Thursday, June 23, 2011

SCOPE releases survey and WeekieLeak Part III

SCOPE has released their summer survey and they want to hear who UNH students want for their fall shows when the semester starts up. They haven't had as much feedback, probably due to the fact that we're away from school, but they take these surveys seriously and this is your chance to tell them who you want to perform at UNH. Last semester the number one vote getter was Kid Cudi who SCOPE couldn't afford, but they did get Wiz Khalifa, who was the second vote getter... (then again, maybe I don't want you to vote. Never mind there is no survey, don't click on that link!) Whenever people complain about the president or any elected official I ask if they voted, and if they didn't I tell them they have no right to complain. So if you're planning on complaining about SCOPE's next show make sure you do your duty and fill out the survey. I know many of you will probably claim that SCOPE ruined your senior year because they didn't get your favorite artist who: A) either costs more then all of SACF could afford or B) No one else has heard of - but at least if you fill out the survey you can say that you tried to make a difference. In all fairness SCOPE has done pretty well covering different genres over the past few years. If I may make a prediction, I wouldn't be surprised if they went in a dubstep/dance/trance direction for one show and then some sort of rock show, possibly country or folk rock or some sort of alternative rock. To my knowledge they haven't done anything like recently that and those genres have a growing interest among college students. So UNH, it's up to you to tell SCOPE who you want. Please don't disappoint me, I have a tiny bit of faith left.

As for this week's "WeekieLeak" for the summer project, you may be interested to know that it will allow for my for more serious posts, and particularly my TNH columns, to be presented in a more professional manner. I'm probably going to run out of ideas for weekly leaks and hints before summer ends or the new project in launched, but I'll try to keep this going. Until next week,

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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