Monday, May 17, 2010

Drunken Dreams

Hello, and yes I am still alive! I know it has been a while but I've been back and forth from home, packing, cleaning and studying. I had my two most important finals this morning, but now I am done until a gen-ed on Thursday. Anyways, as I was showering at 7a.m. this morning (8 a.m. finals are probably the worst thing for a college student with my sleep patterns) and my mind began to wander...

I have noticed that when I have a late night drinking and pass out I have the strangest, but weirdly realistic dreams. Now, "strange" and "weirdly realistic" probably seem contradictory, but I am a pretty weird person (if you haven't noticed by now I spend my free time in college writing a blog about free time in college - yeah that is actually kind of weird but at least I acknowledge it). Anyways, these dreams I have are usually pretty bizarre and involve me doing something that wouldn't seem too out of line for a drunk person and they usually result in me waking up and trying to figure out if that was a dream or reality. That can be scary, possibly even scarier than blacking out and not remembering anything the next day... for example the other day I woke up and I had the memory of coating myself in an entire bottle of Axe, not the spray but an actual bottle. You can imagine the smell, it would be the equivalent of a skunk gone wild in the basement of a frat. Anyways, I was very happy to discover that the only bottle of Axe I have was unopened and my room smelled fine. Phew, that could have been bad.

Actually the scariest thing is waking up and thinking something happened, deciding that it didn't happen only to discover later upon further investigation that it did actually happen. Then you are left to figure out what the hell else happened "The Hangover" style. This has also happened to me pretty recently. I woke up one morning and seeing a trash bag on the side of my bed I had the distinct memory of puking. Needless to say I was very pleased when I saw that they bag was empty and clean, but I proclaimed to my roommate "I could have sworn that I puked last night, where did it go? I can't find it... I guess I didn't." Now, there is nothing wrong with puking after a night of drinking, we have all been in that situation where there is a cute girl/guy and you think they are into you so you have another drink to provide more time for an impression to be made. I mean, they already smiled at you and showed an interest, but in reality that smile was really out of entertainment because you already can't finish a sentence... or a thought for that matter. But, hey you're out celebrating because you just aced that Anthropology exam after only attending three classes for the past month and a half, including the review session that lasted 15 minutes because only four out of the 150 students had a question and two of them were about the length and format, which the professor already explained. So why not have a couple more drinks? Are you still following? To make a short story long, I found that puke on the side of my bed a few hours later... can you guess who did laundry that afternoon? This guy.

Wow, that was quite a rant. I guess that is what happens when I don't write a blog with any substance for a few days. I hope to keep writing for the rest of the week, but I'm still unsure about my summer plans for the blog so keep checking back. It all depends if I have some good material and inspiration. Good luck with the rest of your finals and if you're done have a great summer.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. i always have drunken dreams that involve pandas... don't ask me why.

  2. Dear Lady Meow,
    This is how you write a blog.

  3. Yes, I know I'm slacking, I'm horrible. I'm a total rookie at this blogging shiz and writing is totes magotes not my major at all (i haven't written one essay/paper/ at all this semester). duly noted. i thought my post "how not to end up like lindsay lohan" was decent, probably why i got no comments.

    i'm looking forward to writing better posts in the fall. thanks for all the feedback everyone!

    sorry new Hampshirite this was your post. i love it. you're the best. im going to miss you very much this summer. lets get drunk soon before you leave :D

  4. I swear, it seems every time I have too much to drink, the day after, I'm wondering if I made an ass out of myself - like telling someone's mom off or something. It's quite disturbing :(