Monday, November 22, 2010

The results are in...

For the past month I have had a poll up on the blog to see what genre UNH students would most like to see SCOPE get in the spring. Well, the results are in so let's take a moment to check them out.

Genre           Votes
Hip-Hop:        95
R&B:              6
Rock:             51
Alternative:     30
Country:         40
Other:            15

Total Votes:  237

Look, I even made a pie chart because I can...

As we can see there is a strong push for a Hip-Hop act at UNH, which I actually thought would have had a higher percentage. Overall I am happy about the results, because it shows that while Hip-Hop is the favorite, not everyone wants that like commenters say on SCOPE's facebook. It also proves all the kids wrong who claim "no one likes country" or "no one likes rock." (Still, roughly 40% is pretty high considering how many options there were, almost doubling the next highest option). Rock came in second (and got my vote!) with 22%, which wasn't too far ahead of country with 17%. I actually wouldn't mind a country show along the lines of Americana/Folk rock like Old Crow Medicine Show (great live show), but I can't stand the stereotypical redneck country most people think of. (They took 'er jerbs!)  I was surprised to see 15 votes in the "other" category. I felt I hit the major ones, so those I'm guessing those are things like electronic and punk or smaller sub-genres.

Well SCOPE, you asked for my thoughts a while back, I left it open for students to vote and now it is up to you to book a show. The majority wants hip-hop and if that is the case Kid Cudi or Wale would get my vote. I'm interested to see what happens. If you have two shows left in you, in order to please the most students I'd say one should be hip-hop with the other being a rock/country full band type of thing. Something UNH hasn't really had for a while.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. we've had enough rappers and hip hop shows. get a good band here

  2. Kid Cudi, Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses, Arcade Fire, Ratatat, etc. Hip-hop and a rock show for next semester would be mint. That would please a great majority of the student population that seems to like to complain no matter what SCOPE brings.