Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Little League World Series Drinking Game

While I was working the other day, I thought of a new drinking game for the end of summer. If you have read the title of this post, you will have seen that I have found a way to get hammered while watching 12-year-olds live out their glory days on ESPN. This is the best I can do because one of my life-long goals was to play in the LLWS and I think I have finally hit the Danny Almonte stage of getting caught. I give you The Little League World Series Drinking Game:

One Sip:
  •  Anytime the following are named "favorite MLB Player" - Any Yankee or Red Sox player, Albert Puljos, Ryan Howard, Ichiro Suzuki, Tim Lincecum
  • Favorite MLB player is retired or linked to steroids
  • A homerun is hit
  • Plus fastball: A pitch is adjusted to 95+ mph
  • Whenever the "special pinch runner" rule is used
  • A player names "Shaun White" as his favorite XGame Althete
  • A player names "recess" or "lunch" as his favorite subject
Two Sips:
  • Two or more errors committed on same play
  • Favorite MLB player is dead
  • Player cries after being hit by pitch
  • Outfielder makes routine catch that announcers call a web gem
  • A pitch is adjusted to 100+ MPH
  • A batter is over 6 feet tall
  • ESPN shows the tallest player in the tournament standing next to or back-to-back with the shortest
  • Orel Hershiser (or any announcer) compares a kid to a major league player
Three Sips:
  • Coach's son pitches/plays shortstop and hits 3rd or 4th
  • An over coaching situation, coach grabs player by shoulders/ cheeks for face-to-face "focus" time
  • A pitcher shakes the hand of a batter he hit
  • No hitter is thrown or 12+ strikeouts
  • Outfielder makes a diving catch where he didn't need to dive or slowed his run so he could dive
  • A batter is over 6'3''
  • Mercy rule is put into effect
Finish Drink:
  • When there is a closeup of a player crying after losing
  • A batter is over 175 pounds
  • A player throws a no-hitter (or 12+ Ks) and hits a homerun in the same game
  • Little League player has a "Brain Wilson Beard" (or any facial hair)
  • Game is ended with a walk-off error or bases loaded walk

Stay classy, not UMassy


  1. thought of many llws traits. good stuff

  2. you do know that in LL, the best hitters are usually leadoff...