Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Of the Day

Hello readers, and internet stalkers ;) I decided to start posting a "UNH Photo of the Day" ... or week/month/year/whenever the fuck I want. It you ever catch me snapping a photo around campus don't be shy. You know what? The first person to ask if I am The New Hampshirite while taking a photo on campus will win a prize. If you ask someone and it is not me tell them about the blog, and then yell at them for not already knowing about it. Anyways today's "Photo of the Day" it a quick shot of the 6 different flyers I will be littering our beautiful campus with. On 5 of them I went with an attention grabber hook and then pulled a 180 by advertising the blog. Damn, I'm a tricky son of a bitch! These better work because paper and ink is expensive and I'm poor. Until next time. Thanks and tell your friends, if you have any.
Don't forget to comment, even if you hate me.

Take Care,

The New Hampshirite 

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