Monday, April 9, 2012

Yup. We really are graduating.

So you may remember a while back how I hinted that @PrezHuddleston and I were working behind the scenes with each other on a project. Well, it ended up going in a slightly different direction then we anticipated, but it is actually much better this way.

Here is how it went down. I wrote a column last semester about what the senior gift should be. Although, it was mostly in a sarcastic manner. Pretty much I just didn't want it to go to the business school (because that only helps a small percentage of campus) and I didn't want it to be a bench or something. Anyways, Prez tweets me saying that he's on board for trying to do something bigger (a video screen at the Whit would be in the 1-2 million range, it will not happen) and that he knows who I am. I then realized I also know who he is and we've know each other for a while now.

Long story short, we bounced ideas around, but then got in touch with the alumni department and decided that we would help them promote the senior gift using our followings. Through the help of a few focus groups they decided that giving the money to the rec center (to immediately add equipment or for future expansion) would be the best use of the senior gift money. Usually the senior gift money just goes into a generic UNH fund for whatever needs money (from painting rooms to sidewalk repair etc).

So how do @PrezHuddleston and I fit in with all of this? Basically, if we get 50% to donate (even just $5) PHudd will reveal himself at the lobster back. I'm being used for educational and promotional purposes. (Basically UNH knows that students don't check their websites, but they do follow me and Prez much more closely.)

Here's how I come in: Basically UNH has a terrible history of raising a senior gift fund and our alumni donations are terrible. In the past they have asked the class to donate their graduating year in money. For example last year they asked students to donate $20.11. Guess what? 35 friggin' people donated and about half of it was staff. I think we can beat 35 people. UMass historical raises a ton of money through donations. We're classy, so I think we can get 50%.

Stay tuned, there will also be a video and more featuring PrezHuddleston and the real Huddleston and other special guests (I declined a role in the video because I'm still working on my own plans). Also, you don't have to be a senior to give.

Underclassmen, remember, the gym is going to benefit you. Not too long ago the student gym was a small classroom in the Field House, imagine what it could become.

We've worked to make the donation process very simple and I really hope we can make this work.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. While the idea behind getting donations is great, i think a lot of people will feel disappointed/cheated/scam if the prez is just another average joe that sits next to me in class.

    some things are better left unsaid, or in this case, unidentified

  2. As opposed to who? Fucking superman? Prez admitted that s/he is a senior... We're all average Joes.

  3. I think it's pretty awesome that UNH realized to get students to do this they should go through you guys. Shows your influence and how no one would care or know anything without you. Not bad.

  4. It's good that you guys figured out where the money is going towards, the gym does need a lot of work done.

    I see where the first anony is coming from. I'll donate to see who Prez is but where I think they're going with the comment is that maybe most of us won't even know the kid. I think he was going along the lines of Prez being like a hockey player, or a football player, or the head of dining, or even Huddleston himself lol. I'm curious tho.

  5. i've paid my fair share of BS parking tickets for this school, there's my "donation"

  6. BS parking violations = I can't read signs. Never once got a ticket at UNH. People complain way too much about it.