Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SBP elect Rob Wilson continues to ruffle feathers

Not too long ago UNH held it's annual student body elections. Rob Wilson was the victorious candidate for the position as the new Student Body President for the next school year. Sadly, it appears that Mr. Wilson has been anything but the graceful winner. You know the old saying "act like you've been there before"? Due to recent actions, this can not be said for Wilson.

Following his victory Wilson refused to do an interview with TNH because they had written an editorial supporting another candidate. Real mature Mr. Wilson. I don't know what your future plans are, but politicians have to deal with critics everyday of their lives. Unless, of course, you don't plan on being a politician and you just wanted to be elected to pad your resume. Which would be totally acceptable because the student body president (and entire senate) is basically a sugar pill provided by the administration so that they can say that we have a voice. Let's face it, the student senate would never get anything done that the administration wasn't okay with.

Anyways, to get back on track. Wilson finally did agree to an interview with TNH, but only if it was with a reporter he knew. Because, of course, rejecting an interview with the one publication that most students read is the true sign of a leader. Along with that article,  TNH also published a second editorial saying:
But what was especially noteworthy from my short conversation with Wilson was his continued exaggeration and illusion of what he had accomplished at student senate. He still maintains that he has more experience than his counterparts, which is true if you don’t discount the semesters and meetings that he did not participate in.  

As 2010-2011 president Richard Peyser said of Wilson one year ago in this newspaper, “Wilson seemingly held his participation in the billiards club to be more pressing than representing his constituents; he frequently left and failed to show up at student senate meetings to attend his billiards club. That, however, is not the core concern I have. I take great offense to his statement that he has been working on medical amnesty since ‘it’s inception,’ when in fact he has not contributed to that pilot program in any capacity whatsoever.”

Clearly Wilson has tried to take credit for other students work, lied about his past, and blown off interviews and meetings. Actually, he sounds more and more like a real politician the more I think of it.

I wasn't planning on getting involved with this issue (because the student body president position is absolutely meaningless) but I was leaked more information about Wilson today that only continues to show his poor decision making and egotistical personality.

Apparently Wilson changed the door code to the Student Body President, locking out current President AJ Coukos who should have the office for the remainder of the semester. Reports say that Coukos "looked pissed" upon noticing he was locked out. Coukos' name was also removed from the door. Is Mr. Wilson looking to move in early? Renovate it? Or am I simply making nothing out of something because it's raining out and I don't feel like working on my final paper right now? 

All I know is that this (meaningless) victory for Mr. Wilson has clearly gotten to his head and he has only furthered to strain his relations with his own student body and student senate.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. The vote is such a popularity contest. If it was based on politics I doubt he would have won. He is acting like a bratty 4 year old

  2. bravo UNH, congrats on electing this fool. how he actually won is beyond me because he was such a tool whenever i saw him in the MUB

    1. Let's not even talk about the restraining order he has against him...

    2. Longtime reader of the blogMay 2, 2012 at 11:41 AM

      Disappointing that you have to take part in this drama, New Hampshirite. FYI, a student-body president's term starts at the moment of their victory so Wilson would be entitled to do with his office whatever he pleases. Quite frankly, this university and especially T-Hall deserves to have him as their "muppet".

      BTW, Former SBP Peyser's slandarous comments from a year-old TNH editorial should be discarded and called out for what they are. Peyser and former SBP A.J. Coukos used to be roommates - his editorial was nothing but character assassination in the form of an endorsement of his friend who was running against Wilson.

    3. That is not true. A student body president does not take over until the summer.

  3. This is a very one sided opinion. While I totally agree Wilson should have given interviews to the paper he has every right to move into the office on May 1st. Wilson has been facing slander throughout this whole election and frankly the other candidates were so upset about loosing that they had a petition created to contest the votes. Coukos knew that Wilson was to move in on May 1st- or who ever the SBP elect was going to be. He moved in on May 1st last year. Ever person in a new position who has an office moved in yesterday. I happen to know the out going SBP and VSBP were not very accommodating about giving Wilson access to the office so he had the code changed. It's Wilson's office now- why shouldn't he change the code if he wants to? I really think people need to stop ganging up on Wilson so much. Yes, he can be quite annoying, hard to deal with and quite frankly a no at all but he does mean well and will work hard for the student body. Coukos and other other candidates who ran against Wilson aren't angles either and have their own flaws as well as their positive traits. Nobody is completely innocent or guilty here. Out going SBP/VSBP have disliked Wilson from the start and gave Wilson a hard time. Wilson was a jerk for not letting Coukos known immediately that he changed the code. No one is perfect but they all have UNH's best interest at heart at the end of the day.

    1. "quite frankly a NO AT ALL"

      LOL. How does it feel to have your entire opinion invalidated by the fact that you're an idiot?

      By the way, future college graduate, it's "know it all". Jesus tapdancing Christ.

    2. This guy or gal is clearly not an English major...

  4. "Let's not even talk about the restraining order he has against him..."

    Actually, can we? Anyone know about this? It might have been nice info to have before the elections.