Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Charazmatic & Kid King-Criminals" Yay or Nay?

Reader Email - Hot new Hip Hop Act From UNH - check out Charazmatic and Kid King, the hot new hip hop act from UNH, combining acoustic guitar with a chill beat and great rhyming. They have been compared to Shwayze and Everlast. Check their debut video, and be the first one to put em on the map!!

There are some parts I really like about this, but I'm not exactly 100% sold on it yet. UNH, what's your opinion? I see some potential. Leave your thoughts in the comments! Also, SCOPE just announced Spring Climax will be in the Whit this year.


  1. Huzzah for the Whit. Now if they can live up to all the hype they're creating.

    For the vid, I actually kind of liked it.
    The video was a little too, eh, cheesy? for me, but I can understand that they don't have a whole bunch of resources to produce something like 'Thriller', ha.

  2. Come on New Hampshirite you populous bastard: "I'm not 100% sold" and "What do you think?"

    You're supposed to be an opinion-maker, not a wet-finger-in-the-air-to-see-which-way-the-wind-is-blowing-before-I-weigh-in-wishy-washy-hedging-motha-fucka!

    What do YOU think about it?

    Is it good, bad or otherwise and WHY?

    Grow a pair and form an opinion.

  3. Thanks for the comment brother. (I mean that in the way that he is my actual brother.) I think the kid can rap well, has good flow, but it just wasn't really appealing to me. I can see a lot of other people liking it, but it's not something I'm crazy about.