Monday, March 30, 2009

Are You Reading This?

Hey guys,

This is my awkward getting to know me post. I should break the ice... ummm. 

fuck it. 

I’m going to use this first post to explain myself, and my blog, which I hope people will read. I’m a student at the University of New Hampshire, the state where I have lived most of my life. Some of my posts may have limited audiences to students or locals. I decided to make this blog because I realized that no matter how much I study, play sports, video games, kick it and party I still have a lot a free time. (Plus I don't have a job.) I am told that I’m a funny person and I’ve never had the opportunity to write on various subjects that actually interest me so this is what this blog will be all about. Some of the posts will be my opinion on the news, sports and stuff like that, others will be true stories and maybe a social experiment once and a while. (Not everything will be 100% fact/truth so treat it like wikipedia... don't site it in a paper.) I have encountered many interesting things (and people) at school and I feel like more people deserve to hear about them. I am just an average kid at an average school, I get decent grades and like most students at UNH, it take part in activities, Thirsty Thursdays!!!, frowned upon by the administration but I’ll save that for another post. So that’s my blog in a nutshell, I hope you enjoy it and be sure to tell your friends. 

 I plan on doing some reoccurring posts like:

  • songs of the day/week/month/year/ whenever i feel like it
  • youtube video of the...
  • random stat of the ....
  • random fact of the...

Thanks for reading and please come back and comment. Even if you hate this/me. 


The New Hampshirite

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