most of you probably  wouldn't read the entire post so I'll keep it semi brief. (Read: there are some things left better unwritten.)

In a 27.5 hour period (beginning Thursday at 7 am and ending Friday around 10:30 am) my brother and I spent roughly 13 or so hours on a bus. Luckily I slept (read: was passed out) for the return trip. Anyways, we arrived to NYC around 2 pm on Thursday afternoon. First bar around 3. They had $5 beer and whiskey shot combos, which is probably the greatest way to ever start off a day of drinking before a rock concert. Think about it, you're drinking a shot and beer in the amount of time you would normally do one or the other. That's twice the drunk in half the time! How could things ever turn out bad? (Hint: They don't!)

The place was a total dive, we coined the term "Duct tape Dive" because the entire booths were held together by red duct tape. The bartenders were wasted, along with all the other people there.  I love NYC. Anyways, we hit another bar after on the way to the concert. Had a few Jim Beam nips and finally the doors opened early around 6:30 or so.

Anyways, the concert was unreal. My Morning Jacket was unbelievably good and if you ever have the chance to seem them you really should. They played all of their album "It Still Moves" (they were doing 5 nights in a row, featuring a different album each night and recording it for a DVD box set). During their encore they played a few B-sides, a Bob Dylan cover, and a very awesome cover of the Band's "It Makes No Difference" and finished with a cool version of Lionel Richies' "All Night Long." If you're a fan of the band check out Youtube for recordings of just about every song they played, especially "Run Thru;" it was an intense performance with crazy strobe lights.

All in all it was an epic 27.5 hours. New York City never disappoints and you never know what you're going to see. Like the legitimately insane guy inline behind me at the bus station. The dude was absolutely terrifying.

That is how you fuckin' rock!

Tomorrow I'll  post my TNH column about my experience at the Colonial Clash before getting back to the regular postings. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Colonial Clash!

New Hampshirite will give you the scoop play by play of the game and I will give you the rundown of the tailgating partying scene and how I am a better partier than New Hampshirite. I will include pictures of our massive setup (15 of us) in the fucking 5th row (top that new hampshirite!) and our oodles of coolers of food from Mr. Steer and BEER BEER AND BEER.

Happy Safe and Fun Colonial Clash Motherfuckers! GO UNH!

Also, New Hampshirite doesn't know I posted this....Haheohoahahuhahoheha.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 Student Orgs You Pay For, That Will Let You Down [And Why It's Not [Entirely] Their Faults]

CAB: The Campus Activities Board, they couldn't have said it better themselves on their website, "might as well've already paid for it!" With a budget of $107,500 (making it the second highest SAF subsidy behind SCOPE's), you may be asking yourself, how could CAB ever let me down? Now don't get me wrong, CAB puts on some damn good events throughout the year--Stress Relief, Comedians, Outdoor Movies, and even BINGO games (never been to a BINGO game but heard they are quite fun and plan on checking it out this year)--but it's not it's programming that I have a huge problem with but it's scheduling and date choices. In CAB's concept it states that CAB's purpose is to put on "alternative programming," this is something that really grinds my gears. As The New Hampshirite has repeatedly pointed out, and UNH Health Services has even admitted themselves, the majority of this campus drinks. That means that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday most UNH students are out trying to relieve some of the stress from the weeks tasks and tests--I think we can all agree a few drinks to take the stress off is better than letting it build up and stringing oneself from the rafters. So when does CAB decide to schedule most of its "alternative programming?" Right in the middle of most peoples nights out! WHY???? CAB brings some hilarious comedians, and stress relief is one of the best events to attend come finals week, but the organization makes it impossible for the majority of the student body, the PAYING students who buy into the STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE, to attend it's events. Maybe I'm fucking crazy here but wouldn't it make more sense for CAB to put on events on weeknights, when every member of the university has an equal opportunity to attend them? Or are weeknights when Englehart residents and Res Life members are caged up in their rooms beating it/doing homework/playing farmville/watching reruns of Greys anatomy? My 2nd qualm with CAB is that thus far they have failed to create any meaningful traditions at UNH. Has anyone ever even been to the Homecoming Parade? I can't say I have! It seems to me like in the year since Communiversity (not even a SAFO org) has existed, they have already showed CAB up at it's own gig, organizing flashdances during finals weeks and lets not forget the Homecoming Bonfire, that is bound to be a tradition that carries on for years to come. My last issue with CAB is it's lack of advertising. So what if CAB chalks at the entrances to the MUB and hangs up a few posters near the GSS Boxes, not everyone is a MUB rat, some of us live of campus and have things to do during the day besides walk around the fucking MUB. Maybe if I would know for once when a comedian was coming I'd be able to take a break from drinking, attend one of these Saturday at 9pm "alternative" events, laugh my balls off, and then get back after it downtown trying to forget my own name.

Maybe I'm just the only crazy one here?

Next Time: Find out why SCAN will probably let you down.

*thanks to those who provided the information that made this series of articles possible (you know who you are)

and as always, Live Life Lifted

I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.

Okay, I'm gone for a few days. If you post a comment, it may not get published for a few days. My Morning Jacket, recording all of "It Still Moves" in New York City for a live DVD... forgive me. Follow my twitter account if you really need an hourly UNH Blog update.

Also, the Barstool slave (who has never gotten ONE comment on his own blog. EVER!) called UNH and this blog out on his own blog. Are you gonna let him talk about us like that? Come on UNH, this is for the good of our own school! (In all fairness, my dad and a bunch of my uncles went to UMass)... Hey, UNH kick UMasses' collective ass this weekend, we all know we're the better school! 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Talking Future SCOPE Shows

Last night I received a tweet from SCOPE asking who they should get for the spring. I got all excited, but then realized that my personal music taste is definitely not on par with the majority of college students. Now, I like a lot of different music (everything from country, folk, rock to rap... mostly rock though) but as live shows go, bands are almost always more enjoyable. I love music, if I didn't, I wouldn't be skipping Thursday and Friday to take a bus to New York City to see My Morning Jacket (SCOPE, I know they're probably out of your budget so I won't say anything about them).

I mean, watch this video. They fucking rock:

I also realize that if SCOPE doesn't get a hip-hop show in the spring, they could be in physical danger. It's not my wish or preference, but it could happen. Therefore I have created a few lists for possible acts I would love to see SCOPE get. The first list is probably more along the lines of what the hip-hop fans want, and the second list is more of my personal list, considering different genres. (Yes, I am dedicating an entire post to SCOPE's tweet. Good music deserves more than 140 characters.) The third list is from LadyMeow, because I really don't know what is considered popular... not really sure if she does either though... **Keep in mind for these lists, I tried to make sure all the acts would be in SCOPE's budget. I'm not an expert so a few might be too expensive, but I definitely left some obvious ones off that would cost too much.**

UNH Popular List: (Basically these are acts I see always thrown out on SCOPE's facebook page that I like or wouldn't mind).
-Kid Cudi
-J Cole
-The Roots
-Wiz Khalifa
-Slightly Stoopid (obviously not rap, but they seem to pull in a similar audience.)

I love The Roots, by far my favorite hip-hop since the Beastie Boys. Wale and Kid Cudi would also be high up on my personal list.

My short personal rock/country/alternative list: 
-White Stripes (any Jack White will do. He is a god with a guitar.)
-Old Crow Medicine Show (I saw them this summer, great live show).
-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
-Ryan Bingham
-The Felice Brothers

LadyMeow's "short" list she sent me. There were a few I wouldn't allow on here though. I decided to let these appear in the same post because I really don't know what type of "music" the brainwashed MTV college generation actually listens to. Give me my classic rock and I'll be happy.

-Maroon 5
-Counting Crows
-Arctic Monkeys
-Gavin Degraw
-Jimmy Eat World
-Kings of Leon
-Pretty Lights
-Sam Adams (Please no.)
-Super Mash Bros (Probably under SCOPE's budget... A poor man's Girl Talk)
-Flo Rida
-Nicki Minaj
-Jason Derulo
Tai Cruz
-Far East Movement
-Three 6 Mafia

Cue the "LadyMeow has a better taste in music" comments... keep in mind I really don't care though, because I admit I don't like music that a lot of college students do. Let's here who you want, comment below! Also, vote in the poll at the top right for the genre you'd most like to see in the spring! (If you vote "other", comment what genre on this post).

Okay, I'm off to NYC Thursday and Friday and then Gillette for the UNH/UMass game on Saturday. I hope to return with some great stories and posts.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mid-Semester Thoughts

I am going to take a slightly different approach than usual with this column. Instead of focusing on one big topic I would like to share my thoughts on a few things I have noticed about UNH so far this semester. First of all, I cannot believe how quickly this semester is going. One day you're unpacking in your new room or apartment and the next thing you know you're on your third Redbull trying to learn two months worth of material the night before your first midterm exam. Ah college, the best years of our lives.

This first observation is about the hockey team, but not how they have played or who is playing well. UNH hockey players, listen up. I have really enjoyed watching the games this year; I honestly think this year has the potential to make a lot of noise in Hockey East and on the national level. But there is one thing that I really feel obligated to bring up. Everyday I walk past the Whitt a few times, and once in a while I must pass by right around the time members of the team are leaving. I have noticed that the hockey team has some sort of Vespa Scooter gang. I find this very entertaining, but they should really be wearing helmets. Come on guys, you should know better. I'm not going to lie, seeing certain star athletes pull out onto Main Street makes me a little nervous.

You are already on a scooter, wearing a helmet won't make you look any less cool. Those scooters fit perfectly inside a car's blind spot, and from having to cross Main Street a few times a day I have the authority to say there are some terribly reckless drivers on this campus. Wear a helmet. I am helping to pay your scholarships, so take care of yourself, so you can perform well in games. I don't want to sound like I am favoring the hockey team; I know a lot of athletes and other students ride scooters, so you should all wear helmets too.

My next observation is about the dining halls. Now, I know we've had our problems in the past over childish ideas and misunderstandings, but this is a more serious observation. I have spent a solid week or so reading and being lectured about the codfish stocks in the oceans. Bottom line, they're better than they were about 10 or 20 years ago, but overall they are still terribly low and are currently being fished in an unsustainable manner. So, what do I see about once a week in dining halls? Cod nuggets. Assuming that it is real cod – or even real fish for that matter – it really surprised me to see our "go green or die" dining halls serve cod. What's for dessert, bald eagle? I mentioned this before on the blog and even wrote a napkin note, to which they basically replied, "We do care about sustainability, but we also care about pleasing our students," and then ignored the rest of my point. I'm not making this complaint because I'm a crazy hippy; I just really like to fish and would like our future oceans to still have cod. Every little thing helps, or at least that's why I'm told to recycle and vote, right?

Next up on my list of observations actually came from a few of my roommates, and it is something that I've heard students talk about before, and now I see why. There is a drastic need for some sort of footbridge or tunnel at the train tracks between A-Lot and the Whittemore Center. I mean, I want to go to the gym, but I don't want to walk four minutes to get there. That attitude seems completely right to me. It could even be further back to more easily connect the Gables and the Woodsides. On a more serious note, I think some sort of a pathway would help reduce foot traffic on Main Street. Pedestrian traffic only gets worse in the winter, especially after events let out at the Whittemore Center.

These are just a few of my major observations about the state of UNH so far this semester. I guess on the whole it has been an uneventful semester, at least compared to past years. Wear a helmet, don't eat cod and consider the need for a footbridge.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Word of Advice

Here is a word of advice for those of you still stuck in the middle of your midterms: (Luckily I finished mine up last week. 98 on my biggest exam, can I get a yeah!) Sometimes you need to take a step back from everything and remember: Hey I'm in college. This is fucking awesome. Sure, exams and term papers suck, but get them done and then have some fun. You can do pretty much whatever you want, you have more free time then you know what to do with. Don't believe me? Honestly think about your daily routine. How much time do you spend watching TV, stalking people on facebook, playing sports or just lounging around? Sure, we have school work and some of us have jobs, but in reality, we all have a hell of a lot of free time. Stay motivated, make priorities and you will do fine. Relax. Enjoy yourself.

Since I never wrote one of my unbelievably awesome game recaps from the Michigan game I'll share a few thoughts on what I can remember:

  • Despite the tie score, I felt UNH definitely outplayed the higher ranked UM team.
  • Solid play from goalie Matt DiGirolamo 
  • Nice to see a variety of players putting points up after just three games
  • Pretty solid crowd, loud, but I think we can do better!
  • I almost passed out after UNH tied it at 3-3. I screamed so loud I got light headed. That's what everyone in the student section should be like after a big goal.
  • Need to work on special teams play, especially the penalty kill. Michigan was 3-3 on power plays. UNH was 1-5.
  • I really enjoyed UNH's aggressive and physical play, especially against a Michigan team that appeared to have more size.
  • Michigan's goalie Shawn Hunwick made some ridiculous saves. He definitely kept them in the game.
  • I still think UNH got robbed by an early whistle as a puck squeaked through Hunwick's pads and into the net in the first period. It is impossible to say how it would have affected the game had that goal been allowed, but at the very least, UNH would have had a better chance at a win.
  • Still confused on why no hitting after the whistle was called on the Michigan player who crushed a UNH player from behind in a scrum with about a minute and a half left in regulation.  
  • Another solid effort from UNH against a higher ranked team, let's hope they continue this level of play into the Hockey East games.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

#3 Michigan visits the Whit

Tonight the #3 ranked Michigan Wolverines come to our house to take on the 'Cats at the Whit. Michigan is the only school in the country to have made more consecutive trips to the NCAA tournament (20) than UNH (9). To say that Michigan is a college hockey powerhouse is an understatement, however it is rare for  them to travel for a big non-conference game so we need the Whit to be rocking tonight. I expect a packed, rowdy crowd, and I am not just talking about the student section. After splitting a pair of games at then #3 Miami-Ohio last weekend UNH (#8) has proved they can play with anyone in the country. Michigan has a lengthy history and let's face it, if you've never heard of "The Michigan Goal" you aren't a true hockey fan:

So, UNH students and fans and all those in attendance tonight, be loud, be rowdy and make the Wolverines fear the Whit! Brush up on all your chants here.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Campus Consciousness hits UNH

Blogging on a day off? I am a trooper. Anyways, just wanted to share some thoughts about a few things, including the concert last night. First though, Stillings has posted my napkin note. Here is the response they gave: (click to enlarge)
This is how I interpret that response: Come on dude, we all know it's not real cod... or even real fish for that matter.

Also, if you ever order a sandwich from the Gables Cafe, never get it on wheat. You'll pay the same price as on white, but the wheat roll is about three inches shorter.

Okay, now on to the concert last night.

I got there around 7:30, met up with some friends and found a nice area about 20 feet in front of the "sound booth" area that was gated off. We were slightly to the far end of the gym, but pretty central. Right after 8, K. Flay got things started. At first I didn't know what to think, a female rapper dressed like a grunge rocker? She was actually kind of a pleasant surprise and pretty entertaining. She DJ-ed for herself while she rapped and got some people moving. Although she was only on stage for about 20 minutes, she got about five songs in with  "Speed it up" being the best for me.

Next up was Black Joe Lewis and the HoneyBears from Austin, Texas. They were a blast, playing uptempo big band jazz New Orleans style type stuff. Personally, I love that type of music and they were a very fun band to watch. They played a few songs I recognized from looking them up including "Sugarfoot", "Gunpowder" and "I'm Broke."I was happy to see they kept the college crowd moving. But on the whole it felt like the crowd felt they played too long... which was around 45 minutes or so.

After about 45 more minutes of nothing Passion Pit finally took the stage. That wait between sets was probably the worst part of the show. Well, either that or the douche in front of me who didn't move a muscle the entire night until Passion Pit played "Sleepyhead" and he went nuts. I mean he wouldn't even bob his head or clap for anything.

As fun as "Sleepyhead" was with the entire Field House jumping and it was definitely the crowd favorite,  I think Passion Pit's performance of "Little Secrets" was their best of the night. Hearing the entire crowd scream "higher and  higher and higher. Higher and higher and higher" was pretty sweet as the concert transformed into a giant dance party.

My one knock was the Passion Pit played for exactly one hour, then played a two song encore. I understand that college shows usually feature shorter sets, but it would have been nice to hear a few more songs from the main act. One other thing that sucked were all the douche bags throwing glow sticks at the band. I felt bad for them and I hope they realize that was only a select few (as most came from the same direction). I think the best way to describe that concert is simply as fun and energetic. All three acts were uptempo and kept the crowd moving which is the most important thing for a college show.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homecoming 2010...Too bad it's over!

Homecoming 2010 Bonfire & Fireworks

So I know I'm about a week late writing about UNH Homecoming 2010 but damn that was one fun weekend. It's too bad it's gone because it really is one of the 3 great parties that UNH decides to step up for and have each year, the other two being Halloween (which is right around the corner) and the first nice weekend in the spring--the one where the temps just right and the girls throw their Uggs and leggings into storage and dust off their short skirts. It really is too bad the UNH student body is so weak every other weekend, I've been on campuses of equal size who throw down harder during their summer schools then UNH ever does even on homecoming. Blame it on the town of Durham thinking THEY ARE THE TOWN (no one who lives here has been here even half as long as this University has so I'd appreciate if the townies would quit their bitching and realize that this is OUR TOWN, and fuck their 10pm noise ordinance), or the gestapo composed of UNH, DURHAM, and sometimes even LACONIA police (thinking that a little underage drinking will be the end of the fucking universe) or maybe even blame it on our weather being shit 90% of the school year and nobody wanting to make the hall from the distant residence halls to the downtown area. Whatever it is, it's too bad we don't step up more often. Here's a few of my memories from last weekend--If any one could fill me on what happened between 4pm and midnight on Saturday it'd be greatly appreciated, I had to re-up.

Football Tailgate

Some folks killing it in a lifted pickup

The Young Drive DJ's killing it - Damn I love Star Wars

Young Drive getting after it in the sunlight

Paul Dean's Gestapo using "necessary force" on some drunk fool

My Jam of the day thanks to those DJ's

I'd be interested to hear how everyone else's weekend went. Let me know....

Go, Ninja, go!

You know what sucks? Walking across campus to class to only find out class was cancelled and it was the one time you didn't check your email first...

I'm calling it right now, this song is about to be the next big thing at UNH... or not. Whether you think it's good, bad or bat shit crazy at least you know what a bad acid trip is like: (Song starts at 1 minute)

That is weird, but there is something kind of catchy about it. If you liked it their album came out today.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Interesting College Courses

By: Lady Meow
Editor's note: Although the New Hampshirite did this last year, this is a longer list with different personal reactions.

From (most favorite website EVER)

25 Odd College Courses Yes, some colleges really do offer credits for these.

 1. Mail Order Brides: Understanding the Philippines in Southeast Asian Context, Johns Hopkins University
This class is designed to “help explain the stereotyping of Filipino women.”

2. Maple Syrup: The Real Thing, Alfred University
The course description reads, “the method of producing maple syrup is one of the things in our society that has endured even in today's culture of constant change.”

3. Philosophy and Star Trek, Georgetown University
Could there be a better way to learn philosophy?

4. Star Trek and Religion, Indiana University
The course is described as “an introduction to the critical study of religion by way of popular culture.”

5. The Phallus, Occidental College
'Nuff said.

6. Whiteness: The Other Side of Racism, Mount Holyoke College
Professor Sandy Lawrence says this course helps students to “to be aware that while racism disadvantages people of color, it provides benefits to whites. By examining the other side of racism, whiteness, we can see the advantages in education, heath care, and employment that white people continually accrue.”

7. The Horror Film in Context, Bowdoin College
In this course students examine society's fascination with violent horror films. Do asians not get it? Sorry, Godzilla doesn't count.

8. Joy of Garbage, Santa Clara University
Surprisingly this course actually deals with real science, including what causes decomposition and what chemicals give garbage it's nasty odor.

9. The Strategy of StarCraft, University of California Berkeley
Geeks only.

10. Gaga for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity, University of Virginia
I'm so disappointed that this course isn't offered at my University.

11. The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie, Occidental College
This courses uses Barbie as a focal point for discussions concerning gender, race, and social justice.

12. Alien Sex, University of Rochester
Explores sexual issues pertaining to both humans and non-humans.

13. Elvish: The Language of Lord of the Rings, University of Wisconsin
Spanish, French? Psh…like you'd ever use any of the stuff you learn in those courses.

14. Far Side Entomology, University of Oregon
Yes that's “Far Side” as in the comic strip.

15. Simpsons and Philosophy, University of California Berkeley
Can Nietzsche's rejection of traditional morality justify Bart's bad behavior? Ponder that my friends.

16. The Science of Harry Potter, Frostburg University
A physics course that investigates the “magic” used in Harry Potter. Physics is made up anyways.

17. The Road Movie, Barnard College
An offering in their film studies curriculum.

18. American Golf: Aristocratic Pastime or the People's Game?, Carnegie Mellon
This course attempts to turn the history of golf into “a legitimate academic subject” states The Princeton Review.

19. Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular Logic on TV Judge Shows, University of California Berkeley
Explores the logic behind court based television shows.

20. Underwater Basket Weaving, University of California San Diego
Because every student should know how to weave a basket under water.

21. The Science of Superheroes, University of California Irvine
A physics course using superheroes as examples. The professor states, “It gives me a chance to talk about real science but in a context that is very familiar to the students.”

22. Learning from YouTube, Pitzer College
Getting credit to watch youtube videos is a college student's dream come true.

23. Zombies in Popular Media, Columbia College
I wonder if students learn how to survive a zombie attack.

24. Cyberporn and Society State, University of New York at Buffalo
Students taking this course actually get to watch porn in class.

25. Queer Musicology, UCLA
The LA Times reports that the course will promote discussion about “the idea that if you're gay, then music by gay composers such as Benjamin Britten will sound different to you than it would if you were straight.”

I can't believe college credits are awarded to these people. I wanna know where these kids end up working and what their salary is asap. I would personally like to take The Phallus, then I think about what graduate schools would say looking at my 'A' in it. Why isn't Gaga for GaGa offered here!? Also, since physics is made up problems anyways, I think using Harry Potter as a class for physics is a great idea to get people to like it more. And that's all the thoughts I have because I'm lazy or still recovering from an amazing, successful homecoming, minus that stabbing...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming Aftermath

Sunday morning I woke up like every other weekend morning. It was around 11, and I was slightly dehydrated, tired and hungry. I cleaned up a little and made the trek across campus with one of my roommates to grab breakfast at HoCo. On the way there I saw half-burned cigarettes, crushed beer cans, bottle caps, broken bottles, signs had been vandalized and there were puddles of, well, I do not want to know what they actually were. All of that was just in the hallway, stairwell and lobby in my Gables apartment.

Once I made it outside I saw that bushes had been trampled, benches and bike racks were overturned and more beer cans and empty cigarette cartons were littered everywhere. A-Lot looked like the aftermath of a war zone, only bottles, cans and trash replaced bullets and destruction. I know dozens of people had been tailgating in A-Lot; I saw most of them before and after the game on Saturday. Many of those tailgaters were older adults, but there were also many students mixed in. Is it that hard to throw a can away or place it in a recycling bin? Dozens of trash bags were completely full and left out in the parking lot. Is it that hard to put the trash bag in the back of your car?

When we finally made it through A-Lot, I saw that Main Street was not much better. The sidewalks were lined with cans and broken bottles. Meanwhile, there are trashcans and recycling bins at every bus stop along Main Street. I wonder how many people got arrested for an open container, because judging by the amount of cans along Main Street it looks as though at least a few people ditched their cans before finishing them.

Seeing all of the trash made me think of a few things. First, I cannot wait to see the next police log in the paper. Call me a jerk, but those are always fun to look over. Second, I thought of how lame some people can be when alcohol is involved. I get it, you are away at college and no one is here to tell you what to do, so you pound a few Keystone Lights and go on a rampage. Yeah, I remember my first beer too.

I then thought of the adults who were tailgating in A-Lot and left huge piles of trash. I know some of them were adults because I saw where they were and what they were drinking after the game. I get that most of them were probably old college buddies trying to relive the best days of their lives, but aren't adults supposed to be mature enough to clean up after themselves?

Lastly, there were the students who left a mess behind their trail. You are at college now and mommy is not here to pick up after you. I get that you never had to put your Legos away, but sometimes you need to learn when to grow up. There is a reason why every year our maintenance bill gets bigger, and at the end of the year our damages bill is so high. We have to pay for all those things and they quickly add up. Just because you do not clean up your mess doesn't mean that nobody has to clean it up. Someone does, and we all have to pay for it.

I know I was not the only person who was disgusted at the amount of garbage and damage that we awoke to on Sunday morning. When one of my roommates returned to school on Sunday he asked, "What happened to our campus… and our apartment tower?" The only response I could come up with was "Homecoming… at UNH."

Do not get me wrong, I am all for partying and having a good time. Tailgating is one of the best parts of being at a college campus, but with it comes some level of maturity and responsibility. I understand that what happened in A-Lot is a direct result of people tailgating for Homecoming, but the rest of the damage and garbage around campus happens pretty much every weekend of the year. Not every student who likes to party makes a mess; it is usually just a select few who make the rest of the partiers look bad. If you are out and one of your friends is being a moron, do not be afraid to say something. It will save you money, and it might just save them from an arrest.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Upcoming Event

On Wednesday, October 20th at 6:00 p.m. in the Granite State Room there will be a talk on how to handle yourself if you are stopped by the police. The event is being presented by the UNH Peace and Justice League, UNH NORML, and the Young Americans for Liberty. The event will provide tips for interacting with the police and understanding your rights. Barbara Keshen, Staff Attorney for New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, and Joanne M. Stella, Esq. Attorney at Law from Student Senate Legal Services, will be given talks during the event. These organizations have all put on very successful events in the past so I am sure that this one will be one you do not want to miss. Last year UNH NORML was awarded "Best New Organization" and the Peace and Justice League put on my personal favorite event of the year with their 40th anniversary of the UNH strike and showing of the documentary "Mayflowers." Any student who has been arrested on campus has probably met with Joanne Stella and would know she has helped out many students in the past.

I will definitely be in attendance that evening and I hope you all will be there to. This should be a great, and obviously very relevant, event for the students of UNH. It is free and open to the public. Seeing as I have two papers to finish that is all I am going to say.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Napkin Notes

Today I wrote my first napkin note since I got violently ill after eating chicken at Philbrook during my freshman year. I took a picture of the note I wrote today, but it couldn't be read because my camera phone sucks. My roommate also took a picture because his phone is way better then mine, but I wasn't able to get in onto my laptop... anyways, the note read something like this:

Dear UNH Dining,

If you really care about sustainability and the environment then you would NOT serve cod nuggets, due to the current state of the stock. (Meaning there aren't enough cod in the ocean to sustainably be fished.) May I recommend haddock? 

-The New Hampshirite
Stay classy, not UMassy.

Anyways, I wrote it at Stillings this afternoon and I really hope they post and respond to it. Our oceans are dying people, I'm super cereal. They've been overfished for centuries and our current restrictions are not enough! More liberal hippy douche comments! (I'm not really this hippyish, I just want there to be more cod in the future. I like to fish.) 

Have a great Homecoming weekend!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Lets Talk About The Latest Trend

By: Lady Meow

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let's give it up for those titties staying alive and well by making our statuses subliminally say where we like to have sex. In actuality, we're not being perverse, we as women on Facebook like to indicate where we enjoy putting our purse. For me, I don't really have an oversized weapon I just have my cliche Coach clutch that I like on my wrist: "I like it on my wrist?" "I like it in my pants?"

I love everyone's statuses though and I think it's great that we're raising awareness on the most popular site on the web. I also find it dissappointing, yet intrigued that a way we can get attention is by using sex (or maybe I'm just a horny girl). Either way, it better be positive attention that breast cancer is receiving and not negative attentions a certain group did by almost burning porn (thank God they didn't). Oh and I heard Tiger Woods has a sex tape. Anyone wanna confirm that?

Also, post your best statuses or share your thoughts! I like it on Wildcat Transit.

(o)_(o) Viva La Tits -Lady Meow

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Money, get away.

Have you ever taken the time to look up what type of mandatory fees are in our tuition? Well the other day I did and some of them were quite shocking to say the least. Take a gander:

Mandatory Fees - 9-20 Credits
Per Semester
Per Year
Student Activity
Deferred Maintenance Fee
Health Services and Counseling
Memorial Union
Student Recreation
Student Athletics
Technology Fee
Transportation Fee
Total Mandatory Fees

Multiply that by the amount of undergraduates, and that is some serious money. Explanations for each fee can be found here. I was gonna go into detail and all that fun shit, but I feel like shit and have two papers to finish for tomorrow. I just drank a half gallon of OJ, that stuff does wonders. Anyways, through next Wednesday is intense so blogging may or may not be on the lighter side. We'll see. Best of luck if you have midterms or mid semester term papers like me.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Attention Longboarders: Don’t Be Dicks

By: Geoff Cunningham
Recently, one of my suitemates was walking toward our dorm, and he saw that a few people were congregating in front of the door. They didn’t appear to want to move, so he attempted to walk around them and through the door. While he was doing this, one of the guys turned around and smacked my suitemate in the leg with the longboard that he was holding. Instead of saying something like, “Sorry” or “Excuse me,” you know, like a human being would do, he said, “Dude! Watch the board” in the pitch-perfect tone of a bro.

Just a few days prior, I was walking down the sidewalk outside of Hoco, and a dude on a longboard was rolling directly toward me, looking as if he had no intention of slowing down. I certainly wasn’t going to get out of the way. It’s a sidewalk for God’s sake. They’re for walking. But he didn’t seem to care. When he was less than a foot away from me, he jumped off the sidewalk and onto the street where he belongs, leaving behind a slight scent of AXE in the air.

This brings me to my point: Just because you board, doesn’t mean you’re cool. I know. For some of you out there, that may seem like a foreign concept. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not referring to all longboarders. One of my suitemates longboards, and I love the guy. However, I am referring to the, how shall I say, douchebags and/or bros who think that they’re the shit and that they don’t need to exhibit common courtesy because they longboard (refer back to paragraphs one and two).

I’m sure many of you have noticed that all of a sudden there seems to have been a massive increase of longboarders on campus. I don’t remember there being giant packs of people longboarding during my previous three years here. Most likely, it’s just a fad, and a bunch of people are jumping on the bandwagon because they think it’ll make them look cool. Hence, the douchebags I mentioned earlier. But that’s what our society is all about, right? “I better do this because everybody else is doing it. If I don’t do it, everybody will think I’m lame. And if everybody thinks I’m lame, I’ll die alone.”

But I don’t want to be completely negative here. Longboarders can also provide me with fantastic entertainment. One of my favorite hobbies is watching the longboarders tank it from my window. You can say I’m a terrible person, but we all know it’s amusing. This is America, dammit! We love to watch people hurt themselves, don’t we?

In conclusion, longboarders…don’t be dicks. Seriously.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Talking Puck

The first month of school always feels empty, like something is missing. That something is UNH hockey. Since my freshman year I have been to almost every home game with the same group of people, and we always sit in the same area. It is our own little tradition, and I would not want it any other way. Needless to say, we were in the same section as always at the Whittemore Center Saturday night to watch UNH tie St. Francis Xavier in an exhibition game. As a lifelong UNH hockey fan, a few things really jumped out at me throughout the course of the game.

Almost immediately after taking our seats, I noticed that the Whitt featured new boards, which I heard were being replaced. No big deal, right? The surprising thing was that the corners are now about three feet shallower, which is strange because the Whit has always been known for its ice size. Although the dimensions are the same, the shallower corners may help the team adjust for smaller rinks at opposing arenas. This could be important because UNH is hosting NCAA Northeast Regional rounds at the Verizon Wireless Center in Manchester, which has a smaller ice surface.

The next thing that I noticed was the lack of enthusiasm from many student fans, most of whom were probably freshmen. Now, I understand that Saturday night was simply an exhibition game, but standing emotionless, refusing to take part in any cheers or even clap, is down right unacceptable. Attending UNH hockey games is a privilege; nobody is too cool to cheer. Leaving after the first period? Unforgivable. Say what you want, but UNH is a hockey school; it has been forever and it probably always will be. Hockey games are not social events that you attend to take self-portraits with your friends. Hockey games are for watching the best college hockey players battle it out for a chance to win a championship. Hockey games are about passion, tradition and pride for your school.

One of my closest friends goes to Maine (yeah, I know…). Maine also had an exhibition game this weekend. You know what their student section was like? There were students lining up around the building two hours before game time, the section was fully packed and the students treated the game like any other. I am issuing a challenge right now for my fellow UNH students. There should never be an empty seat in the student section. There should never be a silent moment from the time the puck is dropped until well after the final whistle. We want opposing players to fear the Whit. For the past few years, UNH has led Hockey East in average attendance, but that is not good enough. We need to be loud, rowdy and make the building shake to truly have the best fans in the conference.

If you are asking yourself: "Why should I care about college sports so much? It's not like they're pro." Then think about this: as a UNH student you are more a part of the "team" then any professional team. Every single full-time UNH undergraduate pays a mandatory "Student Athletics" fee of $882 a year. That fee, which is $300 more than any other mandatory fee, is described on UNH's website as "admittance to all home games of organized sports at UNH and financial support for athletes and athletic teams." (Later this week I will have a post on more of these mandatory fees.) You are, in part, paying for the athlete's scholarships; you better cheer for them to do well. Also, it shows that we really do not get free tickets to the home games. UNH home games for all sports are as free as every meal you eat at the dining hall. Just because you don't pay to enter doesn't mean you're getting in for free. Also, it really shows that UNH athletes should be nice to the student fans. We're paying for you to go here. You're welcome.

This year's team has the talent to be a national title contender. With a little time for the lines to gel together and the best home ice advantage, UNH could easily win Hockey East. All of the eyes in Hockey East are on the defending NCAA champions Boston College and the high-powered offense of Maine, so UNH has the potential to sneak up on a few teams this season. Any year can be our year; let's make it one to remember.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

UNH/St. Francis Xavier (Delayed) Reactions

Something I want to do this year is write more about UNH sports on the blog. The big three are obviously men's hockey, football and more recently, men's basketball. Hopefully, I'll find time to make it to more games for all different teams. I know I've dropped the ball on the two home football games so far (I only made it to the opener) but I will try to do better. As for hockey, I have been to almost every home game going back to my freshman year. In fact, I've only missed two that I was actually on campus for.

Here are some of my thoughts on the exhibition game verse St. Francis Xavier. (Sorry for the long delay, usually I'll get these up right after or the day after games.)

The Whit featured shallower corners, by about 3 or 4 feet. (The ice used to cover where the steel grate is in this photo.) I'm not too sure what to think of this. The Whit has always been known for it's massive ice size and deep corners. Could this be strategy for adjusting to small away arenas? Or just more foot room for the front row spectators?

-UNH outshot St. Francis 44-14, but tied 3-3. Throwing the puck on net is good, but they got to find more high quality scoring opportunities.
-3 goals on 14 shots didn't mean goalie Matt DiGirolamo had a poor game. St. Francis capitalized on three great scoring chances. Turnovers and uneven rushes can put the goalie in bad situations.
-Paul Thompson looks like he's ready to continue from where he left off last year, scoring two goals. One came on a redirection from a Blake Kessel snipe.
-The second line of Stevie Moses - Mike Borisneok - Greg Burke might be the most entertaining line to watch. They didn't record any points Saturday, but they are three excited players and if they gel they will do great things. The top line of Thompson-Phil DeSimone-Mike Sislo will get the attention, but don't sleep on that second line.
-The third line, which was Dalton Speelman-Austin Block-John Henrion is also fun too watch. Speelman is an undersized scrapper who isn't afraid to do the dirty work. Block is all over the ice and Henrion has shown that he can score when he gets the opportunity.
-Defensively, Brett Kostolansky started the game with Kessel, but later in the game Matt Campanale played on the top defensive line with Kessel.
-UNH seemed a little out of synch. The lines didn't seem to be on the same page for the entire game and they allowed the less talented X-Men to hang around and eventually tie the game.
-UNH seemed to lack the "killer instinct." Towards the end of the second period UNH scored two goals and finally seemed to take control, but they came out flat to start the third. They also came out flat to start the second and didn't seem to be highly motivated. Hopefully their poor performance will motivate them to step their game up against tougher opponents.
-Forget the shot advantage, UNH did not play well or up to their expectations.
-STFX player Mark Louis is a total hack. Kid was scruffing it up after every play and following a 5 minute major for contact to the head he was also slapped with a game misconduct. That came late so he was most likely running his mouth to the ref.
-Speaking of the ref's, they missed several calls both ways. Not gonna complain because it didn't appear to be one sided, but one of the referees was my old buddy Scott Hansen, of course there would be missed calls.
-STFX did not have one shot on either of their power plays.
-UNH recorded 1 power play goal on 6 shots.
-The stick figure made his glorious return, but was not up long enough for the crowd to react.
-Freshman suck. Too many students refused to cheer, or even clap, some left after the first period. Weak showing. (More on this tomorrow in my Like a Pro column).
-The new Wild E. Cat sucks. Sorry, I'm nostalgic.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gun Nuts

Editor's note: Corey makes his glorious return to UNHblog to intelligently discuss the "From the Left" column from last week's TNH. The Bold words are direct quotes from the column. Enjoy, this is some of the best writing this blog has seen.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. On that website that shows your political placement on a compass (politicalcompass), I am nestled in the bottom left-corner of the bureaucratic spectrum. That makes me look like some sort of hyper-liberal that wants to create drive-thru abortion clinics and allow for marijuana dispensaries in daycare centers, but I am not like that. Drive-thrus encourage air pollution. There are things that I am somewhat conservative about, and one of those things is gun laws. Before you huck your vegan split-pea soup at your Macbook Pro, let me explain.

Guns, unfortunately, are one of those things in our country that you can get your hands on really easily if you tried hard enough. Us enterprising Americans have been implicit in the creating of a system that allows for pretty much anyone, with the funds and the clearance, to get practically anything you could ever want from other countries with different regulations, i.e. all of them. You or I probably couldn’t sneak a crate of guns onto a boat or a plane, but some people have found ways. And that market would receive a healthy stream of paychecks if a prohibition on firearms were to take place. Violent crime would most certainly go up, as well. All the governmental regulation in the world would never stop that. There are some common sense reforms the country could enforce to cause some good (enforcing background checks at gun trade shows and not selling guns in a bank are swell places to start, but getting rid of all guns, or attempting to anyway, is a ridiculous idea. People truly abreast of the make-up of our country wouldn’t suggest attempting to get rid of all guns if only for the Constitutional ramifications and a candidate for office surely would never suggest the idea. I’m usually wrong about this sort of stuff, though since I try to use a logical frame to analyze things, and there’s often nothing logical about politics, but maybe the President and the Vice President of the College Democrats understand that better than anybody.

The Third Amendment was designed to disallow the federal government from housing troops in residential homes during peace time, which is what colonial Britain used to do when they still ruled in America. That hasn’t been an issue since the 1770s. But, you’re right. The Second Amendment is the Amendment on the bubble. America, please continue to keep those Brits out of my icebox.

In 1791, as many of us know, the Bill of Rights was ratified. We were a new country with a new government that a lot of people were wary about. People thought that the government would impinge on their rights, and not be able to provide adequate security to its people. The Second Amendment was established in the Bill of Rights. It states that a person is able to keep and bear arms and cannot be impinged upon.

In 2010, as most of us are aware, we are all being protected by adequate security constantly. Between Regan’s “Star Wars” and bald eagles dropping cluster bombs on unwelcome neighborhood guests, we have figured out security. Adequately
The question now-is the right to bear arms still relevant?

The word you are looking for is “necessary.” As in, is the right to bear arms still necessary? The asking of the question “is the right to bear arms still relevant?” makes the question relevant automatically since you asked the question and attempted to write a well thought out answer to the question. If the question truly was not relevant, this op-ed would have never happened.

In 1791,

I sense a pattern…

[T]he country was extremely young, and many people were still unsure of its duties and responsibilities, so it seemed necessary for the people to have rights against the states. In the unlikely case that the government was not working or abusing its power, it was the people's duty to revolt against the government to defend themselves. Looking back at history, we can see now that there was really no need for this because it never actually happened.

A few things…

First of all, many people STILL are unsure of the duties and responsibilities of the United States Government. Some people think that the Government needs to bail out companies that made shitty business decisions to maintain homeostasis. Some people think that the Government’s central purpose is to keep gays from adopting children and visiting their loved ones in the hospital. Some people think that it’s a good idea to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep people from smoking pot. The rest of us are very, very confused about what people think are good ideas. Probably because we smoke too much pot.
Secondly, the best way to prove you don’t pay any attention to politics is to start a sentence with, “In the unlikely case that the government [sic] was not working or abusing its power….” There are three kinds of politicians in our country. The first kind is a politician who doesn’t work or is ineffective. The second kind is someone who abuses his or her power. The third kind is someone who is good at keeping secrets. Watch any news program on any given weekday and you will hear about at least one of these three types, I promise.

Has the Government ever tried to create a police state and create an extreme need for a revolution? No, but don’t rule it out happening at some point in the future because we end up getting so paranoid from all the pot we smoke.

So why do people still need guns?

Hunting. For sustenance. There aren’t any Whole Foods in Siberia. If you meant to ask “why do Americans still need guns?,” it’s probably because we have violent home invasions occurring fairly regularly. And hunting. For sustenance.

Many people are under the impression that they need them for their own safety. People point to robberies and other crimes that violate personal safety. Are people really going to shoot, and maybe even kill a robber, over a television? We would hope that people care more about a life than they care about a materialistic possession.

If I’m watching Boardwalk Empire while a robber attempts to take my television, they will get shot. That’s a promise.

You’re right in thinking that people normally don’t shoot people over televisions, but they do shoot people when protecting their home and family. Habitats and families are important enough to protect not only in the human world, but in the rest of the animal kingdom. If one were to try to walk into a bear den and take pictures of the cuddly cubs and they were armed with nothing but a camera and love, they would still be killed. It is basic animal instinct and our instincts tell us that unwelcomed guests into our homes should be considered dangerous.

There is new technology that can create the same fear that a gun would do to a robber.

Like Javelin missiles and C4. Why use guns when you can blow up fools?

Now we do not want to promote any type of violence, but wouldn't a Taser do the same thing as a gun?


It would be able to paralyze the robber for a short time

Definitely not the same as a gun.

[G]iving the victim time for the police to arrive at the scene of the crime, and ultimately would be better than a gun.

A Taser gun incapacitates people for about 10 seconds, depending on the size of the Tasee. The average police response time to the reporting of a crime is between 10 and 11 minutes. It took me 35 seconds to look up both of those facts.

If a person had a gun and shot it, the robber would most likely be murdered.

If a person had a taser and shot it every ten seconds the police don’t arrive, the robber would most likely be “murdered.”

Also, no district attorney in America would charge someone who shot and killed a home invader with murder. The operational definition of murder is the unlawful killing of someone with malice. Unless someone tried to purposely lure someone into their home with the promise of ten of the world’s most awesome TVs and then killed that person while swearing at them, then that is murder. The word you were looking for was “killed.”

Although criminals are definitely a menace to our society, we know that we would never want to live the rest of our lives knowing that we killed a person over a stupid television.

Out of context, that is the weirdest sentence I have ever read. In context, it’s still pretty damn weird.

In the twenty-first century, people still believe that they need to stock up guns and buy as many as they can, in case the government tries to come and take them away.

The United States Government has a limited amount of trucks, so if you have too many guns you may be able to get away with keeping some of them.

These people actually believe that they will be able to fight the government with these guns. This is a completely ridiculous point. As you can all see, when the government is in a war, guns aren't always used as a method of attack. There are nuclear weapons-bombs and gases-you name it and the government has it. How is a gun going to protect anyone from a nuclear weapon? It's not.

I can’t believe the writers left out eagles dropping cluster bombs as another method of attack.

How do the writers go from essentially saying that our Government isn’t corrupt, doesn’t abuse its power, and we have no reason to expect them to harm us in anyway so we should get rid of our guns to reminding us that the powers that be could nuke a household if they don’t give up their Beretas and we should just give up defending our Bill of Rights? It seems mighty irresponsible and power-trippy to nuke a three-bedroom ranch in Trumbull, Connecticut just over a few guns. One thing that I cannot stand in any writing I read, regardless of the writing being an op-ed such as this or the work of a nationally syndicated columnist, is when writers lose track of their previously made claims.

When using a gun against a highly dangerous method of attack, a person has no chance. With all the new technology, it seems like people should find other ways to protect themselves…ways that don't include owning a gun.

I haven’t read the latest issue of Wired Magazine, but I am pretty sure nothing would protect a home from a nuke being dropped on top of it. I’d say your SOL at that point.

Most of the time, guns fall into the wrong hands.

I know that you two love to start your paragraphs with a few words about when things happen, but in this instance, the claim about this time frame is absolutely dead wrong. Most gun owners are responsible people. Most people lock their guns in safes, in specially made cases, or in incredibly secure rooms. Yes, guns do fall into the wrong hands as our crime statistics clearly indicate, but if guns truly did fall into the hands of people looking to inflict societal damage more often than not, then we wouldn’t have guns at all.

These people are usually the ones that jeopardize our safety. Statistics frequently say that fatalities can be prevented if guns aren't present in a given area of danger. There have been many cases in which a child has accidentally killed someone due to the fact that there was a gun in their house and they were simply curious. Many people who are licensed owners of guns, are not trained very well. Many states do not require training before a person buys a gun. Public safety should be left to trained professionals, such as police, who will be less likely to shoot an innocent bystander.

This is just terrible, under-researched hackery. What the hell is a “given area of danger?” A snake pit? A room full of bear traps and dirty needles? The Aggro Crag?

What number of cases constitutes “many” children have accidentally killed someone due to the fact there was a gun in the house? And, how do you know that these kids weren’t acting with malice?

I do agree that training for the use of guns should be better, but I don’t think that specific sects of public and private safety should be left to just the professionals because there are a small amount of professionals, the professionals are often there too late and sometimes the professionals aren’t very good at their jobs despite being professionals.

In 1791,

Change up your introductory sentences, young writers. Teachers will think you’re creative. It’s like you two aren’t even trying to write, let alone properly convey your party’s ideals.

[G]uns were a relevant issue, but they truly aren't relevant anymore.

Again, you’re using the word “relevant” incorrectly.

People believe that they need guns for their safety and everyone wants to protect their family's safety. We know we would try to do anything to protect our families, but the danger is too great… much too great to have a gun hanging around in case we need to kill someone over a possession. It is often said that people are stocking up for when the government tries to take all the guns away. If you disagree, well, we hope everything works out for you and that you find a way to use your guns to protect yourself, especially from a nuclear weapon or a high-tech bomb. Good luck!

Thanks for the well wishing! I hope your student organization doesn’t resent you after representing them in this half-assed fashion.

Guns belong in a warzone or on a battlefield. Guns don't belong in domestic settings where they really aren't needed.

I disagree. My guns really bring the feng shui of my great room up a few levels. That, and the doilies.

We are in the twenty-first century.

Oh, so not 1791? Glad you finally cleared that up.

People used guns to fight wars hundreds of years ago, back before washing machines were even invented.

Now, we just throw washing machines at each other. Just the Energy Star rated ones though, since we’re going green.

Today, we're much more technologically advanced in so many ways. We even have the iPad.

Yes! Use your iPads to defend yourself! You can either download a gun app or throw them like Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat and cut suckers’ heads off. Steve Jobs is quite the innovative arms dealer.

Do we still need to use guns?

In the strictest sense, no, we usually don’t need to use guns. In fact, most people who support gun rights would most likely agree that guns are to be used when there are absolutely no other options. It’s the crazies you have to worry about and our background checking system is pretty good about weeding them out. If we want to lower gun crime, then we would have to do a better job at closing the black market channels, not deny normal citizens from acquiring them.

The solutions offered in this op-ed are under thought and lazily defended. Writing is not particularly easy, and the two writers aren’t members of the writing staff at TNH, but when submitting something like this that is supposed to be a good indicator of your group’s ideals, be more careful. A good chunk of our country has got some issues against liberals that are unfounded and providing fodder such as this doesn’t help the left-wing’s rep. However, the year is still young and I don’t doubt that the College Dems can redeem themselves. It’s not like they have any right-wing competition at UNH, anyway.