Tuesday, January 24, 2012

White Out Lundy

Wednesday night is the annual "White Out Lundy" Men's Basketball game verse Maine. UNH basketball doesn't get much attention, but this is always a nice way to show support for the team and school. As you can see above 700 t-shirts will be given away to students and if you even think about taking one and leaving before the game then you are a selfish asshole and Gnarlz will eat you. Alive.

Please try to make it out because Lundholm is not a big gym so having a large student crowd really can make a huge home court advantage. The team has had an up and down season, but by beating Vermont and losing by only two against Boston University, UNH has shown they can compete with anyone in America East. Hopefully I'll see many of you there. Wear white, be loud and show Maine that we can kick their ass in any sport.

I also wanted to take a moment to recap some stuff from over winter break. I know many people don't check the blog while we're away from school and I don't post much, so I thought I'd link up and summarize a few of the posts.

First, I wrote up a Christmas UNH wishlist to fix all of our problems. No one was safe from a bad joke or two.

We also had a freshmen show some interest in writing for the blog. I'm still working out some details with him. In short, I offered him a chance to post once a week or every couple, but he is still figuring out what exactly he is willing to do and all that.

For all you alcoholics out there, I made my own personal power hour mix because I had nothing better to do. Check it out if your interested in a fun pregame and an interesting mix of tunes and genres.

I helped the Meathouse and Redhook Brewery promote their Polar Grill Fest, but I have already ended my ticket giveaway contest. (I needed enough time to contact the winners and mail the tickets if necessary.) However, it is this Saturday and tickets are still available. It's for a great cause so check it out!

And finally, I wrote a preview of the final stretch of games for the men's hockey team. This was written before the Merrimack series so it is not completely up to date.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow so check back and have a great semester!

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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  1. inevitably, there will be assholes that show up and take a shirt, then leave. i will be there for the whole game. Let's beat maine!