Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Of the Day

Hello readers, and internet stalkers ;) I decided to start posting a "UNH Photo of the Day" ... or week/month/year/whenever the fuck I want. It you ever catch me snapping a photo around campus don't be shy. You know what? The first person to ask if I am The New Hampshirite while taking a photo on campus will win a prize. If you ask someone and it is not me tell them about the blog, and then yell at them for not already knowing about it. Anyways today's "Photo of the Day" it a quick shot of the 6 different flyers I will be littering our beautiful campus with. On 5 of them I went with an attention grabber hook and then pulled a 180 by advertising the blog. Damn, I'm a tricky son of a bitch! These better work because paper and ink is expensive and I'm poor. Until next time. Thanks and tell your friends, if you have any.
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The New Hampshirite 

Movie Review: Knowing

A few months ago, when I first saw a trailer for the new Nicolas Cage movie Knowing,  I grabbed a piece of paper and I scribbled down a few words. Next, I buried it in a time capsule in my front yard. After I watched the movie, I dug up the time capsule. To my amazement I had correctly predicted that the movie would suck. Not only that, but I would watch a pirated copy online in my dorm room because I would not want to waste money on such a crappy film. The first half of this film actually wasn't that bad, but the last hour was a real snoozer. That may have been due to the fact that it was 3am. Or due to the fact that this movie was very predictable, ironic huh? The child who played Nick Cage's son was not very good at all and overall the writing was pretty bad. I'm not an english major (as you can probably tell) or a film major, but I watch a lot of movies and Knowing was a let down for me. The directing in the film actually wasn't half bad and the special effects were pretty good. So on my movie scale, which I just made up, I give it  a 5 out of a 12 pack... nothing good though like Sam Adams I'm talking Keystone or even Natty Light here. 

Song of the Day

Happy Tuesday. This should put you in a better mood: "Nonsensical" by Forro in the Dark.  It isn't much of a video but these guys are very chill. And yes this song helped me think of a name for the blog. This music is so relaxing.

That's it. I'm out.

The New Hampshirite

Monday, March 30, 2009

SCOPE Drops The Ball

I hate to say it but...
SCOPE, or the Student Committee On Popular Entertainment,  really dropped the ball with this year's concerts. I had a bad feeling when the homecoming weekend comedian was Jimmy Fallon. I refused to go. Let's compare this to last year's comedian, Demetri Martin, who played at UMAINE this year. First of all Jimmy Fallon is not funny. At all. He sucked on SNL, sucked harder in any movie he has been in and is the worst Late Night host ever. He made a game of Beirut with Anna Kornikova boring! I mean could watch Anna Kornikova give this lecture and I would be entertained for hours! Demetri Martin on the other hand, has a new hilarious show on comedy central and to put it simply he is a comic genius. 
Then came the Brand New concert, which I also declined to attend, because I wasn't really into them. I heard that it was a very show good, and even people who did not know them enjoyed it. The problem I had with this was that such a small majority of the campus even knew who they were prior to the announcement. There are so other bands that are not well known that would have had a better appeal then Brand New. To put it into more simpler terms, Brand New is nowhere close to the Dropkick Murphys, who played at UNH last year. 
The next concert announced was the Lupe Fiasco show. I can understand this because so many college students like him. I declined to buy a ticket because I actually like music. Last year the big rap show was Snoop Dogg, a true legend. I am not a big fan of rap, but I do like some and had I the opportunity I would have definitely gone to see Snoop.
The next show is Guster.  This is the only show that I bought a ticket for and that is because it was only 5 bucks. I wouldn't have paid $6. Guster has a history of playing at UNH, so this show is understandable but again, not really my taste of music. 
I like how SCOPE went after three different genres, I guess my taste of music would come closest to Brand New. I enjoy rock music, and I honestly can't remember that last time UNH had a real rock show. I do enjoy a lot of alternative stuff too, which most people would probably complain about if some of my favorite bands came to UNH. But they didn't come, so I get to bitch about how SCOPE blew it compared to last year. 
The best concert in the area this year was hands down The Machine, a Pink Floyd cover band, who played at the Portsmouth City Music Hall on March 6th. The Machine sounded so much like the real Pink Floyd it was scary. It was one of the better concerts I have ever been to.
Well thats all I have to say about the UNH music scene. Let me know what you think by clicking the comment link thing. 

Until next time,

The New Hampshirite

UNH Hockey Season Comes To A Close

Last night our beloved Wildcats fell to the Boston University Terriers 2-1. It was a hard fought game that went down to the wire. BU scored the winning goal with just 15 seconds left in the third and final period. The Wildcats advanced to the game by upsetting North Dakota the previous night in a great comeback. The win over North Dakota gave UNH yet another 20 win season and possibly saved coach Dick Umile his job. Umile has been on the hot seat, at least in the eyes of the fans, for a few seasons now because of the inability for our 'Cats to win the big game. Athletic Director Marty Scarano has always supported Umile and has made it clear several times that he has no intention in firing Umile. Personally, I have been annoyed with the teams ability to win games in the National Tournament, but Umile has done great things with the program. After the way the team played the final two games, he deserves at least one more season at the helm of one of the most prestigious hockey programs in the country. Come on Dick, it's time to end the "University of No Hardware" comments. 

In other hockey news, top UNH recruit Ryan Bourque has backed out of his commitment. Bourque, the youngest son of Bruin great Ray, has decided to put off playing at UNH to compete at the junior level in Canada. Bourque plans to play for the Quebec Remparts, a team in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.  Good luck Ryan, but we would have much rather have you come to UNH!

Speaking of UNH hockey commitments... Hey James vanReimsdyk , how about another season or two at UNH? JVR is easily one of the best and most naturally talented players in college hockey. The former number 2 pick of the Philadelphia Flyers lead the Wildcats in scoring this year and the fans would love to see him return. Most likely JVR will be leaving UNH to play professionally, but he would definitely help out Umile if he returned for his junior season. 

It was a great season guys, hold your heads up high. The team played tremendously when it mattered most. They took the best team in the country down to the wire, which is nothing to be ashamed about.

Well that is all I have to say about that. Hopefully next year the team can quiet all the nay sayers and win the big game! Go Wildcats!

Until next time.
yours truly,

The New Hampshirite

UNH Cops

This past fall during the Major League Baseball playoffs I had a very ridiculous thing happen to a few buddies and me because of the paranoia of the cops here at good ole UNH. It was October 16th, 2008, a Thursday night and the Red Sox had just capped off a historic comeback to stave off elimination for another game against the Tampa Bay Rays. I admit we had a few drinks throughout the game and we were going nuts as the Sox pulled of the unbelievable. They had trailed 7-0 at Fenway before scoring 4 in the 7th, 3 in the 8th and the walk-off winner in the 9th to win 8-7. J.D. Drew singled home the winning run with two outs in the ninth. Anyways…
After the game ended we decided to take a stroll around campus to see if there was anything going on. We were not (slightly) intoxicated. As we walked through one of those sketchy paths in the woods we were unaware of the
cop approaching. We continued to goof around and the cop asked if we would talk to him. We were acting as if the Red Sox had just made a huge comeback and not like we had been drinking. We knew he had nothing on us. He grilled us for at least 10 minutes checking all of our driver’s licenses. The bald cop shined his flashlight into our eyes asking what we were up to. He really had no right in stopping us in the first place. We were not being belligerent at all, really being pretty calm actually. Again, we were NOT drunk, it was at least an hour (closer to 2) after the game ended and we hadn’t had that much in the first place. He told us he “knew we were smoking dope and drinking beer in the woods.” His claim was so ridiculous it was hard to keep from cracking a smile. Especially when he said "dope.” I mean really? Dope? Do people still call it that?  We explained again that we were just out and about. Of course it didn’t help that one of us had a backpack (with a handle of vodka) on and it was a Thirsty Thursday at UNH.  But we knew our rights and he finally allowed us to continue on, saying that he “wouldn’t be so easy next time.” I thought this was funny because he thought he knew all this shit on us when he couldn’t have been more wrong.
The next night I saw the cop again at the hockey game (a 1-0 victory over RPI) and I noticed that he was staring me down for most of the game. Thank you UNH cop for helping me realize how much you guys suck. I know that you were doing your job, but you shouldn’t jump to such drastic conclusions when you have no idea what you are talking about. The dope smoking accusation was completely outrageous. That is the point I'm trying to make here.  Some of you probably think that I’m a stupid college kid and I’m lucky and I wouldn’t disagree. Obviously we shouldn’t have been drinking, but we didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly by this cop especially since none of us were drunk. I honestly believe the only reason he stopped us was because:
 1) Thursday night.
 2) Red Sox had a big win. (which by far had more impact on our behavior than anything else)
 3) One of us had a backpack.
4) A group of guys walking on a path by Stillings/Wildcatessen 

Thanks for reading. Post a comment if you have anything to say about UNH cops. Heck, post a comment even if you think we were just being stupid and you hate me. 
Good bye,
The New Hampshirite

Are You Reading This?

Hey guys,

This is my awkward getting to know me post. I should break the ice... ummm. 

fuck it. 

I’m going to use this first post to explain myself, and my blog, which I hope people will read. I’m a student at the University of New Hampshire, the state where I have lived most of my life. Some of my posts may have limited audiences to students or locals. I decided to make this blog because I realized that no matter how much I study, play sports, video games, kick it and party I still have a lot a free time. (Plus I don't have a job.) I am told that I’m a funny person and I’ve never had the opportunity to write on various subjects that actually interest me so this is what this blog will be all about. Some of the posts will be my opinion on the news, sports and stuff like that, others will be true stories and maybe a social experiment once and a while. (Not everything will be 100% fact/truth so treat it like wikipedia... don't site it in a paper.) I have encountered many interesting things (and people) at school and I feel like more people deserve to hear about them. I am just an average kid at an average school, I get decent grades and like most students at UNH, it take part in activities, Thirsty Thursdays!!!, frowned upon by the administration but I’ll save that for another post. So that’s my blog in a nutshell, I hope you enjoy it and be sure to tell your friends. 

 I plan on doing some reoccurring posts like:

  • songs of the day/week/month/year/ whenever i feel like it
  • youtube video of the...
  • random stat of the ....
  • random fact of the...

Thanks for reading and please come back and comment. Even if you hate this/me. 


The New Hampshirite