Monday, August 31, 2009

The Interview

Welcome back readers, I just want to say a few things before I get to the long awaited, and highly anticipated interview of the century. Well the first day of classes has finally arrived. Durham is once again overflown by college students as we settle into our dorms and apartments. Students are hanging up your typical Sublime, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Muhammad Ali, and/or Boondock Saints posters on their walls, hooking up their Wii's, 360's, and PS3's (I have PS2, old school bitches) and stocking their fridges and closets with various types of alcohol. The weather is looking nice for the week and Labor Day weekend which is highlighted by partying, pre-gaming and the opening football game on Saturday.


Over this past summer I began thinking about college in more general terms I started talking to a lot of people, first for my own inquiries, but I found that they were actually much more entertaining than educational, so I have decided to share them with all of you. The different people I talked to were all different ages and they all attended different universities. They all asked to remain anonymous and I agreed. Enjoy.

The Subjects

  • Older guy from work. He went to UMass and is a crazy old hippie.
  • A family friend who graduated from UNH a few years ago. Kind of a wacko.
  • A friend who is a senior at BU. Normal apart from going to BU.

The Interviews

1) If you could have changed one thing about your time at college what would it have been?

Older Guy- I wish I spent more time studying and less doing…extra curricular activities… I went to UMass in the late 70’s the “ZooMass” hey-day… and the drinking age was still 18.

Graduate- I would have changed my major, I got a degree and I don’t have a job in that field. I now realize that you shouldn’t believe everything your professor says either, they can just tell you what they want. If you really what to learn something, research it yourself, don’t rely on other people.

Student- Well, I still have this year and then maybe graduate school, but I wish I moved out of the dorms sooner. Not dealing with RA’s will be very nice this year.

2) What do you see for yourself in 5 years or so?

Older Guy- Well hopefully I can sell my company (construction) and retire to a nice house on a lake up north. (Not bad for a ZooMass grad.)

Graduate- I’m trying to get more into politics. I campaigned for Ron Paul this past election, I hoping to run for the (city) council and eventually mayor. I want to work my way up to governor or senate in another 10-15 years. I see a long career in politics for myself. I would really like to make it to DC as a state Rep or senate member, then who knows.

Student- Well as a Bio major I hope to land a high school teaching job and eventually move to a private school, academy or college where more money can be made.

3) What was the low point of your college career?

Older Guy- I got arrested at what was supposed to be a nonviolent protest about the price of textbooks. The funny thing is I never bought books, but this girl asked me to go with her. Although in hindsight, we have been married over 30 years so it all worked out.

Graduate- cocaine.

Student- I was arrested for public intoxication on Halloween of my sophomore year.

4) What was the best part of college?

Older Guy-, The girls, the booze, the drugs and the parties. College used to teach life lessons, students would stand up and protest for things they believed in.

Graduate- I always had apartments at UNH and we always had parties and stuff. There were always people over and a lot of weed in our house. In general I had a great time.

Senior- I feel bad saying this but when our hockey team won last year there were some awesome parties and even professors lightened up for a week. It was pretty cool.

5) What is the most important thing you got from your time at college?

Older Guy- It taught me how to be more responsible and to deal with my problems on my own.

Graduate- It’s all bullshit. Read a book or do your own research if you want to learn.

Senior- Hopefully how to be a good Bio teacher. We’ll see.

6) Any stories?

Older Guy- When I was at UMass a kid jumped of the library to commit suicide, its like 21 stories or something like that. When my younger brother went there a kid ran through the dishwasher in the café and died. It was like a miniature carwash and the thing burned him alive.

Graduate- We had the only ground level apartment downtown and during the Red Sox riots we got a front row view at everything. When the cops brought out the pepper we let a bunch of people into our tiny house. There were probably about 40 people we didn’t know sin our living room.

Senior- I been on the subway after a few Sox and Bruins games and seen some shit. Bar fights happen a lot down here. When I was underaged I would go to a couple bars that wouldn't card us by Chinatown. One of my buddies got in a fight with this like 40 year old guy. It got broken up pretty quickly and we weren't allowed back so it kind of sucked but it was also really funny.

I hope you got something out of this, maybe it will just make you think for minute about why your here. Most of all, your in college and you probably wont be back again so enjoy it while you can.

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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