Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Quick Rant (sorry, not drunk.)

A while back I got a message on my twitter account simply asking “What is the best part of UNH?” I didn’t see the message until for a few days and I felt bad for not replying earlier so I quickly answered without much thought. I know I said this a while ago, but it may have been before I had more than a handful of readers, but I encourage you all to ask me any questions, open-ended or not. You can tweet me a message on twitter, ask New Hampshirite on facebook, post a comment here on the blog or email me at The more questions or comments I get, the better and faster the blog will grow.

This one reader’s question got me thinking and I really wanted to take some time to give a legitimate answer. So what really is the best thing about UNH? A lot of things at UNH are probably pretty similar with most large universities across the nation.

I really enjoy the freedom I have at UNH. I know a lot of people complain about the cops and RA’s (as I have several times on here before) but step back and think about it for a minute. The cops are just doing their jobs, to protect and serve. If they see a drunk kid stumbling around at night they are going to arrest them because they have to...but they are still douchebags... RA’s can only do so much, so if you have a plan you should never get in trouble from an RA.

Outsmarting RA’s is not even hard to do. Especially because someof them couldn’t give a shit about what you do, but there are always are a few in each dorm who take their job a little too seriously. Pay attention, these are my tips and if you follow them you will never be busted by an RA. This is really basic information that most kids know and freshmen will realize it within the first few weekends, but I figure it wont hurt to share my ideas. Some of this is a repeat of my freshman article so I apologize if I'm being repetative, but kids always get in trouble for stupid things the first few weeks. It's gonna happen.

Keep your music at a reasonable level and have a place to hide your drinks if there is a knock on the door. While drinking in a dorm room my friends (yes, I have friends) we usually keep a drawer open and if there is a knock at the door everyone puts his or her drink into the drawer and shut it. I probably had an RA knock on my door about 15 times last year while I was drinking with some friends and never once did we get in trouble. Not even a noise violation or a warning. Always pay attention to the time; being loud after quiet hours is the easiest way to get written up. Open the door all the way, this shows that you have nothing to hide. If you are playing drinking games don’t make it too obvious. NEVER use beer cups during Beirut; water cups are the way to go, plus it’s more sanitary. (Trust me I got an A in Germs 101 last year. Easiest class at UNH. Seriously you should take it.) If you are playing a card game, try keeping some poker chips on the table. If you’re playing kings make sure you ditch the king’s cup too, we usually didn’t use one just to be safe. A lot of RA’s really don’t give a shit; they only do it to get free housing, which goes to show that it is very important to know which RA’s are on duty. Basically you have to be really dumb to get caught by an RA. Don’t be dumb.

I know a lot of people bitch about different things at UNH and I could easy write about every little thing that is wrong with UNH. But that’s not my style, I would rather just rip on things that truly deserve to be ripped on and appreciate the rest. I have realized that the best part of UNH is that this question is so hard to answer. Comprende? There are so many things I enjoy about UNH; it is nearly impossible to pick one.
I hope you all enjoy your college experience as much as I have so far.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. agreed, also getting on a RA's good side makes it a lot harder for them to bust you.