Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drinking Time: A Marathon or a Sprint?

Last semester I shared a story about a roommate "Stan" being chased across A-Lot by a crazed redneck with a crossbow. Or at least he thought so in his drunken stage. Just a few days into the semester and the ante has already been upped. This time it was a friend from down the hall accusing that the zombie sounds the sounds she heard from my roommate's computer game are actually from a monster hiding under his desk. She went as far as dragging all of his stuff in front of the desk to "block it off and trap the monster."

Now, I have been intoxicated to the highest levels, but I don't ever recall imagining things like that. Is it a part of someone's personal psychology or somehow tapping into their subconscious in a drunken state that causes these minor "hallucinations" to appear, or have I simply never been that drunk? Alcohol does funny things to people and it does affect different people in different ways. Maybe I've just gradually increased my tolerance over the past few years to a level where it never affected me in that way. I kind of hope that is not the case because it would be A) depressing and B) cost way too much money. Being a heavyweight probably gets expensive. I'm not claiming to be heavyweight, but I can confidently say I'm not a lightweight.

Then again, I'd rather be at a comfortable drunk for a long time then getting blitzed, blacking out and having a killer hangover for the next day. I see a night of drinking as a marathon, not a sprint. What do other people think, am I on my own here? Have other people ever experienced strangely realistic fears or are my friends simply permanently whacked out of their mind? (Maybe a poor word choice, I might have to pay for that one later.) Some people treat drinking as a sprint and there have been nights in the past (weekend) where I have definitely sprinted, but there is nothing better than a long marathon into the wee hours of the morning with good music and good friends. And as always, a camera is always necessary.
Milk does a body good.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. def. a marathon, unless you want to get raped up the butt

  2. god I miss college....

  3. marathon all the way.