Friday, October 8, 2010

Lets Talk About The Latest Trend

By: Lady Meow

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let's give it up for those titties staying alive and well by making our statuses subliminally say where we like to have sex. In actuality, we're not being perverse, we as women on Facebook like to indicate where we enjoy putting our purse. For me, I don't really have an oversized weapon I just have my cliche Coach clutch that I like on my wrist: "I like it on my wrist?" "I like it in my pants?"

I love everyone's statuses though and I think it's great that we're raising awareness on the most popular site on the web. I also find it dissappointing, yet intrigued that a way we can get attention is by using sex (or maybe I'm just a horny girl). Either way, it better be positive attention that breast cancer is receiving and not negative attentions a certain group did by almost burning porn (thank God they didn't). Oh and I heard Tiger Woods has a sex tape. Anyone wanna confirm that?

Also, post your best statuses or share your thoughts! I like it on Wildcat Transit.

(o)_(o) Viva La Tits -Lady Meow


  1. dumbest thing ever. no way will this help breast cancer or even breast cancer awareness. sure people are talking about it, but so would the status "I support breast cancer awareness."

  2. almost as stupid as those "i love boobies" bracelets people wear, which are mainly guys. its dumb and they're just looking for attention

  3. I like it on top of the good will donation bin, even though its a $250 fine for putting things on top of the bin. Please bag up your donations and drop them inside of the donation bin. Thank you.