Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Survey Results

A few weeks ago I created a short survey (it's still open) about this blog to get a sense of what people like and don't like about this site. I thought it would be a nice way to better understand my readers and hopefully give me ideas and feedback for future writing projects. I thought it would be nice to share and respond to some of the results. This may seem long, but it should actually be entertaining and a quick read.

Out of the 68 people who took the survey:
  • 42 were female
  • 50 were current students
  • 9 were alumni
  • 9 were faculty staff (and another was a "staff spouse")
  • Ages varied from 18 to 52 (core 19-22)
  • Most people check it "a few times a week" (which means the amount people who read it is higher than my daily page views)
Here are some responses to the question: "What is your favorite part of UNH Blog?" (With my responses italicized)
  • You posts are generally entertaining, and I feel like the news is more 'honest' than may be portrayed in TNH
  • Your sarcasm towards certain UNH services (cough cough Dining) I also follow you on Twitter and find out a lot of what is going on through you (Wait, someone gets that I use sarcasm?!)
  • Tirades that remind me of my youth. Very important to you at a moment in time, not so much in the big picture. It's a lot of fun to read. (Wait, drinking cheap liquor and acting like a fool isn't important?!)
  • I love the New Hampshirite's insights into the workings of UNH and some of the different aspects that he comments on (dining, police, hockey, greek life, etc). I almost always laugh when I read this blog and I think it's a very funny, accurate portrayal of college life here at UNH and I'm actually really sad you're graduating. (It's just allergies, I'm not crying I swear).
  • articles for the TNH (The TNH...)
  • you are. I want to meet you. Im in love with you. Even if youre straight. I just want you so bad. want a bj? (No, thank you...?)
  • I think it's a great way to find out what's going on around school without having to rely on tnh. i feel like the blog has more about what the students actually care about. And with twitter, information is passed along pretty much instantly so we know what's going on, on campus. It's how I've gotten a great deal of information over the past couple of year
  • The hilarious posts about stuff like Cabinet Kid's shenanigans (Those posts write themselves, but sadly he's toned it down this year...)
  • Other general comments: Funny, honesty, realistic, represents student life well etc.
Here are some responses to "what is your least favorite part of"
  • references to over the top excessive drinking (Thanks, mom.)
  • It's not a pill that makes me bigger, stronger & faster. Also, I have a feeling it's not bear-proof... (I'm working on this one...)
  • Low frequency of posting, but I know you're busy (Second semester senior... senioritus is more than just school work... also, I feel like this semester has been pretty uneventful UNH news wise.)
  • That it exists. (Thanks for reading. Douche.)
  • dreaming about you fucking me after I read you, daily. (Apparently, I have not used this blog to its full potential.)
  • Not to be completely naive, because I know a lot of students do, but not every student drinks or drinks heavily (You're right. Only the cools ones do...)
  • the union leader rants are getting a little old. not saying i don't agree... but i get, you don't like it. (Ahem: Fuck the Union Leader.)
  • Complaints about UNH dining. Once you get into the real world, you'll miss the dining hall. (Yeah, I'm really gonna miss diarrhea, soggy sandwiches, and not being able to find salt.)
  • Ads. (Fucking anti-corporate liberal bastard!)
  • Other general complaints: Not updated enough, didn't like any guest writers, want more guest writers, should get a female blogger, didn't like the female blogger you had, I miss the female blogger, that you're graduating... (A lot of favorites/least favorites cancelled each other out like drinking stories and guest writers. Guess that means it is actually balanced).

Responses to "ways to improve the blog":
  • Include a campus map which shows all of the social area where people party. (You're doing it wrong.)
  • get deep and personal, spill your soul all over my screen. (Stalker level: 99)
  • Your tagline is Stay Classy, Not UMassy -which I really like. but many of your comments and behavior around alcohol are not too classy. I am not at all opposed to having fun on the weekends, but you seem to have no perspective on your attitude around drinking. (Do people not realize the tagline is part of the joke?)
  • don't let us graduate (I wish...)
  • General feedback here: More pictures, posts, videos, interviews etc...
Responses to "other general feedback, suggestions, comments or questions?"
  • get laid more and write about that (Go read Barstool)
  • Your awesome! PARTY WITH SLUTS! (Not having herpes is going really well for me right now.)
  • Fuck me. (I'm sensing a theme here...)
  • i feel like i'd like you as a person, good job (I probably wouldn't like you.... just kidding).
  • Other general feedback: good job, keep it going, find a successor, don't give it to a dumb kid...
 Overall, I just want to say thank you to everyone who took the survey (despite what I posted above, I got a lot of great feedback.) I feel sorry to say this, but I will not be passing the blog on. I'll explain this in full detail in another post, but it has to do with personal issues. Also I think someone will come along and create their own work for future UNH generations.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. "Include a campus map which shows all of the social area where people party."

    I have no words...

  2. Where can you buy one of your shirts?

  3. The shirts were never actually made. I designed them a while back, but it cost too much up front for me to actually order them...