Friday, November 19, 2010

Share your thoughts...

My roommates are going to murder me. We all get along really well, but sooner or later they need to realize that whenever they do dumb shit, it's going to end up here. Take last night for example: I bet my roommate four weekends worth of alcohol that he couldn't fit an entire slice of pizza in his mouth. Not only did he try it (which was the point of the bet) but he failed. That is a double win for me. I guess I am just really persuasive, I mean that alone should get me an "A" in my persuasive writing class.

Here is another little story from last night involving UNH police. So, two of my roommates have just got back from a beer run around 9:30 or 10. As they are walking through the Gables parking lot with a couple 30s and boxed wine (classy... for the ladies...) a cop pulls up next to them and rolls down his window. He says "Doesn't seem that much is going on tonight, where are you guys headed?" One roommate replies "Just back to our apartment." Officer Friendly says "You guys drinking that all tonight?" Roommate: "Haha, no this is for the weekend... and next weekend." Cop: "That's gonna last you guys two weekends?" As if he was calling them out for not drinking enough. So no, it is definitely not going to last two weekends, I would be surprised if it lasts tonight.

What do you guys think: Was he just being friendly and making conversation? Or was he trying actually to see if they were providing for a party or something? The way he joked about it lasting two weekends almost seems as though he was just having fun with them, but at the same time the way he asked where they were going seemed like he was trying to pick up on something.

Have a good weekend. If you're not going to the hockey game tonight, you can catch it on NESN. Also, tomorrow is the last home football game of the year and if UNH wins they will basically clinch a playoff spot. Be there or be square.

Lastly, I reinstalled the "like" option after posts. It was lost after I reformatted the blog at the end of the summer and I completely forgot about putting it back until now. So if you like what we're doing, let us know! I always look for feedback heading into breaks when I have time to tinker around, so let us know what you like, don't like and we'll see what we can do.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Sounds like he was just starting to gauge the party scene that will be out there tonight: I think law enforcement officers like to know what they may be facing later that night; Also if he busts your party later that night he has his earlier encounter with you to judge how harsh he's gonna be with...

    Should be an interesting hockey east weekend: Could see some interesting new rankings monday at 3pm if certain teams pull off some wins.

  2. I think the officer was being a little bit of both. During those first few seconds of interaction, if they seemed completely calm, collected, and not looking like they were going to cause any trouble, then he had nothing to worry about. The cops here on campus are actually all pretty nice, they just get that bad wrap because they have to do their job. I've done a few ride alongs with them, and they know they could arrest 90% of the kids that walk around that look like they are 15 with their backpacks on, but they really aren't out to get you, just to try to keep the community as a whole safe and orderly.

  3. Now that's a cop doing his job without being a prick! Hope, all of them can be polite ,smart and doing a fine job at the same time=)

  4. Probably a little bit of both. It is nice to hear the officer was at least friendly, whether he had good intentions or bad.