Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quiet Hours Changed in Campus Apartments

So over the next two weeks I have a few posts in store so I can pick up my blogging frequency as move-in weekend approaches. Speaking of which, I'm on the Gables move-in crew, so if you're lucky I'll drop all your favorite possessions. Anyways, I opened up my internet this morning planning to post something I have saved in my drafts. But first I checked all my emails and saw something that has completely rubbed me the wrong way. And surprise, surprise it is from none other than UNH Housing.

The email consisted of move-in weekend information, it spoke of renovations to the Woodsides and Gables apartment and all that stuff. But this is what hit me the wrong way:

We’ve made a few changes in policies. The one that might be the biggest is that we moved quiet hours back one hour so that the UNH Residence Halls and the UNH On-Campus Apartments have the same standards. Quiet hours will begin at 10pm on Sunday through Thursday and at 12:00 am on Friday and Saturday evenings. This may be tough for some to have to quiet down an hour earlier, but overall, we believe that this is best for the communities and best for consistency.

This is a bigger outrage than UNH Dining replacing Panache with a Dunkin' Donuts. (Which is was I was going to write about, but honestly it doesn't bother me as much as other people have complained.) This is a bigger outrage than when Dining replaced all the salt shakers with a few of those big salt and pepper mills. This is a bigger outrage than the spy camera. This is borderline state funding cut outrage.

The best part about living in the Woodsides and Gables are those added perks that you don't get in the regular residence halls. You know, the added personal freedoms that comes with experience on a college campus. Things like not having an RA on every floor and having that extra hour are huge bonuses for the students that live in the campus apartments. In fact, many of us pay higher housing rates just for that reason. I might as well move back into Williamson if we're gonna be babied like this.

This is clearly a power move by UNH and Housing to try and curb the party atmosphere of the Woodsides and Gables. Listen, the 10PM weekday move doesn't even bother me. But if you've ever lived in the Woodsides or Gables, you know how nice that extra hour is on Friday and Saturday nights. If I knew about this move ahead of time there is noway I would be spending my senior year in the Gables. It really is that much of a difference. I am planning on letting housing and the apartment staff know how bad of a decision this is and I hope you do too. (Feel to email apartment director Michael Saputo at

Stay classy, not UMassy.

PS: Is housing going to read me a story and tuck me in at night too? See you in two weeks. I hope my stereo is loud enough for you all to hear what I really think about this.

PPS: Can I at least have my dessert or do I have to go straight to bed?


  1. Wait wait wait....
    Panache is replaced with Dunkins?! Thank the lord!

    And on a side note, now leaving in gables is just like living in a residence hall. Typical UNH. Typical. Just take all the fun out of school until there's none left.

  2. dear housing: buuuuulllll shhhhiiiiiiiit buuuullllll sssshhhhhiiiiitttt bbuuuuuuulllllll SHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIITTTTT!


  4. Hi,
    I'm right with you. In the dorms at the University of Kansas, the quiet hours begin at 11 P.M. I think that is a reasonable time for everyone.

  5. this is lame. gables are gonna suck on weekends now!!

  6. Bunch of chicken shit. Well, just start drinking earlier!

    I'm move in crew too, pumped to move in (and drink) earlier

  7. this is why i live off campus. party at my place.

  8. Wait. Panache has been replaced with Dunkins Donuts? Where am I suppose to buy Reese's Peanut Butter cake now? This is a goddamn tragedy.

  9. Mr. Hampshirite, I predict many many noise violations in our future because i FOR DAMN SURE will not be quieting down at midnight! Cross bowmen be damned i will be LOUD! and about the new dunkin donuts, kinda pumped because i'm a sucker for a caramel coolatta...

  10. Fuck this noise. I'm just gonna start drinking earlier and go harder and longer than before. At least I'll get to know my CAs better, right?