Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dining Breaks UNH Social Media Guide (because of me!)

So some of you may remember that last year UNH Dining viciously attacked me via Twitter last April after I complemented them on their fantastic Italian night. Here's a quick reminder:

Dining hasn't liked me since I wrote a column two years ago that pointed out how much money they wasted, how easy it is to steal and other poor choices they make. I was reported to the office of conduct, who never did anything because they knew I did nothing wrong. And of course my supporters voiced their opinion took my side.

So anyways, I had moved on, but this summer a reader sent me an email with a link to UNH's social media guidelines. Here are a few that I think apply to this situation:

These guidelines are designed to help UNH employees who create or contribute to University-related electronic social media to do so in a respectful, professional, relevant way to protect the University’s reputation and mission. We recognize the value in this new medium and encourage participation by UNH units as long as it falls within their communication needs and goals.
  • The same professional standards expected of you on the job should be applied to your conduct in UNH-related social media matters.
  • Post meaningful, respectful comments that are relevant to your position at UNH. So, please—no spam, or remarks that are off-topic or offensive.
  • Use commonsense and courtesy in creating University-related social media content. If you have even the slightest doubt, ask your supervisor if the content you want to post is appropriate—BEFORE you post it!
  • Stick to your area of expertise when posting.
  • If the public shares an opinion that you disagree with on a UNH-related social media site or issue, keep your response appropriate, professional, and polite. Sometimes, it is best to not respond at all.
Once again, dining just breaking all the rules and making dumb decisions. How'd those $32 salt and pepper mills work out anyways?

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Fueling the fire...I love it.

  2. any chance you could re-post or provide a link to the column you wrote originally? would love to read that :)

  3. Here's the original column I wrote:

    Dining claimed that it encouraged students to steal when I was really pointing out how easy it was and how often students do steal from them. I have a bunch of posts from February 2010 (when the column was written) that get a little harsh on dining... but they started it...

  4. Word on the street is that Dining says their Twitter account was hacked into.

  5. So they're taking the Ray Allen/every athlete who sexts via twitter excuse, huh?