Saturday, October 16, 2010

#3 Michigan visits the Whit

Tonight the #3 ranked Michigan Wolverines come to our house to take on the 'Cats at the Whit. Michigan is the only school in the country to have made more consecutive trips to the NCAA tournament (20) than UNH (9). To say that Michigan is a college hockey powerhouse is an understatement, however it is rare for  them to travel for a big non-conference game so we need the Whit to be rocking tonight. I expect a packed, rowdy crowd, and I am not just talking about the student section. After splitting a pair of games at then #3 Miami-Ohio last weekend UNH (#8) has proved they can play with anyone in the country. Michigan has a lengthy history and let's face it, if you've never heard of "The Michigan Goal" you aren't a true hockey fan:

So, UNH students and fans and all those in attendance tonight, be loud, be rowdy and make the Wolverines fear the Whit! Brush up on all your chants here.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Cannot wait for this! Will the Vaive-Hack Douche award be presented tonight?

  2. That award is not giving out, it must be earned.