Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homecoming 2010...Too bad it's over!

Homecoming 2010 Bonfire & Fireworks

So I know I'm about a week late writing about UNH Homecoming 2010 but damn that was one fun weekend. It's too bad it's gone because it really is one of the 3 great parties that UNH decides to step up for and have each year, the other two being Halloween (which is right around the corner) and the first nice weekend in the spring--the one where the temps just right and the girls throw their Uggs and leggings into storage and dust off their short skirts. It really is too bad the UNH student body is so weak every other weekend, I've been on campuses of equal size who throw down harder during their summer schools then UNH ever does even on homecoming. Blame it on the town of Durham thinking THEY ARE THE TOWN (no one who lives here has been here even half as long as this University has so I'd appreciate if the townies would quit their bitching and realize that this is OUR TOWN, and fuck their 10pm noise ordinance), or the gestapo composed of UNH, DURHAM, and sometimes even LACONIA police (thinking that a little underage drinking will be the end of the fucking universe) or maybe even blame it on our weather being shit 90% of the school year and nobody wanting to make the hall from the distant residence halls to the downtown area. Whatever it is, it's too bad we don't step up more often. Here's a few of my memories from last weekend--If any one could fill me on what happened between 4pm and midnight on Saturday it'd be greatly appreciated, I had to re-up.

Football Tailgate

Some folks killing it in a lifted pickup

The Young Drive DJ's killing it - Damn I love Star Wars

Young Drive getting after it in the sunlight

Paul Dean's Gestapo using "necessary force" on some drunk fool

My Jam of the day thanks to those DJ's

I'd be interested to hear how everyone else's weekend went. Let me know....


  1. I do agree, the police were pretty ridiculous this homecoming. Have to say though, it was mildly entertaining sitting at the window in Libby's around 11:30/midnight and watching the paddy wagon drive by every 5 minutes. People were being good I thought, very drunk, but all in all I think it was innocent (except for the stabber?! of course). As far as filling you in, my Saturday began with a Bud Light at 9am and ended with a kamikaze shot at 12:30am, so I can't help you out too much. Have to say, all in all, it was a pretty awesome homecoming. Can't wait to come back next year as an alum and re-live some great memories!

  2. Can't agree more that we need more weekends like that. Homecoming, Halloween and Spring Climax-ish have always been my top 3.

  3. It was really more of a poker than a stabber, since nobody really got grievously injured eh? But yes, it is scary, and I discourage poking as well.

  4. I love the Labels for this article: "fuck our weather, fuck the police, fuck the town of durham, homecoming". I couldn't agree more.

  5. YO YO.... SO fuck that shitty UMASS blog for stealing my PHOTOS...BUT,i was just tipped off by a reader that their are some videos of the STORM TROOPER DUO, officially known as Lazerdisk Sex Party on YOUTUBE. I pretty much blacked this beer shower out but it had to be the most epic end of any party: