Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Revisiting my roots

Well this has been a fun couple of days here at UNH, just further proving why the University of Nonsensical Happenings is such a fitting name. Seriously, out of anything I have ever written, I'm not sure the title will ever be topped. Not to toot my own horn, but UNH never ceases to live up to its numerous reputations. Before I go on I would like to address a comment about my last column (alumni webcam). While the majority of the comments (on the blog and TNH) agreed with me (or were even more radical: see Friday's post) there were a few who questioned my approach. This was my favorite:

From TNHonline: Jeff says: "And the award for the biggest overreaction goes to...
Seriously, is there anything the New Hampshirite isn't outraged by?"

Jeff, there are many things I am not outraged by including, but not limited to: puppies, videos of kittens falling asleep, getting good grades, ice cream, fluffy clouds, roasted marshmallows, and jello. But not green jello. Fucking green jello pisses me off. And don't you dare put fruit in the bottom. Shit gets mushy and gross.

While the blog has seen an increase in activity lately, I know I haven't been as open as years past about what's been going on at the Nonsensical Headquarters. And by Headquarters I am referring to my apartment. I know for the most part the writers on here are anonymous, and you read about what we have to say, but do you really know us? Sure, by now you have picked up that I am a student here, and I may or may not have what some people refer to as a "drinking problem." Although I vehemently deny that accusation, I understand why some might get the notion.

I know this blog has been more serious at times recently, and I love the direction it is heading, but I also don't want to forget my roots...

This year has been insane. I have never been so busy, but still had so much fun at the same time. Last week we celebrated one of my roommate's 21st birthdays, it was a Tuesday night (into Wednesday morning). Wednesday morning classes were fun. (Double hangover! What does it mean?!?!) Follow that up with Halloween Weekend and you can imagine how last week was for us. Two trash bags full of empties. That's how it was.

I'll share one of my favorite stories from this year. So, I get back to my apartment after being out for the night  and two of my roommates are just hanging out in the kitchen/living room area. I ask where our other roommates are. They tell me that one is still out and the other... is in a kitchen cabinet... again. As we're laughing one of the doors swings open and his arm just flops out. For some reason, and none of us can figure why, but he enjoys curling up inside a kitchen cabinet to pass out. He says that "it must be comfy." Of course, we make sure he makes in to bed eventually. We're not that terrible. The strangest thing is that he usually grabs a blanket to take in the cabinet with him. I mean if he walks down to his room to take a blanket off his bed, then why wouldn't he just stay there? Ah, alcohol does funny things to one's mind... and cue him coming to talk to me about this in 3, 2, 1...

I have a few other stories and hopefully many more to come that I'll be sprinkling in from time to time but until then:

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Sounds like cabinet boy ate a bad bag of shrooms!

  2. I would argue you have actually moderated your rants. I remember one of the first posts you made was about how we must have rigged the student body elections. I am afraid that contact with establishment figures like TNH and ... me, corrupted you into a reasoned and measured thinker. I would like to request you write something completetly crazy and paranoid (the sagacious UNH Hi-Lites could probably help you with this) sometime soon.

    Still reading,
    Mr. Wolf

  3. Mr. Wolf, it is great to hear from you. I don't feel that I have had anything significant to truly rant about, or maybe this university has finally brainwashed my imagination.

  4. I think the only option you have to regain yourself here is to write as complete a blog post as you can while COMPLETELY hammered