Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow Up Thoughts on UNH's Drug Use

I've been working on a research paper all day and I need a quick break from that type of writing...

So, I would just like to take a few moments to follow up on yesterday's post about UNH's number 1 drug ranking in the country. First of all, there is noway that list is accurate at all and it only takes a little statistical analysis (and common sense) to realize that. UNH has a zero tolerance policy, meaning if you have one tiny little marijuana seed or tidbit of pot on you, you will be arrested. Many other schools, such as Vermont, simply issue you a citation much like a speeding ticket. That means while UNH has more arrests for marijuana than other schools, it does not mean that UNH students are using pot more than others. We simply get in more trouble for it. If that study was to be done accurately it would need to include citations issued for drug use along with the arrest numbers. If that were the case, I would highly doubt UNH would even crack the top 10, if it would even make the list. Now, do a fair amount students here use pot? Yes. But I guarantee it is not any higher (and actually probably less) than most of the other schools on that list.

It a way it is kind of amusing because UNH is only being labeled a top drug school because our policy is so strict. Either way, it is completely ridiculous that this has been made into a big story. I mean it's the "Daily Beast" a glorified internet blog that made a slideshow. There really is no solid evidence to back up their claims. This is just another case of the conservative media trying to make us all look bad... I wouldn't be surprised if Stephenson Billings of Christwire was behind this list...

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Nice video on the subject:


  2. My real issue with the rating is how out of touch the media is with campus drug use. Citing only weed and coke? Let me warm up my time machine and go back to 1985 so those drugs might be considered relevant indicators. If anyone were really concerned with campus drug use the conversation would focus on the abuse of prescription medications like oxy and aderol, not to mention the exploding meth scene on many campuses around the country.

  3. Actually the Daily Beast wouldn't really classify as an example of the conservative media. Also do glorified internet blogs buy magazines?

    Maybe your blog should acquire Main Street Magazine?

  4. Probably the best way to ever put it- thank you thank you new hampshirite.

  5. 3rd commenter- the "conservative media" line is an old joke froma response I had about this blog being called a liberal propaganda machine or something like that.

  6. Excellent post. I came to a similar conclusion here: