Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Handle UNH Parking 'Authority'

By: Lady Meow

This letter was sent into the Office of Parking Clerk (OPC). This is a GREAT example on how to handle that parking ticket you didn't deserve from the UNH parking authority or whatever kind of authority they have.

Basically, my friend went down to Boston to visit a friend. She paid a 2 hour parking meter and came back with 16 minutes left and found a ticket on her car. Needless to say she was quite 'bullshit'. I mean who wouldn't be? Things like this have occured around us here at UNH. She shortly sent in a letter and the whole fine was appealed along with an apology from the OPC office. Word.

*Name has been changed

June 23, 2009

To whom it may concern:

My name is *Rachel Babcock and I recently was in the city of Boston visiting a friend. I parked my car at a metered spot on Commonwealth Avenue and upon my return I found a parking violation on my windshield. Violation # 590379381 was given to me at approximately 1:55:06 pm on the day of June 9th 2009. The violation was given to me for an expired meter, however as seen by the pictures I have enclosed I had 16 minutes remaining on my meter. I am confused as to why, with time to spare, I was given this violation. I do not appreciate being exploited as a tourist of your city, by simply being in Boston I am contributing to your economy and am disgusted that you feel the need to rob me of money that is clearly undeserved. This was not my first time in Boston and I am not new to how meters work. I am allotted two hours to park in a designated spot and if my time expires then, and only then should I be given a ticket. I was clearly taken advantage of for whatever reason, whether it is because I have Maine plates or because the officer thought I wouldn’t make it back before my meter ran out. Whatever the reason said officer felt the need to ticket me before the meter expired is surely unjust. Simply chalking it up to be a mistake is an evasion and your indiscretion shouldn’t become my liability.

I am not amused by what happened and am irritated with the trouble I had to go through in order to get the pictures off of my phone in order to mail them with this appeal. The city of Boston should be ashamed of such blatant exploitation and abuse of power. This issue has greatly discouraged me from making trips into the city of Boston. I am hoping never to have to write a letter of appeal such as this one in which I express my dissatisfaction with the tact of your parking officers.

-*Rachel Babcock 

"I'm not new on how meters work", this is just simply fabulous. My friend is great.  This goes to show that a simple letter can have common offenses revoked. If you have a letter that would like to be posted on some bullshit call on some sort of authority around UNH email me at ladymeowunh@gmail.com and we can certainly post it.
Hope summer is great!
-LadyMeow xoxo


  1. While I find this letter awesome and I give two thumbs up to your friend... this has nothing to do with UNH parking...

  2. commenter above: It's just an example of how to handle a situation like that... UNH gives out tons of unnecessary tickets, esp dealing with winter parking ban.

  3. Respect to this letter, but Boston is by no means UNH. There is no relevance. The best way to beat UNH parking is to understand their policies, abide by them, and stay professional if you do get a ticket. I can't see UNH responding in any kind of positive way to this.

  4. i think what she means is that how to handle a situation if you have a problem, definitely do it in a manner in which is non-confrontational and not vulgar as do some people do (parking wars anyone?) but i think most of the unh parking victims can agree such as myself can relate.