Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Questions with UNH Goalie Tyler Scott

So the other night on a whim I go the idea to try and do some 10 questions with UNH athletes. So I tweeted hockey player Justin Agosta since he was the only hockey player to follow me back on twitter. I figured that meant he was familiar with the blog and he'd be a good person to start with. So he tweeted me back and said goalie Tyler Scott was also interested. So I emailed them each some questions and Scott was the first to reply back. Here's the 10 question interview. I really enjoyed doing this so if you're an athlete or you know some who are familiar with the blog, I'd love to do more of these. They don't take long and are done completely through email.

1. Why did you choose UNH?

The decision to come to UNH, for me, came down to three things:
competitive division 1 ice hockey, the coaching staff, and the campus.
I think it was the campus that really sealed the deal for me.

2. Do you have any pre-game rituals? Any teammates have any weird rituals?

For me, I like to re-tape both of my sticks and check my gear for
anything that I think needs adjustment. After I’ll warm-up with the
soccer ball and sit in the bleachers for a little before I get
dressed. For home games, I like to sit just before all of our student
fans come roaring down the bleachers to get the best seats. Besides
that, I have ritual handshakes with a few guys on the team as we line
up to go on the ice. As for some of the other guys, I know Damon Kipp
has to sit in the number four seat in the top row of whatever stadium
we are playing in after he warms up. It will be interesting to see if
he does it when we go to Fenway.

3. What’s been your best hockey moment throughout your career?

My favorite moment has to be my freshman year when we beat North
Dakota in the first game of Regionals. Thomas Fortney tied the game
with 0.1 seconds left followed by Peter Leblanc’s OT winner and his
pistol celebration. That’s a moment I’ll never forget.

4. Who do you see as having a breakout year at UNH? Any freshmen you
think could step in and make an impact this year?

Hard to say at this point. A lot of different guys, especially the
forwards, are capable of stepping up this season. The freshman will
definitely be an important factor to our team’s success.

5. What’s the best part about being a hockey player at UNH?

The best part by far is our fans and supporters. The fans we have
here at the university and in the area make playing hockey at UNH one
of the most exciting places to play in the country.

6. What’s your favorite non-hockey aspect at UNH?

Besides the campus and school environment, I would have to say the
location of our school. For hockey its great because we are pretty
much located in the middle of our conference traveling wise. As for
the non-hockey aspect of our school’s location, you have entertainment
in Portsmouth, Newmarket, and Dover, great local golfing, the beach,
and a train that takes you straight into Boston. In essence, there is
always something to do at UNH.

7. If you guys really are listening, what is your favorite or the
team’s favorite chant done by the student section?

Personally, I’ve always loved the sieve chants. There’s nothing
better than watching a rival goaltender get flustered after letting in
a goal and being called a sieve right after.

8. Tell us something about Coach Umile that a fan wouldn’t know.

He shows a lot of emotion and compassion in the locker room. You can
tell that our team means the world to him by either hearing one of his
pre-game speeches or watching him celebrate with the team after a big
win. It’s one of the reasons why we compete nationally every year.

9. This came from another fan, describe one teammate as a fruit or
vegetable. Who, what and why?

I guess I would describe Sorkin as celery; tall, skinny, and always
in some sort of vegetative state.

10. What other Hockey East schools have the most hostile student sections?

The Maine student section has always been a hostile environment when
we go up there. On that note, it makes the games that more
competitive. Nothing beats silencing a hostile student section after
we score in their arena.

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  1. i love love love this idea. please do more of these with more athletes!!