Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Talking Future SCOPE Shows

Last night I received a tweet from SCOPE asking who they should get for the spring. I got all excited, but then realized that my personal music taste is definitely not on par with the majority of college students. Now, I like a lot of different music (everything from country, folk, rock to rap... mostly rock though) but as live shows go, bands are almost always more enjoyable. I love music, if I didn't, I wouldn't be skipping Thursday and Friday to take a bus to New York City to see My Morning Jacket (SCOPE, I know they're probably out of your budget so I won't say anything about them).

I mean, watch this video. They fucking rock:

I also realize that if SCOPE doesn't get a hip-hop show in the spring, they could be in physical danger. It's not my wish or preference, but it could happen. Therefore I have created a few lists for possible acts I would love to see SCOPE get. The first list is probably more along the lines of what the hip-hop fans want, and the second list is more of my personal list, considering different genres. (Yes, I am dedicating an entire post to SCOPE's tweet. Good music deserves more than 140 characters.) The third list is from LadyMeow, because I really don't know what is considered popular... not really sure if she does either though... **Keep in mind for these lists, I tried to make sure all the acts would be in SCOPE's budget. I'm not an expert so a few might be too expensive, but I definitely left some obvious ones off that would cost too much.**

UNH Popular List: (Basically these are acts I see always thrown out on SCOPE's facebook page that I like or wouldn't mind).
-Kid Cudi
-J Cole
-The Roots
-Wiz Khalifa
-Slightly Stoopid (obviously not rap, but they seem to pull in a similar audience.)

I love The Roots, by far my favorite hip-hop since the Beastie Boys. Wale and Kid Cudi would also be high up on my personal list.

My short personal rock/country/alternative list: 
-White Stripes (any Jack White will do. He is a god with a guitar.)
-Old Crow Medicine Show (I saw them this summer, great live show).
-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
-Ryan Bingham
-The Felice Brothers

LadyMeow's "short" list she sent me. There were a few I wouldn't allow on here though. I decided to let these appear in the same post because I really don't know what type of "music" the brainwashed MTV college generation actually listens to. Give me my classic rock and I'll be happy.

-Maroon 5
-Counting Crows
-Arctic Monkeys
-Gavin Degraw
-Jimmy Eat World
-Kings of Leon
-Pretty Lights
-Sam Adams (Please no.)
-Super Mash Bros (Probably under SCOPE's budget... A poor man's Girl Talk)
-Flo Rida
-Nicki Minaj
-Jason Derulo
Tai Cruz
-Far East Movement
-Three 6 Mafia

Cue the "LadyMeow has a better taste in music" comments... keep in mind I really don't care though, because I admit I don't like music that a lot of college students do. Let's here who you want, comment below! Also, vote in the poll at the top right for the genre you'd most like to see in the spring! (If you vote "other", comment what genre on this post).

Okay, I'm off to NYC Thursday and Friday and then Gillette for the UNH/UMass game on Saturday. I hope to return with some great stories and posts.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. My Morning Jacket and Wolfmother = A+.

  2. Wow can I come to see MMJ? My Morning Jacket would definitely be in SCOPE's budget. Unfortunately I think the entire University would be pissed because the normal scope show attendees wouldn't know good music if it hit them on the head. Also LADY MEOW : SAM ADAMS??? Are you fucking serious?

  3. Wale or Wiz Khalifa, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Give me one artist I legitimately love and don't just start listening to when the concert's announced. I really liked MGMT too, but I've been listening to Wale for so long that it would be epic.

    Also, fuck Sam Adams.

  4. Lady meow has better taste in music.

  5. hey hey now. My friend DJs for Sam Adams for when he's in Boston. Also one thing about music everyone is going to have their opinion. I like Sam Adams so what? I'm sure other people do, maybe not the majority of campus, but I was just putting it out there. Also, I'm in support of my morning jacket. solid.

    ps new hampshirite, never asked for your opinion I don't make fun of your folk shit you chose to blast while drunk hahahha


  7. Even though I won't be here next semester, I suggest that the Spring Climax show not include a hip hop artist. There has been plenty of hip hop shows at this school the last three years. Solid rock artists like My Morning Jacket or Wolfmother would put on great shows, and it would be a nice change of pace from the hip hop and electronic artists who have performed here recently.

    p.s. New Hampshirite, it's so cool that you mentioned Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! They're awesome and would that be a great Spring Climax...too bad it seems like nobody knows who they are.

  8. Three6Mafia or Kid Cudi would be solid. Get some stoner rap going

  9. Kid Cudi would be great.
    The Roots would be borderline epic/amazing.
    Phoenix is good. As are the White Stripes.
    Kings of Leon, Counting Crows are on my list.
    Vampire Weekend anyone? Band of Horses?

    Basically, SCOPE needs to bring hip-hop and/or rock next semester. Maybe a bigger name hip-hop and smaller name rock/alternative.

    It's my senior year, so I am hoping they really bring it in the spring.

  10. panty wetter=DMB. too bad itll never happen :( :( :(

    i want someone that every fucking new england school is going to be jealous of.

  11. Kid Cudi, Wiz or Wale would be SICK. By the way for all the people that say that UNH has brought in too many hip hop artists in the past few years, thats so not true. Ok, Lupe Fiasco counts, but Akon? No. Also, MGMT and Girl Talk don't really count as hip hop. Ghost Face and Snoop obviously count, but that was 3 or 4 years ago. Please, please try to get a solid hip hop performer!

  12. While I don't listen to any of these...SCOPE uses as resource (well at least I think they do).

    Kid Cudi could definitely be done...he is in the same price range as previous acts...maybe a bit less for the typical hip hop/rap

    J. Cole is well below the average price range. Actually depending on how much some of the extra fees are for each one, the cost range for the J. Cole, Wale and Wiz is about on target for a big Spring Climax show.

    My Morning Jacket could actually be in SCOPE's price range as is about the same as other recent acts.

    I think they should try to go the non-Hip/Hop/Rap route.
    Rock or Alternative would probably be best.

    I think a concert with some combination of Donavon Frankenreiter, Michael Franti, and/or Matt Costa would be nice for the Spring.

    A large about of people seem to be on the Deadmau5 bandwagon. That could be good too.

  13. Gaslight Anthem, the Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Avett Brothers, Cage the Elephant ....


  14. Let's face it - they're going to book a rap show to please the majority of the campus that has no good taste in music. We can't help the fact that there are 5500 people who don't know the definition of good music is, so they buy tickets to see Akon, and then bitch about not having Sam Adams. Fuck them. But, they pay the fee too, so even though the kids in SCOPE probably have good taste in music, they'll be doing their job by booking a bro show. If they're on their game, they'll add Wiz to the lineup - he's going to blow up. Kid Cudi and Wiz would be an epic show.

    Also - LadyMeow. Are you fucking stupid? Oh yeah SCOPE should bring Phoenix or Kings of Leon. They're probably still in SCOPEs budget even though they're selling out 20,000-seat arenas. Tool.

    They hit the comedy. They hit indie-rock. A huge rap show and another show from a different genre. Use the gsr kids. Felice Brothers, Avett Bros, Old Crow Medicine Show, Ryan Bingham. Hit the real indie hipsters.


  16. I agree with Geoff on this one. A solid rock show would be awesome. But I'd still bet that scope puts up a rap artist.

  17. Okay...We've found some common ground. The Black Keys should be the spring climax. If you don't have their new CD yet, get it. ITS COLOR CHANGING!!! But on the other hand DEADMAU5 would be epic because everyone goes to spring climax super fucked up and looking to dance any way, why not roll our faces off?

  18. We could "roll your faces off" to Pretty Lights too, who is probably one of the best live electronic performers and also likely within SCOPES budget. Not only does he put on a grimy show, but he's cool as shit. Also, Slightly Stoopid would be epic.