Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Stillings Guy

So a couple of my roommates and I just tried to eat at Stillings. We didn't realize that they closed at 7:30 this week. We got there are roughly 7:45, walked in without a problem, punched in our ID numbers and walked over to get some food. As I reached to grab a plate I here "Hey, guys! We closed at 7:30! ALL WEEK! Get out!" As I turn to look I see an older guy throwing us out like he thinks he's Joe West tossing Ozzie Guillen or something. I mean this guy had the entire finger point and arm swoop and all. Mind you, there was still food out and the three girls in front of us who went in the other direction were not bothered. I guess they were just throwing all that food away, or worse, saving it for tomorrow's sloppy Joe's. I quickly thought to myself, I'm sorry I didn't have time to memorize the dining hall schedule for the week because I was writing final papers all day so I don't end up with a shit job where I wear a tie for no reason, but I decided not to say that. Although, had I been on a limited swipe meal plan I definitely would have spoke my mind. I would have had no problem had he said something like "Hey sorry guys, we closed at 7:30." If that were the case I probably would have apologized to him, but instead he had to go into all power authority "I WEAR A TIE SO I FEEL IMPORTANT" mode.

 PS: Thanks for following us out the door, I was really hoping on snagging a roll of bagels or something.

Not my classiest post, but I digress.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. #1- That royally sucks that they kicked you out. If the doors were still unlocked then they should have let you grab something to eat.
    #2- The Joe West comparison made me laugh. And reminded me of this video, simply for the dedication and mild obsession it must have taken to create it.
    #3- someecards is awesome, hands down.

  2. I hate when people abuse their powers...

  3. So funny story... This is in reference to this post and the America's Druggiest College post:

    I was on the bus to Philly's Pancake night and there was a very drunk/stoned (and I mean both with the slash) saying that he got kicked out of Stillings at 7:45...

    New Hampshirite were you/one of your roommates on this bus?

  4. No we weren't, but that is crazy. Kind of wish we were... There were other people behind us at Stillings who got kicked out too...