Friday, December 31, 2010

UNH New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year right around the corner I thought it would be appropriate to come up with some New Year's Resolutions for the UNH student body, employees and community. I'm not talking about losing weight, hitting the gym or quitting smoking. I'm talking about things that really matter... to some people... kind of...

Increase Student Participation
This goes for nearly every aspect of student life on campus. There are around 200 student organizations at UNH and there is literally something for everyone. Many of these organizations host fundraisers and rallies for good causes. Try making it your goal to attend or partake in one event this semester. Relay for life, blood and bone marrow drives and dozens of others are a great place to start. Even many fraternities and sororities host great events. While on this topic of student participation, attend more UNH basketball games. The men's team is currently 6-6 and will soon start their conference schedule, which are always their most competitive games of the year. There will only be a handful of games left by the time most students are back on campus, so lets make them count. I would also love to see more signs at hockey games. I'll have more on this in a post closer to the start of the semester, but I plan on selecting an early game next semester to encourage students to bust out their funniest and most creative signs. (Cat pack crew/, Gnarlz and Wild E- I'll be in touch via facebook for your help!) I've already come up with a few ideas and had several great ones submitted via twitter.

Violence Free Semester
Can we have just one semester without a stabbing (or even a small "poking")/vicious assault (or any assault for that matter), or gun scare/threat? I think we can. Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

For UNH professors to grade and post grades in a timely manner
If we're expected to write a paper a week, it would be nice to get our previous papers back first. I'm tired of hearing the excuse "you only write one paper, I have to grade 25." It's your job. One week is plenty of time to grade papers or post exam grades. (That being said, final grades are now posted via webcat. 3.66- Suck it!)

Regain Party School Status
Why not? We're already the druggiest school in the country, right? Right? Lets face it, UNH being named the druggiest college is a complete joke. The only drug the UNH study body is addicted to is alcohol, and that alcohol is very cheap beer and whiskey. We're not drug addicts, but just severe alcoholics. Lets get a title we can stand behind and be proud of.

Win a National Championship
I'm looking at you, men's hockey. (47% of blog voters think men's hockey will win a national championship before the football team wins FCS -28%- or the basketball team wins the America East tournament -25%.) We're currently second in the country, but seem to remain under the radar. Lets avoid that late season/post season collapse and win a title we can really stand behind and actually be proud of. Regular season titles are for housewives and little girls!

Be less judgmental
Why yall got to hate so much? We do it to. Lets try to be a little more mature.


And most importantly:

Stay classy, not UMassy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Another semester in the books...

Well that was fun. I can 100% say that was the best semester during my time at UNH. From social life to actually enjoying my classes (3 out of 4 ain't bad!) and having really great professors. I've been home for a few hours, and I love here and it will be nice to have a break, but I'm already looking forward to the start of next semester. Although I am looking forward to hitting the slopes, sleeping in and maybe making a little money while I'm home.

It was an eventful semester and I once again have had a great time blogging. I hope you've all had a great time reading. I probably won't be posting too much over break, unless something big about UNH comes up or I have something to share. I'll keep tweeting and facebooking so feel free follow/friend/like me/the blog if you go through Nonsensical withdrawals.

My time left  at UNH is ticking and going faster by the day so next semester I plan on holding nothing back. To think that I held back just a little last semester scares me now that I think about it.

Have a great break UNH, see you in the "spring."

Lastly, a congrats goes out to part time blog contributor and full time Bruins fan Geoff Cunningham for finishing up his last semester of classes at UNH. He'll be interning down in D.C. during the spring semester.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

PS: You may have noticed I took down the post about the RAs being fired. I was contacted by the SRA and she asked that it be removed because she had been receiving threats (prior to the post) and had personal property damaged. Also, it did not happen in the way I (or most of campus for that matter) was informed. I did not have to take it down, I did so out of respect for a fellow student.

....Just need to weigh in

So I've been absent from the blog for some time now, got caught up with life. This UNH being ranked the 'Druggiest' college in the country was just too important not to weigh in on. The first question--which The New Hampshirite has fully covered--is whether or not UNH actually is the 'duggiest' campus in the US and how these rankings were really put together. Although I've seen people doing just about every drug on this campus, besides the super hardcore (heroin, cyrstal meth, crack etc.), there really is no way to tell if UNH really is the number one school in America for drug consumption. As The New Hampshirite properly explained, our position on this scale may have more to do with the DPD and UNHPD being way too serious when it comes to UNH students having a little ganj. It may not be.

What the top housing F├╝hrer's fail to realize is that this 'Drug-gate' (I'll keep it alive) has a lot more to do with the 'RA-gate' (I'll keep that alive too) than meets the eye. As the housing and conduct Axis creates more and more ridiculous rules to curb underage drinking, students are realizing that the risk of underage drinking is just too high and pursuing other highs. Molly, ecstasy, marijuana, acid, mushrooms, and cocaine are filling the void and becoming many student's 'go to drugs' as a less conspicuous route. You never hear of any students getting caught by there RA's for doing shrooms, why? BECAUSE THEY'RE EASY TO INGEST AND PRETTY low key. They leave no chance for internal possession and unless you bug out, lead to a safe, albeit crazy, day or night of partying (or finding your inner path).

UNH Housing's failed attempt at curbing underage drinking has created this negative externality (can you tell it's finals week?) and now the school has to deal with its own mess. Didn't like being the number 7 party school in the nation, I'm sure being the number 1 drug school must have administration ecstatic! Now on the 'Ra-gate' issue, it seems as if it's just another example of how fucked housings policies are. All RA's, SRA's, and Hall Directors on this campus are fucking douche bags, and I'm standing by that. Some may come off as your friend, they may even be nice to you for a little bit, but on the inside they are power tripping, self-esteem-less, free-riding, under-age-girl-hitting-on tools. And the few that may have had a soul? Well, they have already been fired or politely asked not to return, a la the 'Ra-gate' incident.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it UNH....I know you will!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

UNH Drug-gate won't go away...

Due to my expertise on UNH nightlife and drugs (or supposed expertise that is) I was interviewed by the Portsmouth Herald on what I am dubbing "UNH Drug-gate." I've already had one of my coined terms (University of Nice Herb) used in the paper, I suspect "Drug-gate" will be used next. (Side note: I don't know if I really came up with U of Nice Herb, but I've never heard it used before.) Anyways, the article talked about a statement released by a UNH spokes person, then featured yours truly for a while and then used some quotes by other students. I'm glad to say my quotes actually made some points, as apposed to saying "derh high people walk around UMass derh." Okay, I added the "derhs," but I think you get the point.

Here is the important part of the article about me. Because that is what really matters... (Am I right?)

A UNH student, who writes the anonymous column "The New Hampshirite" in the school's student-run newspaper, agreed with Mantz.

"I really don't think UNH deserves being labeled a drug campus, let alone the 'druggiest campus,'" the anonymous columnist said, declining to give his name for this story. "As far as how prevalent drugs are, aside from alcohol, marijuana is probably the most used. I remember a UNH Health Services ad from earlier this year that said 73 percent of UNH students don't use marijuana. So, if 27 percent do use marijuana, that is actually lower than what The Daily Beast had as the statewide average for 18- to 25-year-olds."

The New Hampshirite columnist frequently writes about the party and night life atmosphere at UNH. While he admitted marijuana and cocaine may be used on a smaller level at the university, he said drugs like Adderall, which are typically prescribed for hyperactivity and attention disorders, are abused more at UNH.

"I hear about more students taking Adderall to pull all-nighters — especially now that it is finals week — than just about any other drug," he said.

The columnist said he was surprised when he heard about the ranking, and particularly by the use of on-campus arrests in the determination of the final score. According to The New Hampshirite, because of UNH's zero tolerance policy, more arrests are made. The school doesn't give initial warnings or citations for drug use. A zero tolerance policy allows punishment on the first offense.

"Since UNH has a zero tolerance policy, we have more arrests than most colleges," he said. "In a way, we were only ranked No. 1 because of how strict the rules are here."

(You can read the less important part of the article here. Really good piece though, big thanks to the author for using me as a source!)

Thats some damn good quote usage there. First the Union Leader and now the Portsmouth Herald. When is some newspaper finally going to write an investigative feature piece on The New Hampshirite. Think about it. Who is the New Hampshirite? Is it more than one person? Who is the anonymous (and most likely devilishly handsome) person behind the University of Nonsensical Happenings, the student run blog that is taking over Durham (...and the world)? Who is this masked vigilante taking down one university figure head after another? (Too far?)

One final thought on this whole "Drug-gate" thing... As one of my brothers said  "druggiest isn't even a real word... that's like saying The Daily Beast is the worstiest blog."  In all fairness, druggiest doesn't have that red squibble under it, so some internet dictionary must have it, but you get the point. (However, worstiest and squibble both have the red squibble.)

Stay classy, not UMassy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow Up Thoughts on UNH's Drug Use

I've been working on a research paper all day and I need a quick break from that type of writing...

So, I would just like to take a few moments to follow up on yesterday's post about UNH's number 1 drug ranking in the country. First of all, there is noway that list is accurate at all and it only takes a little statistical analysis (and common sense) to realize that. UNH has a zero tolerance policy, meaning if you have one tiny little marijuana seed or tidbit of pot on you, you will be arrested. Many other schools, such as Vermont, simply issue you a citation much like a speeding ticket. That means while UNH has more arrests for marijuana than other schools, it does not mean that UNH students are using pot more than others. We simply get in more trouble for it. If that study was to be done accurately it would need to include citations issued for drug use along with the arrest numbers. If that were the case, I would highly doubt UNH would even crack the top 10, if it would even make the list. Now, do a fair amount students here use pot? Yes. But I guarantee it is not any higher (and actually probably less) than most of the other schools on that list.

It a way it is kind of amusing because UNH is only being labeled a top drug school because our policy is so strict. Either way, it is completely ridiculous that this has been made into a big story. I mean it's the "Daily Beast" a glorified internet blog that made a slideshow. There really is no solid evidence to back up their claims. This is just another case of the conservative media trying to make us all look bad... I wouldn't be surprised if Stephenson Billings of Christwire was behind this list...

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

UNH Ranked Number 1!

No, that title is not for our men's hockey team, who's questionably ranked number 2 behind Yale. I mean Yale?!?! Who have they played! Anyways, that's for another post. UNH was just named America's Druggiest College by the Daily Beast! (read this in Dan Lebatard rant manner)There we go! We have done it! University of No Hardware no more! U-N-H U-N-H UNH! Vermont are no longer the Dirty Hippies of New England! Colorado Boulder who? Buffalos no longer buff-a-blow pot smoke! U-N-H the University of Nice Herb! Wildcats! Yes! Play it again! The entire campus exploded in joy! Their bong smoke filled the air! New Hampshire Live Free or Die! The Old Man on the Mountain didn't just fall, he passed out! UNH! Can you hear me?! Wildcats, YES!

Stay druggy classy, not UMassy.

Dear Stillings Guy

So a couple of my roommates and I just tried to eat at Stillings. We didn't realize that they closed at 7:30 this week. We got there are roughly 7:45, walked in without a problem, punched in our ID numbers and walked over to get some food. As I reached to grab a plate I here "Hey, guys! We closed at 7:30! ALL WEEK! Get out!" As I turn to look I see an older guy throwing us out like he thinks he's Joe West tossing Ozzie Guillen or something. I mean this guy had the entire finger point and arm swoop and all. Mind you, there was still food out and the three girls in front of us who went in the other direction were not bothered. I guess they were just throwing all that food away, or worse, saving it for tomorrow's sloppy Joe's. I quickly thought to myself, I'm sorry I didn't have time to memorize the dining hall schedule for the week because I was writing final papers all day so I don't end up with a shit job where I wear a tie for no reason, but I decided not to say that. Although, had I been on a limited swipe meal plan I definitely would have spoke my mind. I would have had no problem had he said something like "Hey sorry guys, we closed at 7:30." If that were the case I probably would have apologized to him, but instead he had to go into all power authority "I WEAR A TIE SO I FEEL IMPORTANT" mode.

 PS: Thanks for following us out the door, I was really hoping on snagging a roll of bagels or something.

Not my classiest post, but I digress.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Look at Nonsensical Headquarters

Last week photos of Julian Assange's Wikileaks headquarters surfaced on the internet. Well, I am here to say that Assange ain't got shit on me and Nonsensical Headquarters. Sure we don't have a floating conference room, high tech computers and all that fancy stuff. But we have character... and apparently way too much free time. This is what happens when you're too hungover to study the weekend before finals. You make an epic fort in your apartment. Welcome to Nonsensical Headquarters:

Our fort features two couches, a flat screen TV with a N64, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 and a Game Cube all hooked up, and a stereo so I can DJ epic fort parties. It also has a secret entrance under a table and easy access to the kitchen for quick beer access.

But the best thing about the fort is when you kill all the apartment lights, the open sign provides the perfect lighting inside the fort:

Quick side story- I was introduced to a few blog readers  from a mutual friend last night and it was really cool to talk with some people about the blog I've never meet before. It was almost embarrassing in a way, but definitely really cool to hear some feedback. Plus it is good to know that there are some really chill readers out there. I must go now because I want to got a fort to throw down in.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Weekend of the Semester...

Last day of classes. UNH hockey at Maine on CBS college sports at 7 and UNH football at Delaware on ESPN 2 at 8. Stop reading this (for now) and crack open a beer or your choice of alcohol and enjoy yourself.

The New Hampshirite's Picks:

UNH over Delaware: 24-21. (Modified from last night's Tweets).
UNH over Maine 5-3. Top line (STD line) stays hot and Maine won't be able to stop them.

This semester flew by and it's already the last weekend of the semester, make it the best one yet!


Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bus to NYC Official

Just this afternoon C&J announced that beginning in February there will be a daily bus from UNH to Portsmouth and then directly to New York City. The bus will leave UNH at 6:30 a.m. stop through Portsmouth at 7 and arrive in NYC around noon. There is a return bus at 2 p.m. On the weekends the trips are switched. A one way trip is $75. That's a little pricy, but taking away a transfer at South Station in Boston, which can take a while will be worth the price. I've taken buses to Boston to NYC many times and I think this will be pretty great. I love visiting NYC and this will definitely make the trip a little easier. Check out an article about this in Friday's TNH. I believe they were able to interview the C&J president and Huddleston has been tweeting about this for a few days.

So, today I finished up one class for good. Three papers and an exam to go... I need a beer. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update on

By Lady Meow

Looks like my post gave a little boost, the site keeps getting busier! :)

The New Hampshirite even gets some action:

Stay Balanced

Well, UNH, we have done it. With finals beginning next week, we have made it though another semester. I cannot believe I only have three semesters left here. It seems like just yesterday I was moving into Williamson Hall, nervous, excited and not knowing what to expect. I still might have to switch my major some time next year just so I can stick around a little bit longer. To the students graduating early or leaving for internships, good luck out there. I am not here to worry about the future though; that is what second semester of senior year is for. I am going to use the next few hundred words I have left this semester to share some advice.

I realize that I am only a junior and I have another year and a half left in this magical place we call college, but I cannot stress enough to make the best of your time here. It goes by fast, way too fast and I don't want to wake up one day regretting my time in college. I have friends and older brothers out in the "real world" and every time we get together they remind me, not that I necessarily need it, to enjoy every second I have here. Like the late Warren Zevon said, "enjoy every sandwich," because eventually one will be your last.

That is why I no longer complain about doing work, even when it keeps me up until the early morning hours. Right now, I'm writing this well past midnight while I'm working on a PowerPoint presentation I have to do later today. Oh boy. But I'm doing this now because I just enjoyed the crap out of my weekend, because I'm in college and I try to take advantage of every opportunity I have to make my time here memorable, even if I don't necessarily remember it. Sure procrastination can be stressful, but you got to stay balanced. For every essay you write or night you spend cramming should be another weekend night you cut back and let loose.

Cutting loose does not mean that you need to get drunk bar-hopping downtown or raging at a party, although those are great options. Find your own place and your own thing to make you happy. Whether it is simply sitting down to read a book, going for a run or to the gym, find your place and stay balanced. That is the best way to avoid the stress of college or finals week.

For myself I have a few things to balance my life. When the weather is nice, I'll be out around campus on my skateboard or tossing a baseball around with a few friends. As dedicated readers know, I also take great pleasure in drinking lots of alcohol. Nothing competes with the feeling of having a few (or a lot) of friends over and throwing back a few (or a lot) of drinks. This past weekend my roommates and I hosted a birthday party for a friend and the next morning we woke up to cake embedded in the carpet, toilet paper streamed across a bathroom and into the hall, and a couple broken dishes. It didn't bother a single one of us. Even when we found out that the culprits was the guest of honor and her friend, we just laughed it off. It didn't bother us because we threw an awesome party and everyone had a blast. We were all able to clear our minds from the stress of final projects and exams for a few hours and enjoyed college for what it is.

It is now approaching one a.m. now and I'll be up in a few hours to finish a project, but I am completely fine with that. Maybe I'm crazy for not stressing out over that type of stuff, but the way I see it is that my grades have improved every semester of college and every semester has been more fun then the last. That is not because I now spend more time studying in the library or revising papers, it is because I am more relaxed. I used to stress out over how much work I had to do in so little time, but now I take one thing at a time and just plugging away. Enjoy yourself, UNH; find your balance and live, because college will only be the best four years of your life if you allow it to be.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

I tiny, teensy love

By: LadyMeow

So incase you've been in outerspace for the past month, is like twitter, facebook and flirting all in one! It's a place where you can flirt anonymously (with UNH students) and see if anyone responds. I love this site its simply hilarious, cute, and entertaining.

Things to consider though....Will the STDs here go up? How about pregnancy rates with people flirting with each other? More relationship changes on facebook? Just kidding. The possibilities are endless though. Any of you sociology majors, I'd take advantage of this and do some research. Yeah, you're welcome.

Here are my favorite 'flirts' so far:

At Lord Hall: Female, Blonde. Hey Babe, over there with a bowl on your head. Your face makes me want puppies to om nom with a fork!! omnomnomnomnom (OM NOM NOM)

At pike: Male, Brunette. we were danced last night. you were so cute. wish i could remember your name... (obviously keeping it classy at pike).

At Everywhere: Female, Redhead. you are the sexiest girl on campus. ROAR (RAWR!!)

I just love this, you get really cute ones such as:

At Kingsbury: Male, Brunette. you're always there when I am and we usually make eye contact... I'm pretty shy but I think you're really cute :-) (Dude, talk to this girl!)

At Woodsides J: Male, Black hair. He lives in an apartment building beside me and every time I walk in the building to see my friends I get big butterflies and smile so big...but only when I go past the door and I can hear his voice. Hes soo cute....I cant stop thinking about you (You know its meant to be when there's butterflies involved. Cmon now.)

At Kingsbury: Female, Black hair. You sit next to me every day. You've got the most amazing green eyes, and a pretty smile that I wish I saw more of (aww what a sweetie! This is what guys should be saying, I love it!)

Basically, I've booked marked this page and it's so nice seeing all this LOVE on campus (Maybe I'm going crazy due to this end of semester hell too). It's definitely a great distraction.

Keep it up UNH! Keep flirting :D

Also, Emily Cialdea is in charge of the UNH LAL, fucking PROPS.

Good luck with the rest of the semester and finals everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

UNH Bus Halloween Time Lapse

This video was posted to the blog's facebook page over a month ago, but facebook deemed it to be spam so I never got notified. I just came across this and it is pretty interesting. Big tip of the hat to the creator and I'm sorry I missed it. Check it out:

 The best part is that I know a few people in this who can not only be identified, but look right into the camera. This is awesome.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Adventures of Stan

These are the adventures of Stan. Stan is a pseudonym for one of my roommates. Last night, like any responsible college students with an apartment, we had a few friends over to celebrate Thirsty Thursday. Stan was going out the bars with a few of his recently turned 21-year-old friends. Around 12:30 this morning I get a text from Stan. It read, "Someone come get me. PLEACE" [sic]. I figured he was locked out of our Gables building so I called him only to find out that he was at the Whittemore Center bus stop. (Apparently he thought by texting me the bus would come.) I explained that the buses don't run that late and he said he'd be right back. A few minutes later he is banging on the door, yelling "Let me in, somebody let me in!" He is completely out of breath, having just sprinted from the Whit to the Gables. He sits down and claims that he is "the fastest kid on campus" and that nobody could catch him and everybody cheered him as he ran through A-Lot. (Forrest Gump style.) Although, he was very concerned about the guy with the crossbow who was trying to hunt him. Apparently this crossbow wielding man wanted to "shoot [Stan and me]  in the forehead" and "one of us [had] to stand guard all night."

Now, I was pretty intoxicated when all of this was happening, but clearly I was the more sober one. I finally got him to go to bed after convincing him that there was no one with a crossbow.

And that is why you shouldn't watch The Walking Dead if you are an imaginative drunk.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Plans Taking Shape...

It's been a pretty busy week over here at Nonsensical Headquarters. Final papers, research and finals preparation aside, yesterday we had a twitter confirmation from President Huddleston that there will be a bus from Durham to NYC starting in January or February and today we had a UNH professor tell her class to "Stay classy, not UMassy." Ahh yes, my evil plan to take over UNH is finally starting to take shape. Just wait. Before you know it UNH will be under my command.

Anyways, if you are at all interested in President Huddleston's Twitter account (following him is worth making an account) check out this post on TNH Executive Editor Thomas Gounley's personal blog. Mr. Gounley and I are both huge fans of Huddleton's Twitter, but Tom proved this morning he really is the ultimate Huddle-Tweet analyzer.

I'm keeping this short because I need to get some work done so I can enjoy my first Thirsty Thursday in a while... and I really want to get drunk as soon as possible.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sporcle Challenge

I have just become aware of the Sporcle college challenge. If you don't know what Sporcle is, you are missing out. It is the best time-wasting-procrastination website on the entire interwebs... well at least the best non-pornographic website that is... cough... cough. Sporcle has hundreds of trivia quizzes ranging from sports, to movies to history and beyond. Can you name every US President or member of the Red Sox 2004 World Series team? I can. Anyways, Sporcle is running a college ranking system to see which colleges and universities are the best Sporclers. Currently Boston College is ranking 9th, BU is 14th, and UMass, That's right UMass, is ranked 24th. And I thought they were only good at being douche bags. (With exception to my dad and uncles. Sorry guys... but that was the 70s when it really was the "Zoo.")

Anyways, UNH is nowhere to be seen on the rankings. I challenge you all to make an account (make sure you add UNH as your school after creating an account!) and play a few games a night. Try naming every US President and don't stop until you can. You will learn and make UNH proud. What else are you gonna to study? Last two weeks, fuck it!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So close...

I almost had to break out the riot punch tonight as the UNH men's basketball team nearly pulled off the upset down at UConn. UNH led by one at the half and it took 30 points from UConn standout Kemba Walker to top UNH. Ferg Myrick and James Valladares turned in very solid games for UNH, who will be without their leading returning scorer Alvin Abreu for the rest of the season. Abreu suffered a season-ending knee injury earlier this year. UConn went to the free-throw line 26 times compared to only 6 trips for UNH. I hate to sound biased but a few second half calls definitely went the home team's way. Either way, it was a great game and an unbelievable effort from the Wildcats. I know it got me excited for America East play and now you know why I included men's basketball in the new poll. This year's team is for real and the rest of America East better watch out!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Registration Time

It is that time of year again to register for the next semester's classes. Some of us have already had the chance to register; some of you are going through the process, while sophomores and freshman still have a few days to go. I can honestly say this is my least favorite time of the year. Not only is it the final push of exams and papers before finals, but we also get to schedule appointments with our advisors and worry whether you can get into a class you desperately need. Every semester when I get the email reminder about registration I can't help but think of one of the nurses from "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" calling out "Medication time." Picking classes and meeting with advisors truly can be a mind numbing process. Thank God for open advising sessions and nice department administrators, because I've only met with my assigned advisor twice. Something about our first meeting gave me a bad impression of her. Maybe it was her saying that "she hates being an advisor and it is a waste of her time." Yeah, that might have been it.

I am a history major, which is a pretty straightforward process. Take this class as a sophomore, take that class as a senior, pick a concentration and take a class in each of these other categories for a total of 10 classes. This is a pretty similar format for most majors, but it made me realize something. To graduate from UNH in four years you need to take four classes a semester that equals 32 classes in those four years. The disturbing part is that only four of those 10 classes can actually be in my concentration without taking extra classes. That means only FOUR out of the 32 classes I take at UNH will be in my desired field of study. I have already taken all four of those and I can honestly say I am nowhere close to being an expert in modern United States history. I have done well and know more about American history than the average student, but this makes me think: What have I (read: mostly my parents) actually been paying for?

I point my finger at the general education system, which might be the biggest waste of time and money for a college student who knows what he or she wants to do from day one. I can only take four classes in my concentration, but I have to take three sciences. Does that really make sense? Especially when those sciences are classes like Germs 101, Making Babies, NR 435 or other classes that might be interesting, but you can get an "A" without opening a book. Some general education classes can be tough, but in no way do they actually apply to anything I am slightly interested in. I tried taking some classes that can be related to my field like political science, psychology and environmental history, but in the long run general education courses have been very disappointing.

I have taken all of the general education courses I need to graduate; I'm not sure if a single one of them has made me a more intelligent and well-rounded human being. Sure I know arbitrary facts on random topics, but I can get that off Snapple caps or Wikipedia. The new Discovery Program that was initiated for this year's freshmen sought to revamp the general education system, but I really don't see too much of a difference. The whole idea of general education requirements is to encourage students to have a broader field of study while in college, but doesn't that backfire when students just take the easiest classes available? How many students will take general chemistry if there is another class called "Making Babies?"

General education courses are just an excuse for a university, which really is just a giant business, to make more money. If we are forced to take these classes, then we need to pay more to take other classes in our field over the summer, or J-term or as a graduate student. Every semester there are dozens of classes I really want to take within my major, classes I'm truly interested in and would enjoy doing the work for (how appalling that would be!), but instead I'm stuck in a random general education course that I don't give a shit about. That is not fair, and that is not right.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Guess the Situation

It has been a week since I last posted so let's start this off with a little fun. That means it is time for a rousing game of "Guess the Situation." I give you a quote out of context and you guess the situation that quote is describing. Today's quote was provided by a roommate while enjoying dinner at Stillings.

Quote:  "I just wanted it to drip around her mouth a little, but it went all over her face."

Now guess the situation! Was it:

A) A practical joke gone wrong.
B) A sexual encounter.
C) His famous last words.
D) A quote from Superbad.
E) All of the above.

If you guessed "B) A sexual encounter" you are completely wrong. The correct answer was "A) A practical joke gone wrong." He went for the old tap the bottom of the glass of water while the person is drinking trick and it back fired. Needless to say, while describing the situation he made one of the most hilarious sexual innuendoes I've ever heard.

Anyways, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break. I know it was the first break I've had at UNH where I truly looked forward to having a few days off at home. I mean, I love being home with my family, but college isn't to shabby either. Luckily I got all my first choices for classes next semester so it should be a lot lighter with the amount of work.

Just a heads up, posting might be light for the rest of the semester. I think it's understandable, I have a couple research presentations and final projects to take care of along with finals. I'm not complaining, but I need to make priorities at this time of the year. I'll still try and post everyday during the week, but they'll be pretty brief for the most part.

Also, vote in the new poll!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The results are in...

For the past month I have had a poll up on the blog to see what genre UNH students would most like to see SCOPE get in the spring. Well, the results are in so let's take a moment to check them out.

Genre           Votes
Hip-Hop:        95
R&B:              6
Rock:             51
Alternative:     30
Country:         40
Other:            15

Total Votes:  237

Look, I even made a pie chart because I can...

As we can see there is a strong push for a Hip-Hop act at UNH, which I actually thought would have had a higher percentage. Overall I am happy about the results, because it shows that while Hip-Hop is the favorite, not everyone wants that like commenters say on SCOPE's facebook. It also proves all the kids wrong who claim "no one likes country" or "no one likes rock." (Still, roughly 40% is pretty high considering how many options there were, almost doubling the next highest option). Rock came in second (and got my vote!) with 22%, which wasn't too far ahead of country with 17%. I actually wouldn't mind a country show along the lines of Americana/Folk rock like Old Crow Medicine Show (great live show), but I can't stand the stereotypical redneck country most people think of. (They took 'er jerbs!)  I was surprised to see 15 votes in the "other" category. I felt I hit the major ones, so those I'm guessing those are things like electronic and punk or smaller sub-genres.

Well SCOPE, you asked for my thoughts a while back, I left it open for students to vote and now it is up to you to book a show. The majority wants hip-hop and if that is the case Kid Cudi or Wale would get my vote. I'm interested to see what happens. If you have two shows left in you, in order to please the most students I'd say one should be hip-hop with the other being a rock/country full band type of thing. Something UNH hasn't really had for a while.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

UNH Blog: The Voice of America

I'm posting twice a Saturday in which I already know I have started too early... Anyways, I came across this and I had to share it as soon as I could:

From: The Voice of America Student Union Blog which is a blog from VOA News.
"Drinking can be a big part of the social life at a U.S. university, particularly for undergraduate students. The University of Nonsensical Happenings, a humorous blog by students at the University of New Hampshire, is a useful read for those interested in seeing how American undergraduate students view alcohol and partying (caution: some posts contain strong language).
Two posts in particular worth looking at are this one mocking a health services announcement on the dangers of alcohol, and this one on the funniest places to wake up after passing out on campus."
That's one of the best link-ups, if not the best we've ever gotten. Not only are we "humorous," but we are also "a useful read for those interested in seeing how American undergraduate students view alcohol and partying."

Best quotes to describe this blog ever... and it's posts like this when I think of my dad telling me I could write stuff where I want my real name to be seen... Yay college.

I also now claim us the official "Voice of American College Students."

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wildcats tame Terriors

BU coach Jack Parker said it best last night, "that was most lopsided 5-2 game ever... [UNH] looked like men playing with boys." BU scored a quick goal on their first shot of the night, but after that it was all UNH, as the Wildcats unleashed a good ol' ass-whooping. UNH pelted BU goalie Kieran Millan with 49 shots and outplayed BU in ever aspect of the game.

As a UNH student who has attended close to 50 in my life, and probably 40 of those in the last 2+ years, that might have been the loudest and best crowd I've ever been apart of. The only other game that sticks in my mind was a 4-1 win over Maine two years ago. The crowd was unrelenting last night, harassing Millan and continuously make noise. After UNH's first goal, members of the student section actually knocked in a piece of glass behind the net. The student section over flowed into the far end of the ice, something I've never seen before and it created a super loud atmosphere. The final minute of the game was a continuous standing ovation from the entire crowd as UNH beat the last unbeaten team in the country. Early in the game NESN commenters said that UNH has one of the best home crowds in the country, saying that we were loud and ready to go. Enough about the crowd though...

Paul Thompson scored two goals and assisted on another and Phil DeSimone had one goal and two assists for the top line. Nick Sorkin, a freshman with huge upside, scored the fist goal of his career and sophomore John Henrion continued his hot start with a nice goal, which gave UNH a 2-1 lead.

UNH now holds the longest unbeaten streak in the country and hopefully they will carry that momentum into tonight's game at BU and it will truly "suck to B-U." The way this team is scoring across the board and playing defense, they will be a team to watch out for late in the season.

Non hockey notes:
-UNH football kicks off their last game of the season in roughly 35 minutes. I'm heading over as soon as I finish this.
-Men's and Women's basketball both have home games today at 4 (women's) and 7 (men's). Check them out if you have a chance,
-Last night at a party I heard someone I don't know tell their friend to "Stay classy, not UMassy." One of the proudest moments of my life.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

PS: Scott Hason is the worst official in Hockey East. BU's coach called it a well refereed game, but in all honesty it wasn't. Hanson made a few bizarre calls including a few interference calls against UNH that clearly were clean plays. (One game BU a 5-on-3 and their second goal.) If I accomplish one thing by the time I get a UNH degree, I hope it is that Scott Hanson is fired. He can't make it through a game without a few head-scratching calls.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Share your thoughts...

My roommates are going to murder me. We all get along really well, but sooner or later they need to realize that whenever they do dumb shit, it's going to end up here. Take last night for example: I bet my roommate four weekends worth of alcohol that he couldn't fit an entire slice of pizza in his mouth. Not only did he try it (which was the point of the bet) but he failed. That is a double win for me. I guess I am just really persuasive, I mean that alone should get me an "A" in my persuasive writing class.

Here is another little story from last night involving UNH police. So, two of my roommates have just got back from a beer run around 9:30 or 10. As they are walking through the Gables parking lot with a couple 30s and boxed wine (classy... for the ladies...) a cop pulls up next to them and rolls down his window. He says "Doesn't seem that much is going on tonight, where are you guys headed?" One roommate replies "Just back to our apartment." Officer Friendly says "You guys drinking that all tonight?" Roommate: "Haha, no this is for the weekend... and next weekend." Cop: "That's gonna last you guys two weekends?" As if he was calling them out for not drinking enough. So no, it is definitely not going to last two weekends, I would be surprised if it lasts tonight.

What do you guys think: Was he just being friendly and making conversation? Or was he trying actually to see if they were providing for a party or something? The way he joked about it lasting two weekends almost seems as though he was just having fun with them, but at the same time the way he asked where they were going seemed like he was trying to pick up on something.

Have a good weekend. If you're not going to the hockey game tonight, you can catch it on NESN. Also, tomorrow is the last home football game of the year and if UNH wins they will basically clinch a playoff spot. Be there or be square.

Lastly, I reinstalled the "like" option after posts. It was lost after I reformatted the blog at the end of the summer and I completely forgot about putting it back until now. So if you like what we're doing, let us know! I always look for feedback heading into breaks when I have time to tinker around, so let us know what you like, don't like and we'll see what we can do.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Huddle-Tweets: That's Marvelous

Recently UNH President Mark Huddleston has stepped up his Tweeting game in big ways. But yesterday afternoon he outdid himself. Apparently President Huddleston is either looking to be hired by TMZ or he is just a really good paparazzo and we never knew it. Check out his latest gem:

via @MarkHuddleston: On the Acela from NY: sitting across from Philip Seymour Hoffman #TwitPic

With the following photo linked:

If you don't know who Philip Seymour Hoffman is, he played one of my all-time favorite small roles as "Brandt" in "The Big Lebowski." His line "That's Marvelous" in the following scene gets me every time:

Not all of Hoffman's roles are so comedic, for example he also won an Oscar for "Best Actor" for his role in the 2006 movie "Capote." He has appeared or starred in other great films such as "Punch-Drunk Love," "Magnolia," "Charlie Wilson's War," "Doubt," "Synecdoche, New York," and "Almost Famous" among many others. And who could forget his role as the always entertaining "Dusty" in the action film "Twister." He's no lightweight when it comes to acting and he is one of my all-time favorites. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Make Your Own Four Loko!

By: Lady Meow

Not sure how well this turns out, but since every state is cracking down, it might be worth a shot, right?

Taken from
These videos suck, maybe this should be for entertainment purposes only...

If anyone cares to try, let us know how it works out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breaking News: I side with Dining and UNH Police in one post!

I just wanted to post a quick reaction to the front page story in today's TNH. It discussed how arrests are down on campus, but petty crimes are way higher than usual. TNH also featured an editorial on the subject. The main two areas of concern are Wildcatessen and Dimond Library. Wildcatessen has experienced a large amount of thefts this year. Dining had even threatened to close the sub shop and convenience store for it's late night hours. That would be a major inconvenience. They claim that they are losing money, but closing during those busy late night hours would probably cost them even more of their profit. Making students pay before receiving their subs was very smart, but here is another simple conclusion. Make students leave their backpacks at the door. That is how people steal from Wildcatessen. They slip items into their friends backpack when no one is looking. Make them keep their bags at the doors and the problem is solved. UNH would not be the same without late-night Wildcatessen. TNH was also right with their editorial by students need to mature, because if they don't (cough freshman cough) they are going to blow it for the rest of us. If you can't afford to pay for your $5 sub or even less for a bag of chips, then get a fucking job. Those small things add up and I don't need dining to raise their prices even higher. That is right, this is how bad this is, I am taking dining's side!

The article also talked about homeless people sleeping in Dimond Library. Seeing as it is No-Shave November it could just be exhausted students passing out from cramming, but I highly doubt that. We shouldn't need to have police patrolling our library or watching the door at Wildcatessen, they should be out keeping students safe. Not watching for idiots slipping some candy bars or something into their friend's backpacks.

Lastly, the new Girl Talk album is amazing. So good in fact, I might have to host a party called "The Unstoppable Feeding of the Animals All Day and All Night Ripper." Right now "Unstoppable" is still up for debate, but at the very least it will be "The Feed the Animals All Day and All Night Ripper." The first song features "War Pigs," by Black Sabbath, something he did when SCOPE brought him last year. So much props goes out to MUSO and SCOPE both bringing him in recent years. This album is probably his best yet. Lets face it, if you make a mash-up album starting with "War Pigs" and ending with John Lennon's "Imagine" you're not fucking around.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Where am I?

I want to start this off by saying this column is not meant to be a list of things to do, but purely for entertainment purposes. Enjoy. College students drink a lot and drunken people tend to do silly things. Sometimes those silly things include waking up in strange places. So that got me to think: Where is the scariest or funniest place to wakeup on campus after a night of drinking? All it would take are a couple of Four Lokos to get the real first-hand experience, but for my own personal safety I have decided that using my imagination would be the better option.

Now, my own apartment has witnessed a few of the more common entertaining wake-ups, such as the shower or bathroom, under the kitchen table and in a kitchen cabinet. But anyone can wake up in his or her own apartment; it takes a real trooper to really explore this campus. There are so many possibilities out there from College Woods to the ally behind D-Hop and everywhere in between. Lets take a look at a few of those places.

My personal top pick for the greatest wakeup would be the clock tower on Thompson Hall. I really do not see how that could be beat. I have never been in Thompson Hall, so I do not know how accessible it is, but I am sure it can't be too difficult. Plus, the early morning hourly bell would be like a built in snooze button so you don't have to worry about being late for the next day's activities.

Every time I walk by Hamilton-Smith I notice at how the roof looks like it has a giant porch or deck on top of it. It reminds me of the old houses around Portsmouth that have roof decks that look out to sea. I think that could be an entertaining place to wakeup, or even throw a little party if it is indeed like a roof deck. The roof decks on the fourth floor of Williamson and Christensen would be a great place as well. They have been closed off for a few years now, and trust me the old credit card trick doesn't work on those doors.

Any of the lecture halls would provide great sleeping accommodations. I mean, dozens of students sleep in them during the week anyways. In order to maximize the embarrassment factor, waking up on a Monday morning to an entering 8 a.m. class would probably do the trick. DeMeritt 112 has some really comfortable chairs, as do the MUB theatres and the newly renovated Horton 210.

For decades there have been rumors of secret underground tunnels around the UNH campus, particularity in the old center of campus around Spaulding, Conant, Murkland and DeMeritt. Other rumors say that tunnels run under the sidewalk on Main Street. Some say they are old government laboratories, others say they are connected to the river that runs under Spaulding, but no one is really sure of their existence. Awaking in one of these alleged secret tunnels would make you a true UNH Legend. My roommates and I are planning on investigating this matter further.

Here is a real scary one. How about waking up on President Huddleston's front porch? He already follows me on Twitter so it should not be too unexpected, but something tells me that it would be worse than when the dead fish is left there after the hockey team gets shutout at the Whittemore Center. I know that is true because last year President Huddleston TwitPic'ed a thawed out herring.

I think we should close this out with a few less serious ones. The Little Red Wagon between Spaulding and PCAC looks like it would make for a comfortable place to sleep. Plus, at the same time you would be able to cross it off the UNH Bucket list I helped write last year. Finally, one of the greenhouses out towards Thompson Farm would probably make for a more peaceful wakeup, but you may mistake it for a jungle and that would be confusing.

One final note, I really hope I don't see a bunch of arrests in the next police log relating to this post. College can get hectic and stressful at times, especially in the last few weeks before finals, so hopefully this gave you a few laughs and not a few ideas.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Another eventful weekend has past and another week of school work is upon us. I have officially fallen into drone mode. Everything just  becomes apart of the daily routine. But lets get back to the weekend.

We had two men's hockey games. I must say I've been impressed by the teams play. I would have liked to see them win that second game, but it was a solid tie considering they responded so quickly and killed a lengthy 5 on 3 in overtime. It was nice to see the top line scoring and DiGi continued to play well in the net. He made one of the best saves I've seen during the second period of the first game. When Kessel tied up the second game with 40 seconds left I fucking lost it. Not sure if I've ever screamed so loud in my life.

My roommates and I also ended up throwing a little shindig, during which I sneakily mixed in "Wagon Wheel" and it turned into a giant singalong. I'm talking a giant circle of epic-sauce. Yes, I just said "epic-sauce." Don't worry, I just punched myself in the face for you.

The other weekend night I made it over to one of UNH's fine fraternal organizations for the first time this year. I definitely had more fun than I expected, lets face it anyone who has ever been to a frat party knows they are hit or miss. It was fun and nice to check them out every once and a while... plus it helps when you're good friends with a few brothers.

Then things got weird...

After the party I was walking through A-Lot. It was a little after 2 in the morning. There are a group of 5 guys maybe 20 yards ahead of me walking in the same direction I am. Walking towards them, and me, are two girls. As the two groups are about to pass each other, the guys spread out and two of the guys go on both sides of the girls and one guy walks between them. I can hear them exchanging words, but I can't hear what they are actually saying. I could definitely tell the girls sounded uncomfortable so I quickened my pace, but as I just about caught up, the two groups continued in different directions. I kind of kept an eye out for them and made sure everything was cool. I have never been so close to thinking I might have to call the cops or thinking that I might have to get physical or something. I seriously thought I was about to witness something bad and luckily it didn't come to that. It was just a really weird moment and it really pissed me off about how sketchy those guys were. Like it's 2 a.m. in the middle of a giant parking lot, those girls are gonna be nervous anyways, just fucking leave them alone. I don't know, maybe I missed something, but it just seemed really weird and sketchy to me.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Health Services reminds us of the perils of alcohol

Remember kids, if you're not 21, then low risk drinking is not drinking at all! If you are 21, be sure to only have one drink an hour or you might get drunk! How appalling! 

Someone get me a Four Loko, shit is going down!

As a side note, President Huddleston now follows me on twitter... so drunk tweeting is going to be even more hilarious now.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running Journal: Apartment Clean

Background info: My roommates and I had a few people over last night... According to my memory the last person left around 2:30 or 3 a.m... Then she returned at 4 with a copy of Role Models and Dominoes, angry that none of us went with her. If that doesn't confuse you, it should.  Anyways, you get the idea. A small social gathering, a late night and lots of alcohol... and once again I was complimented on my DJing skills... let's just say there was an epic sing-a-long to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" that came out of nowhere.

Since I can't divulge any more details of the night, this is a running journal of me cleaning my apartment this morning:

-Woke up around 10:30. Too hungry to fall back asleep. (After about 5 hours of sleep.)
-Living area has that unique smell of beer, Jack Daniel's and pizza.
-Dominoes girl had also just woke up after sleeping on couch.
-The Role Models menu screen is up and volume is blasting. She says it was looping all night.
-I start putting dishes in sink, trash, recycling all that stuff...
-Discover unopened sugar-free Red Bull someone left... I'm gonna make it through the day... or at least until 2 p.m.
-Pour out Beirut cups, bunch of random stuff like coins, playing cards, bottle caps in a few.
-Find 3 slices of dominoes on coffee table. Put in fridge for later.
-Find half-eaten slice of pizza in toaster oven.
-Half popped bag of popcorn in microwave
-Half-eaten ramen on counter.
-Check couches. No sofa pizza, but find a lot of pens, popcorn and a snickers bar.
-Discover dishes in dishwasher are clean. Someone ran it last night. Awesome.
-Empty dishwasher and basically refill it.
-Made a trip to HoCo- they should have known better and had a late breakfast like on the weekends. Also, when the entire bottom level is full, they should really open up the upstairs. Just my opinion though.

That is the most activity I plan on doing for the day.

Lastly, I'm not gonna lie, this song is my new jam:

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get to Know UNH

Since there is currently nothing for me to overreact and become outraged about at UNH, I wanted to have a little fun this week. Over the past two months I have noticed that a lot of my fellow students don't know some basic things about UNH and college life in general. With that being said, I give you "The New Hampshirite's 10 things you should know about UNH." A few of them are an addition to my previous unwritten rules of UNH, while others are simply tips or guides to succeeding at UNH.

The first thing that you need to know about UNH, or really any college, is that the "Elbow Rule" always applies. I am, of course, referring to Beirut. Everyone has different house rules, but the elbow rule, meaning your elbow cannot cross the table during your shot, is universal. Repeat offenders may be subject to a Walter Sobchack "over the line!" style berating.

While on the topic of parties, it is also essential for male students to realize that when a girl at a party asks to see the Magna Carta poster in your room, she really doesn't want to see the Magna Carta you have in your room. Lets just say one of my roommates didn't pick up on that context clue, so as his friend it is my duty to remind him about that in the school paper.

If you are invited to a party and the host says that you can "invite a few friends," that does not mean to bring all of Williamson with you. When a host says a "few friends," he clearly means to bring like three or four members of the opposite gender. I'm sorry, that is just how it is.

Another thing you need to know about UNH is that wearing intramural champion T-shirts makes you either the coolest or lamest person in the room. Lets face it, not everyone thinks that winning the inner tube basketball tournament is T-shirt worthy. In my opinion it is, and winning an intramural sport is still on my personal UNH bucket list. However, wearing those shirts is like making a "ten points for Gryffindor" reference. People who like Harry Potter think you are awesome, but everyone else thinks you're a weirdo.

By the way, no one cares about how much homework, reading or studying you have. This is college. If you spent more time doing your work and less time complaining about it, you'd probably be done by now. We all have more free time then we know what to do with, hence the consistent binge drinking.

Since I am a nice guy, this one is for your own personal safety. Never cut in line at DHop, because it will more than likely end up in a physical confrontation. Late at night people at DHop are drunk and hungry. They just want their pizza and anyone delaying that process is going to hear about it.

I just have to say that Stillings is by far the best dining hall on campus. I always hear the debate over Holloway and Philbrook, but those people have obviously never been to Stillings. Sure, they have crappy hours, but their food is top notch, always fresh and they always have your four basic college food groups: chicken patties, burgers, French fries and quesadillas. If only they could serve beer…

The next thing mostly applies to those who live in the dorms and UNH apartments. Get to know and respect your RAs or CAs. Sure, some of them can be a hassle, but many will be easy on you if you respect them. The worst thing you can do is talk yourself into trouble if they were just giving you a warning. This is very similar with UNH police. There are always a few who are power hungry, but showing respect and courtesy will always benefit you.

If you need to take your laptop to tech support don't worry, they already know it is slow for unholy reasons. That is why you should be smart and get a Mac like me. Apple just gave me a free iPad to say that. Okay, maybe not.

Lastly, Iddles is the part of Parsons Hall where the auditoriums are. Stop asking. I know it is not on the campus map given out to freshman, but it shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's Outrage: Daylight Savings

I am in the middle of writing four papers in three days so I'm going to keep this short.

I officially hate the end of Daylight Savings Time. Getting out of class at 5:30 and it being dark out is just depressing. But the fact that Conan O'Brien makes his glorious return tonight is worth it. I have been looking forward to this day since Neil Young played him out with "Long May You Run" on his final show. (Okay so technically Will Ferrell led a jam of "Free Bird" after Neil Young, but you don't forget a Neil Young performance.) Oh, and the best part about the premier of Conan tonight? Jack White is the musical guest. Yes please and thank you.

Anyways, that was quite the interesting weekend. The hockey team picked up four huge points, including a win at BC. This team is looking like they are going to be a tough match for anyone (Won at Miami-Ohio, tied Michigan, won at Cornell, won at BC). Those are all high quality wins/tie that are only going to help their Pairwise Ranking at the end of the season.

While the hockey team was on the road for both games, things back in Durham were pretty fun. It was a typical weekend here at Headquarters, meaning I played loud music and drank a lot of beer and Jack Daniel's... ah, already looking forward to having Thursday off. Here's a little themed #musicmonday for any of you twitterers.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Plugs

Here are some things I feel like plugging that you should check out if you don't have any big weekend plans.

First of all, the #19 in the nation Field Hockey team hosts Maine at 3 p.m. today on Memorial Field (turf in front of the Whitt). It is a semi-final game in the America East Tournament, and I'm sure the team would appreciate a few students in the crowd. They are a Division 1 college sport, and although it may not be as exciting as football, basketball or ice hockey, they have put in a lot of hard work, training and practice to get where they are today. (It's in a half hour, but you can still catch the second half!... if they have a half, I know nothing about field hockey...) At the very least if they win today you should all show up for the championship game on Saturday...

Tonight at 8 p.m. in the MUB entertainment center (basement where the Improv shows are) there is a free concert and the artist is a friend of one of my best friends. (Anyone who reads the comment section would know him as The Maine Guy). Anyways, if you don't have plans and are looking for something to do you should check it out. I mean it's a free show, so why not? His name is Keelan Donovan and you can check out his band's facebook page here.

The biggest UNH sporting event for the weekend is definitely the football game on Saturday at noon. #8 UNH hosts #4 William and Mary, who have been a thorn in the 'Cats side for the past few seasons, beating UNH in their last 7 match-ups. It should be a great game and should UNH win, they will definitely move up in the national standings. Hopefully the student section will be out in full force, because quite honestly the football student section has been terrible this year. So make yourself an Irish coffee or two, get there and be loud! Last year W&M won on a late field goal, and this year's game has the potential to be one of the best of the year.

Alright, I'll admit this was a lazy post, but it is a Friday and I just want to relax.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A PSA from UNH Blog

It seems as though every day for the last two weeks I have heard about college campuses sending out warnings or even banning Four Loko. Every morning I expect an email from UNH about it, even though you can't buy them in New Hampshire. UNH may very well be the only school in the country not yet to ban it. For those of you who live underneath a rock, Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink and just one sip will kill you... or at least that is what colleges seem to think.

The reason they are so "dangerous" is because they come in 24 ounce cans (Arizona Ice Tea size), and one is approximately the equivalent of drinking something like 5 coffees and 6 light beers. They come in various flavors, are 12% alcohol and illegal to sell in New Hampshire. Now, I have never had a Four Loko, but last weekend I had the pleasure of trying a Tilt, which is basically the same thing. (And to my knowledge, not technically on the market right now).

I will now tell you why they are so dangerous: because it was fucking delicious. It tasted like grape soda and it will get you going. It is basically like having a giant vodka and RedBull. Seriously, after a few sips I was ready to rock. Keep in mind I had already had a few drinks, but I could definitely tell what they have the potential to do. I am not a huge energy drink person. I will have a morning coffee, but that is about the limit of my caffeine. I don't even drink a lot of soda. The major problem with these alcoholic energy drinks is that people drink them like they are drinking a regular beer.

So, what I am saying to you is if you find yourself drinking one of these beernergy drinks this weekend, pay attention to your consumption. We don't need a UNH student student falling victim to stupidity. That being said, party on! Time to start my Thirsty Thursday!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Revisiting my roots

Well this has been a fun couple of days here at UNH, just further proving why the University of Nonsensical Happenings is such a fitting name. Seriously, out of anything I have ever written, I'm not sure the title will ever be topped. Not to toot my own horn, but UNH never ceases to live up to its numerous reputations. Before I go on I would like to address a comment about my last column (alumni webcam). While the majority of the comments (on the blog and TNH) agreed with me (or were even more radical: see Friday's post) there were a few who questioned my approach. This was my favorite:

From TNHonline: Jeff says: "And the award for the biggest overreaction goes to...
Seriously, is there anything the New Hampshirite isn't outraged by?"

Jeff, there are many things I am not outraged by including, but not limited to: puppies, videos of kittens falling asleep, getting good grades, ice cream, fluffy clouds, roasted marshmallows, and jello. But not green jello. Fucking green jello pisses me off. And don't you dare put fruit in the bottom. Shit gets mushy and gross.

While the blog has seen an increase in activity lately, I know I haven't been as open as years past about what's been going on at the Nonsensical Headquarters. And by Headquarters I am referring to my apartment. I know for the most part the writers on here are anonymous, and you read about what we have to say, but do you really know us? Sure, by now you have picked up that I am a student here, and I may or may not have what some people refer to as a "drinking problem." Although I vehemently deny that accusation, I understand why some might get the notion.

I know this blog has been more serious at times recently, and I love the direction it is heading, but I also don't want to forget my roots...

This year has been insane. I have never been so busy, but still had so much fun at the same time. Last week we celebrated one of my roommate's 21st birthdays, it was a Tuesday night (into Wednesday morning). Wednesday morning classes were fun. (Double hangover! What does it mean?!?!) Follow that up with Halloween Weekend and you can imagine how last week was for us. Two trash bags full of empties. That's how it was.

I'll share one of my favorite stories from this year. So, I get back to my apartment after being out for the night  and two of my roommates are just hanging out in the kitchen/living room area. I ask where our other roommates are. They tell me that one is still out and the other... is in a kitchen cabinet... again. As we're laughing one of the doors swings open and his arm just flops out. For some reason, and none of us can figure why, but he enjoys curling up inside a kitchen cabinet to pass out. He says that "it must be comfy." Of course, we make sure he makes in to bed eventually. We're not that terrible. The strangest thing is that he usually grabs a blanket to take in the cabinet with him. I mean if he walks down to his room to take a blanket off his bed, then why wouldn't he just stay there? Ah, alcohol does funny things to one's mind... and cue him coming to talk to me about this in 3, 2, 1...

I have a few other stories and hopefully many more to come that I'll be sprinkling in from time to time but until then:

Stay classy, not UMassy.