Monday, December 13, 2010

UNH Ranked Number 1!

No, that title is not for our men's hockey team, who's questionably ranked number 2 behind Yale. I mean Yale?!?! Who have they played! Anyways, that's for another post. UNH was just named America's Druggiest College by the Daily Beast! (read this in Dan Lebatard rant manner)There we go! We have done it! University of No Hardware no more! U-N-H U-N-H UNH! Vermont are no longer the Dirty Hippies of New England! Colorado Boulder who? Buffalos no longer buff-a-blow pot smoke! U-N-H the University of Nice Herb! Wildcats! Yes! Play it again! The entire campus exploded in joy! Their bong smoke filled the air! New Hampshire Live Free or Die! The Old Man on the Mountain didn't just fall, he passed out! UNH! Can you hear me?! Wildcats, YES!

Stay druggy classy, not UMassy.


  1. Such an epic rant New Hampshirite haha I love it

  2. So excited this came out during finals week. I just laughed about this for 10 minutes straight from pure exhaustion and because my brain is mush. Good to see you're about on the same page. So many exclamation points!

  3. I have never been so proud of UNH

  4. how is this a good thing at all? we are run of the mill for pressure to use and presence. our cops are much more strict than others leading to a higher arrest rate. the other third of the score was based on statewide data..

  5. ^^the fact that we are run of the mill for pressure to use is cause to celebrate...we do it for fun, not because of pressure...all this despite over-active cops

  6. I don't understand how their system for grading works:

    Drug use grade: C-
    Percentage of 18-25s statewide using drugs regularly: 29.21
    Percentage of 18-25s statewide using marijuana regularly: 41.54
    Percentage of 18-25s statewide using cocaine regularly: 7.23
    2009 on-campus arrests for drug law violations: 106
    Student population: 15,253

    So basically they are taking numbers from the entire state and factoring it into our campus? Greatttt math guys. What about Plymouth State? Keene State? SNHU for god sakes? I'm pretty sure most of their %'s for state wide use aren't even college kids, this is New Hampshire.

  7. The most disturbing part about all of this is that a "legitimate" newspaper (The Boston Herald) has picked up on this story (which is essentially from a blog! Who the hell believes anything they read on a blog?!...hehehe) But seriously, this is how Anderson Cooper came up with the bogus Obama trip-to-India can legit news outlets source blog "research"...?...

  8. My Mom will never let me apply here now... darn.

  9. I've only had my blog for 1 day and I do not really know how to follow up the comment you posted soooo I'm just going to do it this way since I know you have to approve comments. The above comment was completely NOT serious. I read your blog on almost a daily basis and I love it. Me and my Mom read it together actually (;. UNH is my number one choice to apply to next year when I am a senior and if I don't get accepted I am most def going to go to a CC to bring up my grades even more and just keep applying! It is basically my dream school and NO ONE on Earth can keep me from attending University of New Hampshire! (: