Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Proposal: Can DJ Girl Talk & Sam Adams Collaborate Friday Night?

By: Lady Meow

Going with the 'end the hate' theme. I have come up with a proposition that may please more people on campus Friday night on the 7th of May 2010:

I want to know if there is anyway SCOPE & Girl Talk could work out something like muy rapido with Stoolapalooza & Sam Adams. I mean our blog ( & go back and forth between bashing GT, Sam Adams, El Pres, SCOPE, MUSO, etc: we're all guilty of it including myself. However, let's cut the shit and lets end this year right with an exclusive show only for us here at UNH. Let's really get our $$$ worth and get the people unable to go to Sam Adams or GT, but wanna see a good fucking show unconditional of who we think is better or worse. Although, since we know GT has made out pretty damn well (look at the numbers) lets give Sam Adams a chance to see what he's got. Is he as good as people say he is? Can he do it successfully?

Therefore, I propose that DJ Girl Talk do a live mix with Sam Adams physically present either free styling or rapping one of his songs (which ever is going to work). I would love to see this take place in public where SoCo isn't involved. If we want this to happen we can't piss off UNH admins with the alcohol policy (whatever that is). I mean I'm sure with the drunken fast creative teamwork we could accumulate on this campus after each show this can certainly work.

I mean maybe I'm being a little far-fetched, (I can't speak for any organization and I don't know the business/contract aspect with SCOPE, Barstool Sports, the artists, etc) but I see it as a win-win. Girl Talk creates another hit, Sam Adams gets more respect (hopefully). This would boost local UNH business (if done near Main Street). So entertainers, let's not be the typical 'sell-outs', if you really love your fans & what you do (or whatever motive) more than your ticket sales & cover charge, I think this is a perfect opportunity to put on an epic show that neither UNH or artists will ever forget.

On a more personal note, which my readers along with my blog-mates will not like, but I love Sam Adam's album and my favorite songs happen to be: "Comin' Up", "Coast 2 Coast", and "Just Love Here". I also have ALL of Girl Talk's albums and always play it from when I bump down Main Street to when I work on my fitness (gotta keep that tight ass son). So seeing this for me would be absolutely be more than remarkable and definitely a headliner above my many highlights here at UNH.

Again, it's just a proposal. Its mostly just a wish that I demand. Ultimately, I honestly don't think it will ever happen. Maybe I can at least get Sammy to sign my tits or GT to create sweet DMB song mixed to a blunt-rollin bumpin beat (holy musicgasm). Oh when you wish upon a star...

For once, this show might be better than having multiple orgasms,


*Update*: I have sent an e-mail to barstool sending him the link to this post. Lets expect the worst, but hope for the best.

*Update 2* The Stool Responds!

scope made out well because it was a free concert and they don't have to make money. It's fake life. Stop comparing the two events. We sold 3,000 30 dollar tickets at Umass and they had to shut it down. We would have kicked girl talk's ass all over the map if this was a +18 event and they didn't pull the venue

What do you think? All I have to say is thank you for proving my point, peace and blesssssiiins.

*Update 3* Sammy Adams tweets to me!!!!

BostonsBoy: Whatup twitter worldddddddd


BostonsBoy: @ladymeowUNH I'm with it haha scope can suck a dick


  1. Keepong my fingers crossed for you :)

  2. Not to spoil your optimism, but the reason Sam Adams could not perform in the MUB was because Barstoolsports is alcohol sponsored? I haven't really looked into whether that's true or not, but I got the picture if it is, Scope won't sponsor a singer sponsored by alcohol. :( On a more positive not for me, I'm not a fan of either.

  3. I've heard Sammy Adams won't freestyle and actively refuses to battle when challenged.

  4. (gotta keep that tight ass son)" - lol so raw...

  5. @ Night Owl
    Yeah, I know about the SoCo thing. Thats why i want a legit jam-shesh between the two, business aside and do it for the students/fans.

    Welp, my respect went down for him. Sounds like he's a turning into a diiiiiva. But who knows its a rumor.

  6. What part of him barely fucking selling 250 tickets here and Girl Talk playing festivals to tens of thousands of people doesn't this fucking pug faced idiot get?

  7. Since when is Girl Talk a free concert? Last time I checked it was $5 for students and $30 for non. UNH was the only school he actually tried to work with a student org... every other school (like UMass) the venue booked it or it was a bar/club off campus. I bet any other student group at other schools would have done the same thing as SCOPE.

  8. "Second of all even though I never condone rape if you’re a size 6 and you’re wearing skinny jeans you kind of deserve to be raped right?"
    -- El Pres,

    Just throwing that out there. Glad he came to UNH.

  9. Dear Anon,

    Rape is not a fucking laughing matter. Go fuck yourself.

    Eat shit too,
    Lady Meow

  10. new hampshirite- i'm damn glad you said that, i never/im sure no ones ever really thought about it that way, how el prez went through a student org just this once at UNH and of course shit went down, he didn't do that anywhere else. so glad its finally over...also for whatever reason you decided to bring ladymeow onto your blog, i'm pretty sure that anon comment was sarcastic...el prez is a dick and he was just proving that point by pasting the rape comment. anywho, bloggers reallly shouldn't take things so personal all the time...just my two cents. keep up the good work! also meaner titties is hilarious.

  11. I know it was sarcastic, but honestly there are other examples that could have been used to show how el pres is a dick. I find it very offensive that men and some women just throw 'rape' out there like its no big deal.

    'just my two cents'.

  12. Lady Meow -- that's EXACTLY what I was getting at. I was being completely sarcastic, I apologize if it came over the wrong way. "Glad" as in "pretty embarrassed and disgusted." I'm sorry again -- should have made it more clear I wasn't condoning it.
    In addition, the throwing around of "rape" was what I was trying to get people to notice -- I was pretty surprised that no one has called "El Pres" out on it. It wasn't about showing how much of a dick he is, but also about how ridiculously ignorant he and his readers are. Look at the comments -- they completely ignore the issue. I bet if there was any way El Pres could get condoned for this by a higher authority such a comment would get him into huge trouble, but unfortunately, he's just a bro who never grew up that can do whatever the hell he wants on his immature blog.

  13. and sorry -- second time I used "condone" it should be condEMN...GT last night, need I say more?

  14. naw its all good dood. just a communication failure. and i forgot to mention yea i think el pres is a ultra douchelord for saying something like that. its people like him is why girls probably starve themselves. guy needs to be set on fire or something like that. oh well, he's making more money than i am currently so I can't say much. actually, i'm helping save lives (i work in a hospital/doctor environment).

    thanks for the comments we appreciate anything! thank you for reading as well!