Friday, December 17, 2010

....Just need to weigh in

So I've been absent from the blog for some time now, got caught up with life. This UNH being ranked the 'Druggiest' college in the country was just too important not to weigh in on. The first question--which The New Hampshirite has fully covered--is whether or not UNH actually is the 'duggiest' campus in the US and how these rankings were really put together. Although I've seen people doing just about every drug on this campus, besides the super hardcore (heroin, cyrstal meth, crack etc.), there really is no way to tell if UNH really is the number one school in America for drug consumption. As The New Hampshirite properly explained, our position on this scale may have more to do with the DPD and UNHPD being way too serious when it comes to UNH students having a little ganj. It may not be.

What the top housing F├╝hrer's fail to realize is that this 'Drug-gate' (I'll keep it alive) has a lot more to do with the 'RA-gate' (I'll keep that alive too) than meets the eye. As the housing and conduct Axis creates more and more ridiculous rules to curb underage drinking, students are realizing that the risk of underage drinking is just too high and pursuing other highs. Molly, ecstasy, marijuana, acid, mushrooms, and cocaine are filling the void and becoming many student's 'go to drugs' as a less conspicuous route. You never hear of any students getting caught by there RA's for doing shrooms, why? BECAUSE THEY'RE EASY TO INGEST AND PRETTY low key. They leave no chance for internal possession and unless you bug out, lead to a safe, albeit crazy, day or night of partying (or finding your inner path).

UNH Housing's failed attempt at curbing underage drinking has created this negative externality (can you tell it's finals week?) and now the school has to deal with its own mess. Didn't like being the number 7 party school in the nation, I'm sure being the number 1 drug school must have administration ecstatic! Now on the 'Ra-gate' issue, it seems as if it's just another example of how fucked housings policies are. All RA's, SRA's, and Hall Directors on this campus are fucking douche bags, and I'm standing by that. Some may come off as your friend, they may even be nice to you for a little bit, but on the inside they are power tripping, self-esteem-less, free-riding, under-age-girl-hitting-on tools. And the few that may have had a soul? Well, they have already been fired or politely asked not to return, a la the 'Ra-gate' incident.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it UNH....I know you will!


  1. Spoken by a true douche-bag.

  2. I have my problems with RAs that fit your stereotype but I have friends who have been RAs that are definitely not out to get residents. Just because you obviously hate yours doesn't mean it is universal.

  3. Hi-Lites: You're off (but hey, at least you're consistent: and your presence on this blog takes away from what is otherwise a reasonable and welcome source of dialogue for UNH students.

    Your asinine, juvenile blanket ranting against "authority" is pathetic and baseless. To stand by and claim that "all RA's, SRA's, and Hall Directors on this campus are fucking douche bags" and "on the inside they are power tripping, self-esteem-less, free-riding, under-age-girl-hitting-on tools" is insulting and incredibly hurtful. Instead of continuing to spout off irrational anger and hatred towards individual people you obviously haven't taken the time to get to know, you might grow up and write something constructive and meaningful, something with some substance to it that would attempt to bridge this divide between students and authority that you yourself continue to perpetuate.

    Otherwise, if you're happy with being a ranting loon, if you're not going to do something about it, then I'll be content in the fact that I spent a year working alongside a group of incredible RA's and SRA's, people that you insist on trashing. I'll be content in the fact that I was an asset to and friend of my residents, that I received room and food in exchange for my efforts and, most importantly, I'll be content in the fact that you helped pay for it.

  4. I have had RA's, and hall directors that were cool, and ultra D-bags. there were definitely wayyy more ultra D-bags than "cool" RAs.