Monday, March 30, 2009

UNH Cops

This past fall during the Major League Baseball playoffs I had a very ridiculous thing happen to a few buddies and me because of the paranoia of the cops here at good ole UNH. It was October 16th, 2008, a Thursday night and the Red Sox had just capped off a historic comeback to stave off elimination for another game against the Tampa Bay Rays. I admit we had a few drinks throughout the game and we were going nuts as the Sox pulled of the unbelievable. They had trailed 7-0 at Fenway before scoring 4 in the 7th, 3 in the 8th and the walk-off winner in the 9th to win 8-7. J.D. Drew singled home the winning run with two outs in the ninth. Anyways…
After the game ended we decided to take a stroll around campus to see if there was anything going on. We were not (slightly) intoxicated. As we walked through one of those sketchy paths in the woods we were unaware of the
cop approaching. We continued to goof around and the cop asked if we would talk to him. We were acting as if the Red Sox had just made a huge comeback and not like we had been drinking. We knew he had nothing on us. He grilled us for at least 10 minutes checking all of our driver’s licenses. The bald cop shined his flashlight into our eyes asking what we were up to. He really had no right in stopping us in the first place. We were not being belligerent at all, really being pretty calm actually. Again, we were NOT drunk, it was at least an hour (closer to 2) after the game ended and we hadn’t had that much in the first place. He told us he “knew we were smoking dope and drinking beer in the woods.” His claim was so ridiculous it was hard to keep from cracking a smile. Especially when he said "dope.” I mean really? Dope? Do people still call it that?  We explained again that we were just out and about. Of course it didn’t help that one of us had a backpack (with a handle of vodka) on and it was a Thirsty Thursday at UNH.  But we knew our rights and he finally allowed us to continue on, saying that he “wouldn’t be so easy next time.” I thought this was funny because he thought he knew all this shit on us when he couldn’t have been more wrong.
The next night I saw the cop again at the hockey game (a 1-0 victory over RPI) and I noticed that he was staring me down for most of the game. Thank you UNH cop for helping me realize how much you guys suck. I know that you were doing your job, but you shouldn’t jump to such drastic conclusions when you have no idea what you are talking about. The dope smoking accusation was completely outrageous. That is the point I'm trying to make here.  Some of you probably think that I’m a stupid college kid and I’m lucky and I wouldn’t disagree. Obviously we shouldn’t have been drinking, but we didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly by this cop especially since none of us were drunk. I honestly believe the only reason he stopped us was because:
 1) Thursday night.
 2) Red Sox had a big win. (which by far had more impact on our behavior than anything else)
 3) One of us had a backpack.
4) A group of guys walking on a path by Stillings/Wildcatessen 

Thanks for reading. Post a comment if you have anything to say about UNH cops. Heck, post a comment even if you think we were just being stupid and you hate me. 
Good bye,
The New Hampshirite

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