Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Final, Final Countdown

Welp, here we are. I'm a few days away from graduating and I still can't believe how fast these last four years went. Three (and a couple months) I spent sharing with you all on this blog. It's been a major part of my college experience and really my life. A lot of effort went into this, probably more than most of you realize (not to brag) but it is a lot more than just a few minutes here and there. Most of my posts are new and original. I'm not just posting the latest music video or whatever and writing three sentences about it. When I created this blog I wanted it to mean something, to provide people with news, opinions and stories on the undergrad life at UNH. I wanted it to be unique to UNH, unique to my experiences and unique to our time here and I think I accomplished that, for the most part at least.

A lot of you have asked about what will happen to this blog after graduation and the answer is that nothing will happen. Here is my reasoning.

This may sound a little selfish, but it is what I want. This blog has been my creation, my work and it took a lot of my own personal time. I'm leaving it as my own personal mark on UNH and really my own personal college memoir. I don't want to give it away, because quite frankly, even if I found someone better, I would never be happy with it. Someone else will create their own form of blog or twitter account to fill the void left by me and my fellow UNH social media personalities who are also graduating.

This blog has been filled with my personal stories, opinions and rants. It's been completely my own creation and done with my own style. Even the guest writers I've had never really seemed to fit in 100%. Don't get me wrong, they had some great posts, but they all seemed to fade away after a few posts (or due to graduation). Other people will make their own mark and leave their own path. I don't think it would be right for me to hand it on, not because I don't think it can be done, but simply because of how personal this blog is to me and what it means to me.

There is a reason I kept this blog mostly anonymous, although if you look in the right places you can figure a few things out. But at the same time for certain job applications this blog could actually be quite useful. (I'll be making my own personal twitter account and linking to it from my UNHBlog one when I do if you really care that much.) Also, there might be a little more "public" announcement come graduation...

Stay classy, not UMassy.
PS: I plan to have a couple more posts up over these next few days. I'm not done yet!


  1. Thanks for contributing to UNH's social media landscape over the last four years. We will miss your posts, especially the posts when you made fun of us. Be proud of your blog's success and the fact that you have a written record of your personal experiences at UNH. We wish you wellness and health as you move into the next phase of your life. Remember, ALWAYS stay classy, not UMassy.

  2. as much as i love this blog, i'm glad you're not passing it on to anyone else. can't wait to read your last posts!

  3. I wonder if you are hot.