Wednesday, January 25, 2012

UNH's Greatest Semester Ever

Things like Tuesday Boozeday are what make college great. People like @PrezHuddleston and myself are also great (I'm not being conceited because it's a fact.) When great people are about to leave great places we have to go out with a bang. That is why this is going to be UNH's Greatest Semester Ever. @PrezHuddleston tweeted it first, but I couldn't agree more:

In short, we are both graduating in May and unlike Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, PHudd and I are coordinating. I can't say too much about it now (partly because we are still figuring out what exactly we are doing), but it will only help make UNH's Greatest Semester Ever even better.

So how do we go about making it UNH's Greatest Semester Ever? We have as much fun as possible, take chances, toss up a Hail Mary and if we're lucky, I'll get to scream, and I'm quoting the late great Warren Zevon, "Send lawyers, guns and money! The shit has hit the fan!" and actually mean it.

To put it simply, I'm going with the Brain Scalabrine ideology. Scal always makes the most of his minutes when he finally gets on the court. He jacks up deep threes, dives for loose balls and runs his ass off. All hustle, grit and determination. It may not be pretty, but his effort is his best attribute.

Together, we can make this UNH's Great Semester Ever. (On twitter I will be using the hashtag #UNHsGreatestSemesterEver frequently to update on my greatness.)

One last thing, you know what is not great? Libby's advertising $2 pitchers from 8-10, but then not starting the deal until 9. Not cool Libby's. Knot cool. (See what I did there? I went to the Knot instead).

UNH's Greatest Semester Ever posts and updates also have a different sign-off. Because I don't plan on being exactly "classy" with all of my actions relating to this goal. So I leave you with my slogan for the semester:

Scalabrine for Three!

PS: The project between @PrezHuddleston and I has nothing to do with me being a drunken asshole. That is all my own doing.
PPS: Go to the basketball game tonight at 7!


  1. damn, two of UNH's greatest going out at the same time. Please throw a massive party for your fans.

  2. I was at Libbys last night too. that was lame!

  3. love the Scal analogy. The Celts aren't the same without him...