Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Mash Bros.-"Scientifically Proven To Get That Booty Movin!"

By: Lady Meow

If you love mash up of different songs then these Gurus from L.A. are for you. They are similar to Girl Talk don't get me wrong, however Girl Talk takes samples of songs and mashes them into an original song. Whereas Super Mash Bros. take about no more than 10 songs into one track and absolutely KILL it. These guys make some original songs sound a lot better. They definitely achieved easy listenability, make their listeners crave more, and make you only wanna have a good time partying. Needless to say, I would love to see these guys at UNH (Whad up SCOPE?).

They have two albums:

1. Fuck Bitches, Get Euros (download)
This album ranges from the Vengaboys layering over Soulja Boy to Eminem layering over MGMT's "Kids". Below, I posted a few of my favorites.

2. All About The Scrillions (download)
This is personally, my favorite album. My favorite track is "Livin The Dream (I'm On A Float)". The tracks on the this album have everything from Sum 41, Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World to Kanye West, Twista, Ludacris, Ying-Yang Twins to Katy Perry, Spice Girls, and DJ Sammy. ETC.

After listening to this amazingness, now you may think, whom do I like better? Girl Talk or Super Mash. Bros. Although very different styles of mashups I find Super Mash Bros. are an easy listen when pre-gaming/partying. Everyone in the room can definitely relate to a song, especially when it sticks around and not cut off. I hope you enjoy getting smashed (gotta love puns) to these albums as much as I did.

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  1. I had never heard of these guys...thanks for the intro :)