Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Movie Review: Knowing

A few months ago, when I first saw a trailer for the new Nicolas Cage movie Knowing,  I grabbed a piece of paper and I scribbled down a few words. Next, I buried it in a time capsule in my front yard. After I watched the movie, I dug up the time capsule. To my amazement I had correctly predicted that the movie would suck. Not only that, but I would watch a pirated copy online in my dorm room because I would not want to waste money on such a crappy film. The first half of this film actually wasn't that bad, but the last hour was a real snoozer. That may have been due to the fact that it was 3am. Or due to the fact that this movie was very predictable, ironic huh? The child who played Nick Cage's son was not very good at all and overall the writing was pretty bad. I'm not an english major (as you can probably tell) or a film major, but I watch a lot of movies and Knowing was a let down for me. The directing in the film actually wasn't half bad and the special effects were pretty good. So on my movie scale, which I just made up, I give it  a 5 out of a 12 pack... nothing good though like Sam Adams I'm talking Keystone or even Natty Light here. 

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