Friday, January 27, 2012

"He's no Tom Brady" said the Fireman

Last night my roommates and I were out at the bars and around 10:30 or so we start getting texts from friends asking us what is going on and if we are okay. Sprinklers were going off in Gables North Tower and people thought it might have been our room. It was actually two floors directly above our room. Inside a fifth floor apartment a kid hit the sprinkler with a football and water flooded their room.

As we got back to our room a fireman was outside our door with a wet-vac and asked if we had any damage. There was none that we could tell of immediately.

Just a few minutes ago housing came to our room to check for water damage and it turns out a few of our walls need to be torn down and rebuilt to avoid future mold problems and that such. Apparently the room above us was so bad that those students had to move into the regular dorms, so we actually lucked out a little. But seriously, what is up with Gables North this year? First a fire and now this.

In other news, you all probably know by now that SCOPE got J Cole, but soon to be announced the Whittemore Center has also booked the indie folk rock group The Avett Brothers, which I am very excited for. The show is April 17th.

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