Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dorm Life

The other night I stumbled across a web series called "Dorm Life" on Hulu. It's home page had some mixed reviews, but I decided to give it a shot. I got to say some of the episodes had me laughing harder than anything I've seen in a while. It is filmed as a mockumentary like The Office, but focuses around a floor in a college dorm comprised mostly of freshmen. While the show seemed to have mixed reviews, each individual episode was rated much higher and it has even won several web series awards. The first season (which covers the students' first semester) is comprised of 20 episodes all about 5 minutes long. The second season (second semester) is 26 episodes all in the 10 minute range. While some episodes are much better than others the show is so true to what dorm life is like. From the annoying and "fake" friendly RA to every other type of college student. I guess in a way it shows how stereotypical college students can be, but in the end we're all going through this awkward stage of new experiences together. Here is the very first episode, I think if you've ever laughed or been able to relate to the content of this blog you're gonna love it.  (I mean there is an episode where floor members investigate secret underground tunnels beneath the science labs on campus. If you read this blog a lot you know I have similar theories about UNH). I feel like I've meet or befriended someone at UNH like every character from the show. "Dorm Life"  does get better as you watch and becomes very addicting. Plus you can basically watch a season in one sitting so it's a good time waster over break.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. I stumbled upon Dorm Life when it was still brand new and I had to wait for the new episodes back when I was a sophomore RA (I'm a Grad Student now, so 2/3 years ago)!! They have a twitter account and I do remember people trying to get them to make a 3rd season.

    Quite a good web series! I'm glad to see that someone else has found it!

  2. Great review! LOOOOVE Dorm Life. Glad you enjoyed it too! Make sure you watch the characters' webcams as well; sometimes those make me laugh even harder than the full episodes!

  3. I love this show as well. I was watching Community, and Hulu said that i would like this show. Boy were they on the money with that one. I am almost done with season 2 (i have Hulu Plus, WOOT WOOT!). i love everyone in this show. i wish i went to their school. Dorm Life is pretty amazing. hope they continue to film.