Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Goals and Predictions

Ok, the main point of this post it to test out the new features of the blog I added this morning. If you didn't notice you can now "like" and "retweet" each post. Hopefully this will help create more reader feedback and involvement so don't be shy and share the love if you're on facebook or twitter. Now I would like to share some of my summer goals:

  • Make money
  • catch fish (largemouth bass baby!)
  • discover my inner cowboy by frequently getting sloppy drunk on whiskey 
  • investigate t-shirts for next year
  • find stuff to write about so the blog doesn't die.
Speaking of that final bullet point, does anyone have any suggestions for summer postings and to keep the blog active? I would love to be able to, but it is hard to find inspiration when I'm not on campus. I'm sure stuff will come up. One of my brothers recommended a competition, but I don't have any clue what it would be about, how to judge it or what the prize would be. Possibly a free t-shirt when and if I ever make them? For now I would recommend following/friending/liking us on facebook and twitter and when you comment make use a name or ID instead of just 'anonymous.' You don't have to make an account or anything you can enter a name anytime you comment. That will help us track regular commenters and that could come into play if there were ever to be an actual prize (even if it is just a certificate in next years "award ceremony"). 

I also have a few predictions for next year at UNH:
  • UNH football will have another great season. Last year they were the best team in CAA North and it looks like they have only improved on that. I believe they will be a serious contender for the FCS championship. 
  • Men's Basketball will be a top 3 team in America East. They are returning all of their starters from a decent team and I think Ferg Myrick will develop into the best player UNH has seen in a while.
  • Men's hockey will have a better regular season record than this past year. Despite losing Hobey Baker finalist Bobby Butler and goalie Brian Foster I believe the team will be more well balanced. Mike Sislo and Paul Thompson will be ready to lead the offense and Stevie Moses will have the break-out year I expected him to have last year if he can stay healthy. Greg Burke should continue to improve on his freshman campaign, which showed his true potential late in the season. He could be the team's next big playmaker over his final three seasons. Blake Kessel will anchor a defense that was very inexperienced last year and should only improve. They might not be the top seed in Hockey East again, but they will have a better record. 
  • SCOPE will get a rapper. MGMT and Girl Talk were awesome, but they know to switch it up.
Okay, I've been studying (kicking ass in NHL '09) all day and that is all I can think of right now. Share any predictions you have in the comment section below!

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. How about re-capping last year's predictions to see whether or not we should trust your word...


  2. If you do discover your inner cowboy, please take photos & remember to share them with us :)