Thursday, December 16, 2010

UNH Drug-gate won't go away...

Due to my expertise on UNH nightlife and drugs (or supposed expertise that is) I was interviewed by the Portsmouth Herald on what I am dubbing "UNH Drug-gate." I've already had one of my coined terms (University of Nice Herb) used in the paper, I suspect "Drug-gate" will be used next. (Side note: I don't know if I really came up with U of Nice Herb, but I've never heard it used before.) Anyways, the article talked about a statement released by a UNH spokes person, then featured yours truly for a while and then used some quotes by other students. I'm glad to say my quotes actually made some points, as apposed to saying "derh high people walk around UMass derh." Okay, I added the "derhs," but I think you get the point.

Here is the important part of the article about me. Because that is what really matters... (Am I right?)

A UNH student, who writes the anonymous column "The New Hampshirite" in the school's student-run newspaper, agreed with Mantz.

"I really don't think UNH deserves being labeled a drug campus, let alone the 'druggiest campus,'" the anonymous columnist said, declining to give his name for this story. "As far as how prevalent drugs are, aside from alcohol, marijuana is probably the most used. I remember a UNH Health Services ad from earlier this year that said 73 percent of UNH students don't use marijuana. So, if 27 percent do use marijuana, that is actually lower than what The Daily Beast had as the statewide average for 18- to 25-year-olds."

The New Hampshirite columnist frequently writes about the party and night life atmosphere at UNH. While he admitted marijuana and cocaine may be used on a smaller level at the university, he said drugs like Adderall, which are typically prescribed for hyperactivity and attention disorders, are abused more at UNH.

"I hear about more students taking Adderall to pull all-nighters — especially now that it is finals week — than just about any other drug," he said.

The columnist said he was surprised when he heard about the ranking, and particularly by the use of on-campus arrests in the determination of the final score. According to The New Hampshirite, because of UNH's zero tolerance policy, more arrests are made. The school doesn't give initial warnings or citations for drug use. A zero tolerance policy allows punishment on the first offense.

"Since UNH has a zero tolerance policy, we have more arrests than most colleges," he said. "In a way, we were only ranked No. 1 because of how strict the rules are here."

(You can read the less important part of the article here. Really good piece though, big thanks to the author for using me as a source!)

Thats some damn good quote usage there. First the Union Leader and now the Portsmouth Herald. When is some newspaper finally going to write an investigative feature piece on The New Hampshirite. Think about it. Who is the New Hampshirite? Is it more than one person? Who is the anonymous (and most likely devilishly handsome) person behind the University of Nonsensical Happenings, the student run blog that is taking over Durham (...and the world)? Who is this masked vigilante taking down one university figure head after another? (Too far?)

One final thought on this whole "Drug-gate" thing... As one of my brothers said  "druggiest isn't even a real word... that's like saying The Daily Beast is the worstiest blog."  In all fairness, druggiest doesn't have that red squibble under it, so some internet dictionary must have it, but you get the point. (However, worstiest and squibble both have the red squibble.)

Stay classy, not UMassy


  1. Congrats on being published in local papers.

    I think I may have a head start on that investigative piece because I am pretty sure I figured out who are.

  2. Isn't the writer of that article also a TNHer? I can't decide if that makes the use of an anonymous source better or worse. I mean, it's not like she wouldn't know anyone else on campus that has an opinion.

    No offense to you Big Guy, I just don't see the point in interviewing you.

  3. She is an editor, but I think she asked me because she knew that I had some decent thoughts on it and not just "more people smoke at Vermont..."

  4. you gonna write about how SIX RA's got fired in williamson?

  5. I heard about that earlier today, but didn't have time to ask around about it... any details? All I heard was that a bunch of willy RA's were fired, but thats it...

  6. Apparently the RA's who got fired attended a 21st birthday party in Newmarket. Not sure how many were underage or if there were residents there (which would presumably be why they got in trouble) but that's pretty much all that's been going around. The senior RA found out about it and told the hall director. Some freshmen put together a facebook group protesting it last night but the group mysteriously disappeared..

  7. Okay, I just heard that from someone else. I was told the SRA saw pictures of those RA's drinking and turned them in to the hall director.