Monday, July 26, 2010

UNH Blog 3.0

I have big news. If you don't care about the layout changes then scroll down to where I write "BIG NEWS." You may have noticed the new layout for the blog. If you didn't notice you might have some serious brain function issues. Anyways this is kind of like the third major layout change for the site and I was hoping for some feedback. I like that the main text columns are wider so it makes it easier to fit pictures and embedded videos. I also feel that the widgets on the right side are better organized. I may tweak with some of the color patterns but I think this layout will be here to stay. The main reason I changed it was because blogger released a bunch of new designs and I thought it would give the site a new fresh look heading into next semester. If you want to get nostalgic for a moment these are the two older layouts. There were several other small changes between these, but these are the two main stages before what you see now. I think we can agree it has definitely improved since we debuted. (These are the only screenshots I had so I apologize for them being so small.)

Gotta love the original banner, designed with Microsoft Paint on my old roommate's laptop because my Mac didn't have any paint or drawing programs.

The second major layout (this was really actually like 2.5 or 3) featured a new banner first emailed to me by then TNH executive editor Cam Kittle when I first started contributing to the paper. The "Stay classy, not UMassy" line was added a short time later from another blog reader. That banner has remained almost untouched (other than a brief change of the "Stay classy not UMassy" for about a week) and has only been changed since by enlarging it.

So I know not as many people read this over the summer but let me know what you think. I know the banner is slightly pixilated now that it is bigger, but I think it actually looks better that way then it being to short to be centered.

Lastly and most importantly I also have some **BIG NEWS** I am currently coming to terms with the blog's first official partnership. I'm not giving out too many details until their widget is added, but I am very excited about it. It should be up sometime very soon, possibly even later today. Oh, just got another email about it. Might happen right now. Let's see...

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. you are aware the links at the top at a light pink when not previously clicked on. just fyi. i know pink is your favorite color DAH.