Friday, October 15, 2010

Campus Consciousness hits UNH

Blogging on a day off? I am a trooper. Anyways, just wanted to share some thoughts about a few things, including the concert last night. First though, Stillings has posted my napkin note. Here is the response they gave: (click to enlarge)
This is how I interpret that response: Come on dude, we all know it's not real cod... or even real fish for that matter.

Also, if you ever order a sandwich from the Gables Cafe, never get it on wheat. You'll pay the same price as on white, but the wheat roll is about three inches shorter.

Okay, now on to the concert last night.

I got there around 7:30, met up with some friends and found a nice area about 20 feet in front of the "sound booth" area that was gated off. We were slightly to the far end of the gym, but pretty central. Right after 8, K. Flay got things started. At first I didn't know what to think, a female rapper dressed like a grunge rocker? She was actually kind of a pleasant surprise and pretty entertaining. She DJ-ed for herself while she rapped and got some people moving. Although she was only on stage for about 20 minutes, she got about five songs in with  "Speed it up" being the best for me.

Next up was Black Joe Lewis and the HoneyBears from Austin, Texas. They were a blast, playing uptempo big band jazz New Orleans style type stuff. Personally, I love that type of music and they were a very fun band to watch. They played a few songs I recognized from looking them up including "Sugarfoot", "Gunpowder" and "I'm Broke."I was happy to see they kept the college crowd moving. But on the whole it felt like the crowd felt they played too long... which was around 45 minutes or so.

After about 45 more minutes of nothing Passion Pit finally took the stage. That wait between sets was probably the worst part of the show. Well, either that or the douche in front of me who didn't move a muscle the entire night until Passion Pit played "Sleepyhead" and he went nuts. I mean he wouldn't even bob his head or clap for anything.

As fun as "Sleepyhead" was with the entire Field House jumping and it was definitely the crowd favorite,  I think Passion Pit's performance of "Little Secrets" was their best of the night. Hearing the entire crowd scream "higher and  higher and higher. Higher and higher and higher" was pretty sweet as the concert transformed into a giant dance party.

My one knock was the Passion Pit played for exactly one hour, then played a two song encore. I understand that college shows usually feature shorter sets, but it would have been nice to hear a few more songs from the main act. One other thing that sucked were all the douche bags throwing glow sticks at the band. I felt bad for them and I hope they realize that was only a select few (as most came from the same direction). I think the best way to describe that concert is simply as fun and energetic. All three acts were uptempo and kept the crowd moving which is the most important thing for a college show.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Dave Hill and Jon Plodzik don't even answer napkin notes anymore? Fucking weak. And they claimed that me and my malicious magazine writing was the one ruining community and goodwill between them and students.

  2. I think they still do some of them at HoCo... but I've noticed a bigger variety of people answer them this year.