Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 Student Orgs You Pay For, That Will Let You Down [And Why It's Not [Entirely] Their Faults]

CAB: The Campus Activities Board, they couldn't have said it better themselves on their website, "might as well've already paid for it!" With a budget of $107,500 (making it the second highest SAF subsidy behind SCOPE's), you may be asking yourself, how could CAB ever let me down? Now don't get me wrong, CAB puts on some damn good events throughout the year--Stress Relief, Comedians, Outdoor Movies, and even BINGO games (never been to a BINGO game but heard they are quite fun and plan on checking it out this year)--but it's not it's programming that I have a huge problem with but it's scheduling and date choices. In CAB's concept it states that CAB's purpose is to put on "alternative programming," this is something that really grinds my gears. As The New Hampshirite has repeatedly pointed out, and UNH Health Services has even admitted themselves, the majority of this campus drinks. That means that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday most UNH students are out trying to relieve some of the stress from the weeks tasks and tests--I think we can all agree a few drinks to take the stress off is better than letting it build up and stringing oneself from the rafters. So when does CAB decide to schedule most of its "alternative programming?" Right in the middle of most peoples nights out! WHY???? CAB brings some hilarious comedians, and stress relief is one of the best events to attend come finals week, but the organization makes it impossible for the majority of the student body, the PAYING students who buy into the STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE, to attend it's events. Maybe I'm fucking crazy here but wouldn't it make more sense for CAB to put on events on weeknights, when every member of the university has an equal opportunity to attend them? Or are weeknights when Englehart residents and Res Life members are caged up in their rooms beating it/doing homework/playing farmville/watching reruns of Greys anatomy? My 2nd qualm with CAB is that thus far they have failed to create any meaningful traditions at UNH. Has anyone ever even been to the Homecoming Parade? I can't say I have! It seems to me like in the year since Communiversity (not even a SAFO org) has existed, they have already showed CAB up at it's own gig, organizing flashdances during finals weeks and lets not forget the Homecoming Bonfire, that is bound to be a tradition that carries on for years to come. My last issue with CAB is it's lack of advertising. So what if CAB chalks at the entrances to the MUB and hangs up a few posters near the GSS Boxes, not everyone is a MUB rat, some of us live of campus and have things to do during the day besides walk around the fucking MUB. Maybe if I would know for once when a comedian was coming I'd be able to take a break from drinking, attend one of these Saturday at 9pm "alternative" events, laugh my balls off, and then get back after it downtown trying to forget my own name.

Maybe I'm just the only crazy one here?

Next Time: Find out why SCAN will probably let you down.

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