Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So close...

I almost had to break out the riot punch tonight as the UNH men's basketball team nearly pulled off the upset down at UConn. UNH led by one at the half and it took 30 points from UConn standout Kemba Walker to top UNH. Ferg Myrick and James Valladares turned in very solid games for UNH, who will be without their leading returning scorer Alvin Abreu for the rest of the season. Abreu suffered a season-ending knee injury earlier this year. UConn went to the free-throw line 26 times compared to only 6 trips for UNH. I hate to sound biased but a few second half calls definitely went the home team's way. Either way, it was a great game and an unbelievable effort from the Wildcats. I know it got me excited for America East play and now you know why I included men's basketball in the new poll. This year's team is for real and the rest of America East better watch out!

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Very impressive - Kemba Walker that is. He literally is the ONLY reason they win games.

  2. your poll is biased because those kids voting don't go to basketball games to truly see how good this team is. The hockey team dishes out good teams every year only to let us down but this bball team, i think, will get UNH its first ncaa bid