Friday, May 7, 2010

Another music post

If you're getting sick about music posts, I'm sorry. I'll do concert reviews for Girl Talk and Titus Andronicus and that will be it until next semester.

If this is what Girl Talk can do in about 3 minutes, I am excited to see what he does on stage. I've heard that his live shows are actually pretty entertaining even though he his just using a laptop. When I got my free ticket from SCOPE for Girl Talk I was told that they have a few "special effects" for tonight so I think this could be a great show. Especially considering it was only a $5 student ticket.  While on the topic of music, I heard Eminem's new song "Not Afraid" and I'm not going to lie, I really like it. I like that he admits in the song that Relapse was "ehh" and that he overused the accent.

Sam Adams did finally sell out today (I wonder if El Pres just bought the final 40 tickets?) One final thing on El Pres, I wrote a comment on  Barstool in which I said I was the student who called him a crybaby and I actually wished them success with the show... and he didn't publish it! I wonder how many comments he normally rejects? The only time I have rejected a comment was when it had a name in it. I am so happy this will finally be over after tonight, but I am also very excited to see Dirty Durham at its finest tonight when the two shows get out.

Also, I just got carded.... for buying tylenol allergy relief. I have been served at bars before without being carded. I mean, I pretty much look my age... but really? For tylenol?

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. I like your music reviews - keep 'em coming :)